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  1. Retro Game Squad is good but there's one guy on it that kills it for me. He laughs at everything he says himself, and nothing he says is funny. He also repeats other people's points as if he were making one of his own, which he is not. Please give Pixel Mix a try, not sure if they post here or not but they know their stuff https://pixel-mix.captivate.fm/
  2. I tried this again after listening to that interview, it seems to be free to play now with some energy mobile bollocks refilling every 24 hours. Not sure why I'd subscribe with that in play. Still, it seems fine, there is certainly lag but it's as good as you will get. S mash TV tournament going on now.
  3. I have a complete in box copy of Tusker for the c64, just about to buy a Porsche on tic.
  4. Die Hard Trilogy 3 please.
  5. I would love one of these, the thoughts of getting a real one and modding it all sounds so complicated, I just wouldn't be able for it.
  6. Controller support for this yet?
  7. https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1456552/GTA-6-release-date-2025-Grand-Theft-Auto-Vice-City-Fortnite-map
  8. There's a native zoom function on switch handheld that's a little clunky but does the job. You can set it up in the settings menu and map hotkeys how you like.
  9. I messed around with the settings for AC:Valhalla. Back when I got the game my sight was so bad I couldn't even read the options screen so I gave up. You can enlarge the text, the icons and the HUD, you can also put a black background behind the text and all HUD elements. This is well worth trying out, just note that the first few hours is all snow, so it could be a bit much.
  10. Fuck this game, hard crash after beating the boss on the first mission, I am not doing all that again.
  11. It's not that bad. Turning around to enemies is a struggle though.
  12. Recently discovered a game pass podcast called Beat the Sheet. Two lads trying to beat all the games on game pass, but they gave up and will be starting a new show soon enough.
  13. Fallout 3 is back on Game Pass and for it's time it's really good for those of us with sight problems. The HUD can be changed to a high contrast white and all text is big enough to read, for me anyway. It's amazing how something that can be so simple, like changing text colour can make a whole world of difference. It should be a requirement in every game.
  14. The fake multiplayer with the fake friends and the fake dialogue, was pretty fake.
  15. Was really into Guardians when the presentation started, but it seems that the characters never, ever shut the fuck up. Constant "banter" all the time. It would drive me insane.
  16. Morrowind remake, and it's on Game pass, right now. Please.
  17. I'll resubscribe if it's him.
  18. Hades is doable also. It's not too busy with effects and can see what's happening pretty well. There are a lot of small text boxes but it's fully voiced.
  19. I actually find Forza Horizon 4 to be ok and that's on Ultra 4k settings. I realise now that I'll not be bothering with PS5 or Series X, I'm not going to to notice any difference. I was lucky enough to have bought a pretty powerful PC before I lost the ability to work, so that and Gamepass will keep me going for the modern stuff, that I'll probably delete out of frustration. Was reading on the can I play it site that Valhalla has decent options, so I might tinker with that. If only there was a way to turn the snow black.
  20. Thanks for those, I honestly didn't know there was anything like that out there. It's really helpful, thank you.
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