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  1. No he didn't. That's why his statement was full of lies like the £300m on player he pulled out of his backside. £150m net was particularly amusing, given that the real figure was little more than £20m. Hicks is a serial abuser. He fucked Corinthians over, he fucked up with the Texas Rangers and was pushed out to the fans' delight, and everyone wants him gone from the Dallas Stars. He's a liar, his lies are on record and are not hard to find. An interview that anyone with the merest grasp of publicly documented fact can tell that tonight's interview was a hilarious piece of malingering designed to engineer sympathy. All from a man who took to concealing the truth from a court in a desperate attempt to get his own way. Had this been his first error, had it merely 'gone wrong' and there was not a history of lies, lies, distortion, ruin, debt and lies seeping from his every pour, one might almost be able to write it off. As it is, he's a stinking LBO merchant who thought he could apply that tactic to a football team. BUZZZTT, WRONG! You, ramone, are either shit at judging people or simply a mendacious troll. The post to which i'm replying - for the last time, with tears streaming - seems reasonable, but past form speaks volumes. I'll let you choose, because I'm a pretty reasonable man deep down. Wear it with pride, whatever you go for. BYE!
  2. Delusion. Anyway, to answer some questions... 7 years being too long - badly written, I just meant too long for me, especially given my present ( very busy!) circumstances. And Graham_S, I may well re-register or whatever sometime down the line but at the moment...well, I just have far too much to be getting on with to make a fool of myself here! Still, I'm sure there's a Christmas gaming rush coming...
  3. Looking back at some of my posts in this thread, I'm pretty ashamed. As much as I would still laugh should Hicks meet a sticky end - financially or otherwise - to broadcast it so angrily, well, it might only be on a gaming forum but given that it couldn't be further from the 'real' me, it freaks me out a bit, especially when it's about something like football, which is a great passion but still relatively inconsequential. So I've asked for my account to be sent the way of the dodo. Seven years is far too long to spend on one forum, anyway.
  4. I fear Mill Financial are going to pounce and buy Hicks' shares - real nasty pieces of work, higher up the Republican heirachy than Hicks.
  5. Rumours that they're going to be held in contempt of court today. You know what the best outcome would be? That they're sued into oblivion by RBS, Broughton, NESV and spend the rest of their days having to piss in the gutter. That I do actively wish upon them and yes, I would pay to watch it.
  6. He makes a living fucking people over, he is despicable and deserves no sympathy. His history speaks for itself. You will note, however, that I wished not so much as a broken arm on him, but given he is like the archetypal horror villain, how could I pass on the opportunity to see him depart once and for all. It is, afterall, a very natural process. There's no need to be squeamish.
  7. I'd pay good money to watch live coverage of Tom Hicks on his deathbed and I'm certainly not the only one, so when cancer or similar finally takes hold, I hope there's a network enterprising enough to offer it as pay per view.
  8. The net spend has been around 20m since their arrival. Rather like Manchester United, this is a very profitable club horribly stymied by irresponsible ownership.
  9. Hicks and Gillett liable for RBS's legal fees.
  10. Warszawa

    NBA 2K11

    This might just be one of the finest sports games I've ever played. It's a bit of a culture shock, being easily used to rampaging down the court and scoring a dunk in many of the older basketball games I've played, but the sheer amount of detail which has gone into this...wow... I didn't play 2K10 but more or less everyone I've heard comparing the two suggests that this year's iteration is a far, far superior game in just about every conceivable way. So...something worth considering for those who might be holding off until next year!
  11. Warszawa

