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  1. Where do you find the app lab stuff? It's not on the phone app or the headset. What am I missing?
  2. I can confirm, it's not good. Just buy Crazy Taxi instead. Within 2 minutes you have heard all the jokes from the customers before they start repeating and the weirdest thing I've ever seen is that the different actors that play the customers have the EXACT SAME LINES. Was hoping it would be fun, but it's just poundland Crazy Taxi.
  3. I'll be setting this up during the week. I hope you wont mind a few questions if I run into trouble.
  4. The store on browsers needs to be a little clearer, I never know what version I'm buying. Been stung a couple of times with PC versions instead of Quest. I guess you have to buy on the headset only.
  5. I enjoyed the first episode and I'll give the 2nd a listen later. The only feedback I would give is if you are doing a zzap gimmick it would be a nice touch to give the magazine score after each review and maybe a few lines that they said about each game. Other than that I'm on board.
  6. Great to have another c64 game podcast, the only other one I know of is Sprite Castle. I'm going to listen to both episodes tonight.
  7. I always thought that PS4 and PS5 games would be available for both systems.
  8. Thanks everyone. Any recommendations for sidequest?
  9. I'm new to sidequest too. Most games are taking me to a web page with a lonk to an apk file. What do I do with this file? I presume I have to transfer it to the headset. But where do I put it and how do I install it? Cheers.
  10. Hopefully his voice is next on the list.
  11. Tried out the GTA V mod. It's a great effort but just doesn't feel right, and the cutscenes made me a little queasy. What are the best racing games? I have P Cars but it's horrible with a gamepad.
  12. I think she has a sweet job at Twitch, but yeah, she would be perfect. Abbie and Ben are gone, the world seems better now. I sure won't miss him scratching his head and armpits every 20 seconds, the filthy bastard.
  13. Doesn't seem like all the DLC I bought for XBOX transfers to my PC. Am I wrong?
  14. An option for large easy to read text and UI would be nice for us half blind geeks. Cyberpunk can fuck off with it's blue and green bullshit.
  15. Is there a way to adjust brightness on the quest 2? I'm a little visually impaired at the moment, it's a slow healing process so I'm finding it really hard to read text and navigate menus.
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