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  1. For any wrestling fans here: I think Giant Bomb has become WWE and Ben is Roman Reigns or Baron Corbin. They just keep going with him even though nobody wants it.
  2. Theater of Magic and Attack from Mars are the best by miles.
  3. I hope his assignment was going back to his home planet.
  4. Can't see it there. The only one for sale is the new one. Might get a month of ESO plus, seems you get access to everything (for a month)
  5. Question about ESO. Was hoping to get Summerset or one of the other expansions for PS4, is there a way to buy it without having to fuck about with buying crowns?
  6. There should be an app that scans the file for Ben when it's released and if he's not on the show it sends a bottle of champagne to your house.
  7. I like the game but I sometimes wonder what the fuck developers are thinking sometimes. Pinstripe is impossible. Fuck him. He rubber bands and then when he's ahead he constantly hits you with bombs. It's fucking terrible. Not fun.
  8. dave7g

    Gaming grudges

    I'd love a new Ridge Racer.
  9. Finding it a bit tough to be honest. What character is best?
  10. He really is the fucking James Cordon of gaming! Well done sir.
  11. Just catching up now. Listening to the Sim City ep I couldn't get this out of my head all day: Amigaramaville!
  12. Funny stuff with Kenny Omega and Xav Woods last night.
  13. dave7g

    PC Engine Mini

    I have no idea why these little mini consoles don't have a little online store attached where you can just add more games as you go. Surely they would have made an absolute killing?
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