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  1. It's tough to find a decent podcast now. Chet and John were the best of all time, The Bombcast was great too until Ben completely ruined it. TCGS can be good but the hilarious "banter" can be a bit much. I haven't found a solid weekly news/current releases based podcast in a while. Axe of the Blood God is decent if you like RPG's.
  2. I can't wait to "rock" 6 months of Spotify premium.
  3. Darksiders 3 isn't worth getting for free
  4. Minecraft fake infomercial interview
  5. Flat Earthers will use it to conduct experiments
  6. Are all games from now on about little girls running around magical forests?
  7. This is as bad as a WWE scripted segment.
  8. Now you can play a 10 hour trial of Need for Speed for 2 hours.
  9. Jesus this is about as fake as you can get
  10. Booing playstation. What a bunch of babies.
  11. The hosts on this show are unbearable, are they "influencers"?
  12. There's a guy in the audience filming himself gurning into his phone there. I hate humanity.
  13. Still not received mine yet. My subscription is always really late, I've had to email twice now over issues that were over three weeks in the shops and not delivered yet.
  14. No 10 hours must mean it's fairly short.
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