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  1. cleared attic over the weekend and found these! boxed gameboy 5 boxed gameboy games, tetris, blades of steel, trackmeet, tennis and NBA Jam boxed zelda N64 Boxed Banjo Kaazooie about 10 ps2 games 10ish xbox games boxed n64 pad boxed snes pad all in a big box neatly packed away, who knew
  2. IKEA if youre nearer Belfast try Crumlin Rd near Dunnes, but you may already know that one
  3. Picked up my 2nd SNES in 3 weeks today. Nice and grey, complete with DK Country, MKart, Killer Inst and SF". £5 all in, no PSU
  4. Hahahahaha MD WATCH. Ive heard rumours spreading across the land, whispers in the air, people talking very discreetly about a mystical Boxed £45 Megadrive beast in a charity shop far far away. Some don't believe it, some refuse to believe it, others want to believe it but can't believe it. I was a sceptic but now have true faith about its exsistance and thus have chosen a quest to find the £45 Megadrive and tame the beast. For the sake of humanity I have chosen this task, I may fail but it wont be for the shear lack of trying. I'll do my best for you all, Godspeed
  5. Yes sir, went this morning and it was really busy. Picked up a NES with a handful of games. Saw a SNES, Dreamcast, Megadrive, a few PS1s, more than a few PS2s and more than "more than a few" Wiis. Wiis are just getting thrown away now at boots, £10 will get you 1 and the games are only a couple of quid too. You reckon Wii games are gonna get collectable?
  6. I got to say this, I know people criticise ebay prices and sellers but some sellers are, well, you have a look for yourself. Just checking for a Turtles in Time on SNES this morning, found this seller and hes a prime example. Check his prices out for your self, the let me know what your views are... http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/spence.77/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25&_trksid=p3692 Thought the boxed SNES with 3 Mortal Kombat games was very expensive @ £214.99 hmmmmmmm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUNSET-RIDERS-SUPER-NINTENDO-SNES-GAME-VERY-GOOD-CON-/360489417299?pt=UK_PC_Video_Games_Video_Games_JS&hash=item53eed7fa53#ht_500wt_1128
  7. Yeah I saw that, but you cant go by stoooopid BIN prices. Had a SNES when i was younger and never heard of it then, just made me think it was rare
  8. Got 1 game today, how rare is Wolverine Adamantium Rage on SNES (cart only)?
  9. Check out the movie trailer for "Wreck-it Ralph". Zangief, Bowser, Qbert et al.
  10. Waking up at 7am to queue up at 7:15 only to watch the re-sellers, traders run around the park getting 1st dibs on things straight out of cars, just depresses me to my downtrodden core. Then the buyers get in at 7:30. That 15-30 minute window the resellers have is enough to sweep the current crop of boot sellers, and then the later seller arrivals are ripe for their picking too as the traders hover around the boots. I know an answer to this is just to take a car myself, pay the extra and "sell", do what the traders do, but I and few other buyers there aren't like that. Just feel it would take it down to a scrappy level that would twist my soul. The resellers have got really good stuff past couple of months by doing this, really good stuff being SNES games, N64 bundles, nothing ultra rare. Alas, another Sunday morning hobby beckons, something thatll enlighten and inspire my morning rather than kick me in the nuts. Had enough of this "Cash Converter" world of car boot sales.
  11. Anyone else finding their car boots dry as, and competition increased 10 fold over past 12-18 months. Finding myself getting frustrated with them now, giving it up because it destroys the rest of my Sunday when I see resellers sniping whole boxes of stuff and lingering around new cars arriving. Not a chance anymore, going to read a book every Sunday morning now instead, the boot sale is making me a hateful person.
  12. "Find of the Week." All I bought was the Sunday papers. The way the boots looked today its end of the season. Had a good few nice finds over the summer, but look s like theres 1 or 2 more dealers materialised at mine, and they get in early to "sell" so theyve 20-30 minutes head start to clean up, plus they hover around the new cars coming in asking for "Nintendo, Sega...". I've (and the other 2-3 dead on collectors there) have no chance anymore.
