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  1. Having trouble evading missiles. Do I hit the left dpad for engines, go half speed, turn and go full speed in another direction? That's what I'm doing and im getting killed. Also is the yellow indicator the missile?
  2. Not sure Abby should be there at all, she didn't know what The Division was a few weeks back.
  3. EVE is a puke party alright. One of the few VR games that made me stop playing due to it. This is not like that at all. It's fine.
  4. Blind Leader, standing by. I've had a quick go earlier. I'm afraid to go more than 10 minutes as my blind eye is healing from a corneal graft. I don't wan't to fuck it up. But anyway, it worked fine, I got a few VR WOW moments, not like it used to be, but nothing will be. I can play in VR and it's cool with me. Sitting in a TIE Fighter looking around the cockpit? Get the hell out of here, amazing shit.
  5. You should give it a try. The improvements in helping to avoid the vr sickness has improved quite a lot over the years. It will be so worth it.
  6. 10 hours trial on EA Play now. Played the first mission on XBOX then frantically set up my PSVR again. I know it's going to be amazing, even with one working eye.
  7. Selection is pretty great anyway, more interesting than the other minis for sure.
  8. Nice one. Ordered now. Haven't looked into the modding side at all, how is it, for adding more games?
  9. dave7g

    Rock Band 4

    Thanks for that. I'm going to give up my dreams now. Too much faffing about, I'm not sure my guitar even works to be honest, I recall it having a sticky fret button. Probably not worth it.
  10. dave7g

    Rock Band 4

    I have a 360 Guitar Hero World Tour guitar and a wireless 360 controller dongle for the PC, could this possibly work on xbox1? Guitars are stupid prices now.
  11. November will be a month for the ages.
  12. I thought it was out this month, but the XBOX store says pre order Nov 6th (I think).
  13. Pre orders for xbox are in November
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