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  1. Just picked this up today. I'll probably never finish any of the games on the disc. I've only had a quick wiz through 5 or 6 of the games, but that's enough to tell me that my days of elite gaming went out with the mid 90s. I finished Smash TV on the SNES fairly soon after buying it if I recall correctly - I'll never finish this one, I've deduced already. Either the SNES version was significantly easier or I'm just crap now.
  2. I bought it a couple of weeks ago. Hadn't seen it before, but being a fan of 80s style slasher films I couldn't resist, even if I did feel a tad sheepish when going to pay for it. Really enjoyed it though. It delivered what I expected - These sort of films are really exempt from the usual critical process.
  3. Think it's better than the original, personally. I enjoyed it a lot. Could've done with being longer though.
  4. Warszawa


    Obviously it's not up to MGS3 standard visually and the frame rate is apparently a tad disappointing, but I'm definitely going to buy this one unless there's a major disaster with it. Should be excellent.
  5. Yeah, same here. Definitely some of the laziest game design I've experienced in 13 years of playing the things which is a shame as I was enjoying the game an incredible amount up until that point.
  6. I know it's going to cost more, but I remain hopeful for some reason.... Any more than £50 is simply too much for me to pay for a handheld that's going to have little software and a limited lifespan. It's too much of a side project, too much of a Virtual Boy like scenario for me to get particularly excited over. I'll gladly fork out £150 or so to import a successor to the GBA though.
  7. PSP sounds interesting - I'll probably get one of them. I'll get the DS if it's no more than £50, too.
  8. No Mercy is still great, just try to find one of the later batch that doesn't erase all of your data at random intervals.
  9. Of course it won't have anything close to the impact of EyeToy. I can only presume that Nintendo aren't intending to produce huge quantities of this machine or that it's extremely cheap to make in the first place. Unless they sell it at a mass market price (£30, £50 at the most, given that the proper GBA successor isn't far away) it's hard to see what purpose it's going to serve other than as a fairly limited run Virtual Boy style 'hardcore gamer' toy.
  10. Warszawa

    Shenmue 2

    The first Shenmue is, and will always be, one of my absolute favourite games. Shenmue II is good, but it just fails to capture the atmosphere of the original - The first game is an experience, and you really feel a part of the town you're existing in. Shops close in the evening, people on the street become scarce as the night draws in. I also think the other main characters are inferior in the second game. Some of the things that made Shenmue so great were forgotten in the sequel - I put that down to the game being overly ambitious. Shenmue - Brilliant Shenmue II - A noble, ambitious disappointment.
  11. Gregory Horror SHow? DMC? Amoured Core series? Final Fantasy Series? Onimusha series? Xenosaga? VF4 Evolution? bklah blah blah... There is as much reason to own a PS2 as there is a Cube or Xbox, anyone that says different is talking out of thier fucking arse Exactly. It's just that there's a misguided hatred against the PS2, a bitterness which extends to them taking advantage of a floundering Nintendo's disgusting arrogance & snatching the #1 spot from them. A generic, seen-it-all-before game on the PS2 is a crime, but when Nintendo blunder in a greater fashion with, say, Mario Kart: Double Dash!! it's an instant classic.
  12. Well, for a start if you want those all of those multi-platform games, you'll be required to purchase a GC *and* Xbox. One or the other and simply too much is missing. Next, you'll receive the majority of those games considerably later on PS2 (a console which does, actually, have plenty of exclusives). The fact is that if you want a lot of the finest games when they're still new or just don't want to shell out for more than one console, the PS2 is probably the best bet. I couldn't do without all three, but if I had to have just one, the PS2 would get the nod fairly comfortably.
  13. It's by no means "perfect". Far too sentimental, too eager to play to Hollywood & without tension. I thought the 3rd film had an excellent ending, and wasn't marred by the sickly sweetness that hampered T2. Of course, neither sequel comes particularly close to matching the unimpeachable original. In my opinion T2 is a very influential film due to its pioneering use of CG. It also seems to conjure a lot of nostalgia. I just don't think it's as good as many believe it to be, seeing it as something of an overblown sequel to a classic film - an enjoyable, solid film but by no means a masterpiece.
  14. The second installment did a good enough job of that with its mawkish over-sentimentality & 1/2 hour of fat that really needed trimming....
  15. I like KOTOR a lot. Possibly my favourite game of the year - I thought Zelda would scoop that, but the soul destroyingly tedious "sail around in your boat for hours searching for the Tri-Force fragments" just killed my enthusiasm for completing the game. A shame, as it had been absolutely brilliant up until that point....The developers obviously needed to rush it out, and decided that artificially lengthening it in that manner was the best way in which to do so.
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