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  1. Read one line of it... 50. Singstar. List is already wrong.
  2. He's getting worse. Literally talking over everything Jeff said to the point of Jeff waiting for whatever fucking absolute shite Ben had to say before he could continue with his point. Something has to be done about him. He is the dirt worst. He never, ever shuts the fuck up. That part where he wanted to do a "dance" for the emails section was excruciating. And he had the nerve to turn down the dialogue audio on BL3 because he didn't think it was funny enough. YOU YA CUNT, YOU'RE NOT FUNNY.
  3. Yeah, Danny interrupted him many times asking the most basic questions trying to get him to make some sense.
  4. Ben describing Control was like being in hell. He's absolutely terrible at his job.
  5. Yeah. Not much interest in any of them at all. Last year was great with the Red Dead hype. This year has all the usual expected sequels and that Kojima game that honestly looks like bollocks.
  6. Lucy James was also on the show but you wouldn't fucking know since she couldn't get more than two words in before David Brent started finishing her stories.
  7. I'm hyped for this of course but for the first time in my life I'm not excited for anything this year at all. Is it just me or has this year been a bit of a nothing happening year?
  8. No Ben on the Bombcast this week but... That guy from Gamespot didn't let ANY ONE ELSE talk for three hours. They couldn't have picked a worse replacement. The first 30 minutes are him explaining how hilarious he is because he uses words like "rustled" and how he likes to use "goos" instead of "good" because he misheard something once. Come back Jeff for Christ's sake!
  9. That Stadia video is lagging. That is not a good sign.
  10. Racing by the rules during the day to rpg your car at night sounds like a good idea. It looks fine as far the racing goes. The story will be fucking complete cringe of terrible actors trying to be "cool". And the soundtrack will be hideous naturally.
  11. Popup keeps telling me to install a modifier, but there's no room for one and I can't find the upgrade thing the alien gave me anywhere. Upgrade Module available. Every 10 seconds.
  12. I've had about 30 minutes of it. It's rather fantastic.
  13. Seems like starting from scratch in VR is the way to go.
  14. Any hope of this coming out at midnight?
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