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  1. I’ve walked past it when going to Ghetto Golf the other week with work. Ground floor didn’t look great so glad to hear it’s better on the others. The wife and I plan to go soon, we’re big fans of Bury Arcade Club. When’s the forum Liverpool meet then?!
  2. I’m West Lancs Warriors. Play Fantasy Football with friends and work every year. Thanks for posting the code.
  3. I’d drifted away from this a bit in the last couple of months but the new maps have pulled me back in. All excellent so far. I heard there is a new CTE patch that makes the LMGs more effective. I tend to play support anyway and normally do ok (I do PTFO though!) but a boost would be nice if that comes into the live game. Not mad keen on some of the challenges to unlock the new guns though, I don’t particularly want to grind and wish there was a simpler way to unlock them. At it’s heart though this is still pure Battlefield fun. Nothing beats a good match of Conquest or Operations, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, headphones on and the lights turned low.
  4. Managed to pick up the last one in WHSmiths Liverpool One. It's great, really pleased they did this.
  5. There's also an achievement for getting through all three in one go without being knocked down.
  6. Got a couple of PS4 beta codes if anyone wants them. PM me.
  7. I think this will be true and it will be back to "boots on the ground" thankfully. However...
  8. SmokeMeAKipper

    PS4 Pro

    I'm sure I read somewhere that sometimes menus can send fans going wild on consoles because they have an uncapped framerate so the GPU is rendering at max capacity. So Horizon itself may run at 30 FPS and not be too loud but the menu may be rendering at hundreds of FPS and pushing the console to its limit!
  9. Yes I use those as well. Much prefer the convex ones to the concave ones.
  10. The wife has been playing this non-stop though she is a Mario addict. She's on over 6,000 as well...
  11. I got a subscription to the Star Trek fact files when I was at school, binned them all at some point, and re-bought them all on eBay a few years ago. My wife got all 200 issues or so of one of these - a baking magazine. I found most of them in bin bags in the garage. Unopened. Madness but shows people do buy them.
  12. I've not played this much myself but the wife has sunk a good few hours in. She's wondering what people's highest scores on Toad Rally are? She asked me to post hers...
  13. The wife told me about these - I've just ordered some so fingers crossed they still have some in stock. I ordered my PSVR from Amazon end of October and only just received the headset, no sign of the move controllers though.
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