    FIFA 11

    Personally I have semi on passing, shooting and crossing, manual long pass, and I think auto through ball, though I can't remember that one for sure. If you play it on default with everything set to auto it'll feel almost as rigid as PES, which isn't to my liking. Switch to semi at least and you'll soon have far more control over your play.
  12. I don't think there is a way to do that (get all the way back to the title screen), is there? I recall just pausing and quitting out of the game in my last play before the corruption. Now I'm either quitting on the map before the start of a level or if I must quit mid-level, I'll stand still in a place for a good few seconds prior to exiting. And now a question from me, to anyone playing this on PS3: Do you find that it makes the disc drive run pretty loudly at times? It really ramps up at certain points for me, sometimes at pretty uneventful points while running quietly in scenes to the contrary.
  13. I know there's the circle and I wouldn't be stupid enough to turn off at that point but I'm pretty sure it doesn't appear at every checkpoint - They're very frequent and I know I've died and reappeared long after the last circle. Hah! I thought Connery as soon as I saw him...
  14. I've heard it suggested that the save issue may occur if you quit when the game is saving a checkpoint (which it often does invisibly) so I'm trying to only do so when I die or after saving at the end of a level, perhaps that will make a difference...Perhaps it's a piece of ill-considered and, well, knuckleheaded design rather than a bug. Needs fixing, either way. Anyway, I'm on chapter two and apart from that foible, this is pretty sparkling stuff so far - I dare say I'm on course to prefer it to God Of War if, for nothing else, that it's a bit classier and less overtly sensationalist.
  15. Warszawa

    FIFA 11

    You're not playing with the default passing settings (auto) are you? I've seen a few complaints from people who haven't altered them and, with respect, they're playing a heavily diluted and automated version of the game. It has its issues but accuracy of passing isn't one of them.
  16. Well, the 360 version can apparently get the message, but the save usually survives intact in spite of that. Anyway...as furious as I was I'm already trying to play it again because it's incredibly compelling. Just a shame such a bug is present...anything involving save data being picked off is just shameful, I think..it should be something that is rock solid, a top priority.. If if hits me again, I'm not sure how much game there will be left for me to trade. .
  17. So I just got the save corrupt error apparently pretty common with this game. I was only at the first Titan but I'm not sure I'll play it again now - shame, it seemed promising but no piece of software which ships with such an issue and doesn't have a day one patch available is a 1/10 title at best and probably not worthy of my time, lest it occurs again. Trade for a superior offering tomorrow, I suppose.
  18. I'm enjoying it thus far - I'm kind of pleased that it's not shooting to be a labyrinthine SotN type affair. The frame rate is occasionally jarring but nothing especially bothersome.
  19. Why does it still feel like you're running between two rails? Really disapointing and a 4/10 at best...it's just so smoke and mirrors, it holds your hand and offers the illusion that you're in control but I've scarcely felt less so in any game, ever. It's a shame as the Wii versions have been great - sure, the engine is extremely dated but the fantastic control method really offers an interesting experience. They need to give Seabass and co their P45s and get the Wii team on the 'main' games.
  20. Warszawa

    FIFA 11

    Eh? The AI shoots plenty. I'm playing up front for Bristol City (and a full-team manager game with Atletico) and the opposition rain shots down on my goal and score plenty. Judging by what has been mentioned of the goalkeeping career, I can only presume they've tinkered with the AI for that mode.
  21. No, the iPhone version is based on an earlier build of the game.
  22. Warszawa

    FIFA 11

    The passing isn't just a case of holding it for ages. You need to hold it for the right amount of time. You can't just zip it around crazily as you previously could, it necessitates a more measured experience. The indicator which appears after a pass will tell you how close you got it to optimum. If you're playing with fully assisted passing, well, part of the work on this year's passing was to afford less of an advantage to those who only use that method, so it's not going to be rhe failsafe it was... I'm certainly not a 'manual' purist because unless you have a shedload of time to put into the game it kills the experience, but previously, having fully auto would be like playing Halo online with total auto-aim. Semi and up is the only way to go for passing and shooting if you want to begin to feel genuinely in control of your passing / shooting.
  23. Another issue is that we don't know for sure how things will go with RBS and the league - we could still lose 9 points. We simply cannot risk having one so unsuited for this size of club at the helm for another match.
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