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  1. The AI is a design choice. There's absolutely no chance of that issue being fully dealt with until 2011, maybe longer. It's a fundamental thing and I'm not convinced a year would be enough for such a radical overhaul, let alone a quick patch.
  2. Actually, it did have far fewer bugs. For me, however, it was fucked by the fact that pit stops were ridiculously long. Every single time.
  3. Hmm, the PS3 version has far more negatives than I realised from playing it so far. Not so long ago that would *really* bother me ( last year's Ghostbusters release almost brought about a crusade...) but now I'm in semi-retirement from gaming something needs to be bugged as fuck to provoke. Still...sloppy on the developer's part. Undeniably sloppy, regardless of the PS3 being a shit to port to.
  4. I have the PS3 version - in general it looks and runs fine, much better than the ultra shoddy port I feared. However, it does suffer from a lot of tearing, a complaint I recall bring levelled at the 360 original when played in HD (I only had an SD set when playing that one). How is the 360 iteration of DR2 in that respect?
  5. I had almost exactly the same reaction when I did the very same thing yesterday.
  6. I'm actually really fucking disappointed that I'm going to have to return this today, as the driving feels really nice. Shame almost everything else is fucked into oblivion.
  7. I don't think anyone hear need feel shame. The shame is squarely on the shoulders of Edge, Eurogamer et al - those who blew a load over this game in their reviews - and the publisher for forcing the development team into what was obviously an overly restrictive release deadline.
  8. Here's a good one I found on Neogaf re: the AI - As far as I've seen there's not a huge difference technically. They're both pretty blurry compared to the PC version, although the default brightness is much higher on PS3 which shows its flaws more readily.
  9. That's the probably the biggest kicker for me, because it's far too fundamental to the game's design to ever be patched. Bugged / unbalanced fuel loads (as per T4RG4's Twitter) and the pit scenario are fixable, but a core piece of design like the fake AI / times is clearly not even an 'error' as such and the only hope is that they've shipped a game massively pre-beta...that would be the best thing as it stands. Latest issue...a lot of people suffering data corruption and losing saves. This game is like a beautiful scene, but as you get closer you realise that it's made out of tissue paper...and it has just started raining.
  10. So it seems that the AI cars - now it would appear even in the race itself, not just P/Q - are not connected to the times posted. Essentially, you are 'racing the cars' but the lap times they post are a complete fabrication. It's clearly not a bug...it's just a bizarre design choice to present an illusion. I suppose this accounts for the lack of split times...Where the game isn't bugged it's all smoke and mirrors. Great racing engine, great weather etc, etc. But all in all...
  11. How's the PS3 version of this game?
  12. If that were the only issue it would be workable. That the AI are immune to varying fuel loads and tyre wear is unforgivable.
  13. Probably a good idea to rebuy the gane in future, by the sound of that - if they're merely 'looking into it' it'll be a while before a patch can be rolled out, especially considering the other issues which need addressing. A trade for Dead Rising 2 tomorrow, in my case, I think.
  14. Depends when your birthday is. It's a really solid core, fun to handle. If the patch comes quickly and isn't half-arsed - lots of these issues MUST have been known about prior to release - it'll be worth the money. In it's current form I cannot recommend it, unfortunately. The publisher clearly had a strict deadline for the development team to meet..
  15. You haven't even mentioned the fact that the AI is completely immune to the effects of fuel load and tyre wear! I'm genuinely pretty fucked off with this. There's the core of a good game there but it's basically broken unless you play online. And that isn't really my forte. Shame on Edge, Eurogamer et al for slobbering over a very obviously broken game.
  16. The thing is, his remit was to steady the ship. Instead he's taken if blindly into an iceberg. I understand the logic in parting company with a manager but by their nature, new bosses must show that they're capable of taking the club forward in a positive way pretty quickly. So far it appears that Roy - a man whose appointment I approved of, I admit - is either entirely inept or simply commands no respect from his players. Neither scenario augers well for his long-term stewardship if this club. Hope he turns it around quickly.
  17. Does Hodgson tell the players he fucked their mum(s) and shat in their breakfast just before kick off in every game, before revealing it to be a joke at half time? It's the only way to account for the first half displays. I'm not sure any manager can be inept / out of his depth to such an extent that the trick can be repeated for more than a couple of games. I thought it near-impossible for the current team to be any worse than they were in Rafa's abject final season. Maybe Roy is doing it for a bet.
  18. The only 'fix' at the moment is to turn off fuel simulation. Almost tempted to trade for Dead Rising 2 unless news of a patch fixing all of the major issues is released in the next day or two.
  19. Another EA sale. Madden 11 is currently 59p.
  20. That's what I thought at first, but it's been ages since I really got into F1 so I'm essentially clueless to any changes in dynamic so I took their word. However, there is poster who, in the rain, is acheiving near identical times with slicks and wets - surely there should be done discrepancy there? If it's a relatively dry surface the wets are going to be slow as molasses and if it's soaking the slicks are going to be useless, no?
  21. More and more people add posting about it now, and has gone beyond the fringe lunatics who'd complain about a slightly incorrect shade of paint on a sponsor's logo. So it does seem to be fact that slicks are your best bet in light rain.
  22. How do you change rule and damage settings?
  23. Anyone finding the controls okay with a pad? I've heard a lot of complaints, but there are also plenty who claim that in spite of a relatively steep learning curve, it's fine. I'm hoping it's okay but if not, well, it pays for FIFA next week.
  24. Well, the courier orders were obviously sent yesterday. Given that fact, my suspicion is that the standard delivery batch were probably given to Royal Mail late afternoon, early evening so technically they all left yesterday but realistically too late to stand a chance at arrival.
  25. Just as a heads up, they did send out 'early dispatch' emails with Halo Reach last week and, looking at my order history, God Of War III was dispatched on a tuesday but didn't make it to me until thursday. So I suspect the time to duck work early will be tomorrow....But of course, don't hold me to that. I'm hoping too...!
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