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  1. Hodgson is 10 times as negative as Rafa. We don't even attempt to pressure and keep the ball any more...I've never seen a manager as downright negative as Hodgson at a top 10 club in my life. It's now easy to see why he has only been (briefly) at one decent club in a very long career before this point.
  2. I have heard similarly. I wouldn't necessarily get rid of Gerrard, but I'd certainly skewer the lumpen and past prime Send him to Newcastle or something.. I haven't thought much of him since Boro away early 2009. Noticed how much different the body language between Gerrard and Torres has been this season?
  3. No...he had the players sit back and treat Blackpool with reverence and let them boss the game...same as WBA, Sunderland etc. It's his way...he does not like to control or dominate games. The team never, ever looked so unambitious or downright poor in a single home game under Rafa, regardless of his many flaws. Roy is not cut out for this level...his tactics speak volumes, but his unhinged persona of late really confirms this. Time to take the pressure off of his shoulders.
  4. It won't solve everything, no. But - Brian Laws aside - I've never seen a manager so out of his depth, and it's obvious the pressure is getting to him already. He's made for a lower level, he is not good enough. His cowardice is genuinely amazing and unprecedented.
  5. Well that's that - out now. You don't stick around and wait to see if things might get better when you're fighting relegation, especially not with such vile tactics.
  6. Standing off Blackpool despite being a goal down at home, with minutes to go...unbelievable.
  7. Kelly is a better player in spite of his lack of experience.
  8. If it weren't Blackpool and it hadn't followed WBA, Sunderland and Utrecht, I would agree with you. Alas, this mad, once a season rant has come early this year. I'm surprised, truly! ...
  9. I don't cars how this finishes - all the criticisms of his disgraceful style and manner stand. Get Kenny in for the derby, even on a short term deal. Won't happen given Purslow's fear of a powerful manager though.
  10. Such negativity is unprecedented. It's not anti football it's anti-anti-anti football. It's impossible. It's obvious he CANNOT manage a team to okay proper football because he doesn't even try to set them up so - if he tried, I'd agree. Butthis has been WBA, Sunderland and Blackpool at home - combined with his deplorable media outburst it is obvious he'll never, ever have the capacity to do this job or indeed command the respect to do so. From his tactics to his outburst, he is incapable. NO manager worth their salt would be whining like that so early or playing such heinous football at home to those sort of teams.
  11. It's the opposite. He sits SO far back that San Marino would have 60% possession at Anfield under his wankerish ways. His masterplan is to give the opposition about five minutes to set up and execute every move they make. No pressure, just sit back as though you're being peppered by AK-47 rounds. At home. Against Blackpool. The man is a buffoon and he is already melting down because the job is way, way above his station.
  12. One game. One fucking game. EVERY other match hd has allowed the opponents to control it via his negative set up. Think about it...WHY would you play gung-ho at Man City and horrendously negative AT HOME against West Brom, Sunderland and Blackpool -why seek to give them the initiative ?!! It's gross incompetence. If he weren't the English darling the media would be killing him now..as it is, a gentle prod has been enough for this footballing spastic to meltdown and become a paranoid joke.
  13. Yes it is. Look at his set up - sit back and concede control of the game AT HOME against shit. For all Rafa's faults he was never, ever such a coward against wank. He got crucified for being pragmatic against Chelsea and co. Hodgson's tactics are a disgrace, regardless of the players. Coward.
  14. Fuck off, Hodgson. Negative cretin.
  15. Does Bodgson realise we finished 7th and not 17th last season? His style is utterly negative, backs to the wall relegation turf. Impossible to believe that he'd set the team up this way. No attempt to control or create.
  16. Time for the Kenny wild card, regardless of how this finishes. At least he can inspire, and is - hilariously - less outdated than Hodgson, in spite of his lay-off. It goes against all I believe in giving managers' a chance, but I've never, ever seen someone so out of their depth as this miserable defeatist is. He's even unravelling in public already. Unbelievable...it took GH and Rafa three or four years to become paranoid oddballs.
  17. Counter attacking football at home against Blackpool. No attempt to boss the game...it's his way and he has to go. Not even Souness was so impossibly negative...not even Houllier when he went all Houllahoop. Really nice, erudite character, Hodgson. Fucking hopeless for a team with any sort of ambition.
  18. Doing well to be level so far...Blackpool have had far better chances but overall Roy has set us up to do a good containing job against them. Excellent stuff.
  19. Meireles wide. Fucking hell...that's worse than Rafa's kooky nadir. And Torres off. I just hope no one uses that as an excuse if we're bottom three still come the end of play. Must have hurf Roy to make a change so early. Blackpool very much in command at Anfield thanks to 'The Pacifist' and his second division tactics.
  20. Warszawa

    FIFA 11

    Absolutely...I loved last year's at first but it lost my interest much faster than usual. This is a big, big improvement and I feel confident I'll enjoy it for an extended period. Also...the AI can actually score goals 1 on 1 on lower difficulty levels! They could still do with taking a shot from outside the area every now and then though.
  21. I'm impressed by their feedback, and it explains a lot. With a patch imminent, I'm rather tempted to rebuy this when I pick up FIFA tomorrow....
  22. Our tactics this year make the worst of Rafa look positively swashbuckling. Roy seems to be about as inspiring as a rainy February day in Manchester, circa 1978.
  23. FIFA is stunning in most respects, but it can really fucking chug around the penalty area and during cutscenes. Still, EA just released a patch improving Madden's frame rate, so hopefully similar will follow for this.
  24. It's just come to my attention that even browsing the map causes tearing on the PS3 version of this game. Great job, Blue Castle.
  25. The Zombrex thing is only an issue if you want to complete the case files first time through...and if you just want to focus on killing zombies and making weapons, surely you don't?
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