  13. Whats everyones "fish that got away" at car boot sales theyve seen other people walking around with? There was a boxed Sega Master System Arcade set with light gun and all sitting on a sellers table once, asked how much it was, seller looked at me blankly, then a voice from a guy rummaging through a box under the table popped his head up, "Thats mine mate, Ive already bought that". Not only did he call me mate in a derogatory manner, he had Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 9 in his hand from the box. Turd.
  14. Whoa! freaky, only game i spotted at car boot sale on Sunday was KNIGHT LORE! on Spectrum
  15. MagicalDrops got the right idea. I collected loads of games from booters over a 4 or 5 year period up to about 2010, buying most things retro gaming related. This was when times were good, SNES games, Megadrive games, PS1 Final Fantasys, NES games, even Game & Watches would pop up quite often and at 50p - £2 (never paid more than a couple of quid for any games). Systems seemed to be round every corner of the boot sales too, sometimes Id come home with 3 or 4, duplicates and ll, £2-£5 you couldnt turn them down. I would keep alot of the games and systems, but duplicates were cleaned and sold in an instant. Once had 2 x Castlevania Vampires Kiss on SNES, both boxed when times were fruitful at the boot sale, at a time when i could stroll around at my leisure with no competition or traders. The traders and competition increased gradually over the period 2009 - now, the fun of the chase disappeared, the retro games faded away replaced by cold plastic PS2 games and puke green XBOX 360 cases. The childhood memories have once again deserted me. And I think thats it, you may or may not agree but £1-£2 for a childhood memory memento is a price most of us would gladly pay. And like me, to see those childhood memories bought by some trader or competitor, you'd get upset. "Oh! I used to have that!" Thats how it probably all started for you too. Get home, play that copy of Psycho Fox on the master system you'd just bought. Then you'd realise it aint that great as it used to be so the cartridge was placed back into its coffin case again, screaming "NO wait, please, NO! its been 18 years, PLEASE!", and filed away with the rest of the games in the at particular gaming section on the shelf. The spark came when one day I found myself looking on eBay for empty game boxes for the loose carts I had. BANG WTF. That was it, what the hell was I doing. Most of the games were sold in lots because there were just too many to list individually, aside from any game which I knew was worth over £10. Gone. Now I still take little trips down to the boots, maybe once every 3 months you might see a box with a couple of loose N64 games or a SNES with no leads. Not arsed anymore. And its funny to see the same competitors scuttle around ASAP looking for retro stuff, dizzying and disorientating themselves by spinning around in a circle judging whether to go this way or that way. And finally, I havent posted much on this site before, but Id still check in every Sunday evening to see what everyone else managed to get. I enjoyed looking at the memories other had found that day and the curiosity of the prices paid. Names like Superstarbeejay, SuperQuincy, U-1 and others, although I dont know any of you, I still have followed your gaming memories exploits over the past year or so. Somehow it satisfied my cravings for retro memories too. Thanks guys (RANT) Double finally, once rid of the retro and now that Ive stopped buying from the booter, Ive been able to step back and observe the others down there who do sweep the place for anything they can make money on, retro or otherwise. There was time when I did buy to make a couple of quid but realised that its a hollow dispassionate existence to do that. Most of you will admit you did the same. These others, theyre scummy people, a bad way to live, reciprocated in other aspects of their lives, sneaky, insincere and bitter, trying to claw up a ladder of piss and shit to make it to the top, or at least the bottom of the top. (RANT)
  16. They are the ultimate c***s, really greedy, evil bottom feeders. Traders did that for a bit at my boots but organisers realised it was happening, now they dont let cars (sellers) in til 700, and buyers in til 730. This way (on a good day) most of the sellers are still queueing up and havent even set up by the time the public get in. The early birds have a chance to catch the worm from the sweaty clammy grasp of the old, nicotine stained, tracky bottom wearing, single, same clothes as last week wearing, no one loves them, traders... so to speak
  17. Same here! It feels excellent when you descale and trim the hell out of your collection, funds are nice too. Its like a weight off your shoulders. I sold alot, I mean alot of my collection this year, spent some of the proceeds on a trip to Amsterdam for me and the missus, while there sneaked off and got a blowjob. Money well spent all thanks to the car boot sale
  18. Really, CHr!st, take up a sport, youve got too much time on your hands Trolling the truth
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