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  1. I would say yes. I got mine yesterday for similar reasons. Returnal, Tsushima, FF7 etc. I honestly wasn't expecting to like it so much, lot of negativity about the UI, but, it's very nice I think. Better than PS4 and dare I say XBOX. Loading times are gone forever, you just can't go back now. Controller is possibly the best I've ever used. Absolutely hate the design of it though, but it's not a dealbreaker. I was considering getting a series X too but my PC is pretty high end and all the big games come to GP Ultimate so there's no point really. Have a One S for older stuff.
  2. I downloaded Kiwami 2 on gamepass, thinking this would be a new experience, turned out I had 4 hours played already. They are so confusing now to me, I think I'll leave them be and stick with LAD and whatever's next.
  3. I always found a problem with the OG strap letting so much light in underneath, and also moving around too much. The pro strap gets rid of that almost completely. I haven't watched any movies on it yet so maybe maybe that is annoying.
  4. I can't say it's noticeable to me anyway. Is it supposed to be bad?
  5. Got a pro strap for this, it's almost like a new console now. The OG strap is just terrible.
  6. I've already asked for a refund, I can't justify it. I'm going to wait for it drop to £1.
  7. It's pretty good, most certainly have played worse racers. Went all out and sprung for the deluxe version, I hope I don't have this buyers remorse for long.
  8. I didn't realise there was only one Amiga magazine available.
  9. Well I'm sorry I can't remember every single article from game magazines fro0m 30 years ago. If you think mags about dying systems weren't pretending everything was rosy and the games were just as as good as the newer consoles, you are mistaken.
  10. Not much of a fighting gamer and never followed EVO ever but always got the goosebumps watching that clip.
  11. Always happened, the final Amiga games that were out during the last issues of the Amiga magazines were apparently all masterpieces.
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