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  1. They both play at 3 o'clock next Saturday.
  2. The underworld is just a big huge cave slowly filling with lava and the new zelda is a battle royale
  3. Did that Contra 3D game really look like a PS1 game or was it just youtube's shit stream?
  4. "We have the most diverse library of games" while standing in front of a montage of seven hundred identical pieces of game cover art
  5. Tom Clancy is immortal and will never leave us alone
  6. "a limited-time in-game event" must be one of the most depressing phrases yet written
  7. Imagine someone actually being paid to write that dialogue
  8. Even Danny Dyer would baulk at this
  9. Press X to plug Master Chief's power cable in.
  10. The most advanced processors but the least advanced scripts
  11. Halo: No lifts but loads of hard to open doors
  12. If this next generation has no elaborate lift animation scenes its going to be the worst generation ever. I fucking love lifts in games. I've long dreamt of a Metal Gear Solid game set entirely on a lift
  13. I hope it costs $10000 and is bigger than my all my rooms
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