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  1. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    GTA is supposed to be sexist and stupid. It's satire.
  2. PlayStation VR

    I really want to like Sprint Vector but the controls just don't seem to do what they should. A bit too complicated.
  3. SNES Mini

    Thank you!
  4. SNES Mini

    Will USA and Europe region roms work on the european snes mini?
  5. Split Second

    It was a weird resolution issue, some people got it, some didn't. It's fixable. Forgot how great this game is. Was coming third watching the leaders jumps ramps onto rooftops in front of me. Triggered an explosion while both were mid air. So satisfying.
  6. Split Second

    Got SS going, bit of a pain but seems fine now.
  7. Split Second

    I haven't got SS to run at all on Steam with Win 10, can't get a refund either since I bought it somewhere else. It's really shitty they don't fix these games up a little bit first. I'm installing it again to see if I can get it going. This thread has me dying to play some more.
  8. RetroArch + Frontend help.

    Phoenix seems nice but pretty limited on what you can display. Was hoping for an option to list games by most played, recently played etc. I was using Emulation Station but it doesn't save settings on exit. I mean every single time I run it, if I want to list recent games I have to go in and do it manually.
  9. I have Retroarch working somewhat properly so now I'm looking to just add a frontend to it. Is there an easy one out there, something that just points to the directory and sorts it out nice and easy. It's for Windows. Thanks
  10. Gaming Podcasts

    Giant Beastcast is no more than 2 hours.
  11. WipEout Omega Collection

    Every time I see a new post in this thread, I think it's been released. Someday...
  12. Shadow of the Colossus Remake (Bluepoint)

    How are the controls? Are they better than the original?
  13. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    I hope it's great. Just nearing the end of Witcher 3 now too, so it's perfect timing.
  14. RA 177 - Commodore 64 Lucky Dip

    Sorry Swainy, can't say that the lucky dip section works at all. Had to turn it off after a few minutes. It might work on a youtube let's play, but not in audio format. The best shows are are game reviews. Just my opinion though. Don't take it the wrong way please.
  15. SNES Mini

    I don't think anyone is buying a switch for virtual console. People bought the snes mini for snes games. Missed opportunity there.

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