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  1. cleared attic over the weekend and found these! boxed gameboy 5 boxed gameboy games, tetris, blades of steel, trackmeet, tennis and NBA Jam boxed zelda N64 Boxed Banjo Kaazooie about 10 ps2 games 10ish xbox games boxed n64 pad boxed snes pad all in a big box neatly packed away, who knew
  2. IKEA if youre nearer Belfast try Crumlin Rd near Dunnes, but you may already know that one
  3. Picked up my 2nd SNES in 3 weeks today. Nice and grey, complete with DK Country, MKart, Killer Inst and SF". £5 all in, no PSU
  4. Hahahahaha MD WATCH. Ive heard rumours spreading across the land, whispers in the air, people talking very discreetly about a mystical Boxed £45 Megadrive beast in a charity shop far far away. Some don't believe it, some refuse to believe it, others want to believe it but can't believe it. I was a sceptic but now have true faith about its exsistance and thus have chosen a quest to find the £45 Megadrive and tame the beast. For the sake of humanity I have chosen this task, I may fail but it wont be for the shear lack of trying. I'll do my best for you all, Godspeed
  5. Yes sir, went this morning and it was really busy. Picked up a NES with a handful of games. Saw a SNES, Dreamcast, Megadrive, a few PS1s, more than a few PS2s and more than "more than a few" Wiis. Wiis are just getting thrown away now at boots, £10 will get you 1 and the games are only a couple of quid too. You reckon Wii games are gonna get collectable?
  6. I got to say this, I know people criticise ebay prices and sellers but some sellers are, well, you have a look for yourself. Just checking for a Turtles in Time on SNES this morning, found this seller and hes a prime example. Check his prices out for your self, the let me know what your views are... http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/spence.77/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=25&_trksid=p3692 Thought the boxed SNES with 3 Mortal Kombat games was very expensive @ £214.99 hmmmmmmm http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SUNSET-RIDERS-SUPER-NINTENDO-SNES-GAME-VERY-GOOD-CON-/360489417299?pt=UK_PC_Video_Games_Video_Games_JS&hash=item53eed7fa53#ht_500wt_1128
  7. Yeah I saw that, but you cant go by stoooopid BIN prices. Had a SNES when i was younger and never heard of it then, just made me think it was rare
  8. Got 1 game today, how rare is Wolverine Adamantium Rage on SNES (cart only)?
  9. Check out the movie trailer for "Wreck-it Ralph". Zangief, Bowser, Qbert et al.
  10. Waking up at 7am to queue up at 7:15 only to watch the re-sellers, traders run around the park getting 1st dibs on things straight out of cars, just depresses me to my downtrodden core. Then the buyers get in at 7:30. That 15-30 minute window the resellers have is enough to sweep the current crop of boot sellers, and then the later seller arrivals are ripe for their picking too as the traders hover around the boots. I know an answer to this is just to take a car myself, pay the extra and "sell", do what the traders do, but I and few other buyers there aren't like that. Just feel it would take it down to a scrappy level that would twist my soul. The resellers have got really good stuff past couple of months by doing this, really good stuff being SNES games, N64 bundles, nothing ultra rare. Alas, another Sunday morning hobby beckons, something thatll enlighten and inspire my morning rather than kick me in the nuts. Had enough of this "Cash Converter" world of car boot sales.
  11. Anyone else finding their car boots dry as, and competition increased 10 fold over past 12-18 months. Finding myself getting frustrated with them now, giving it up because it destroys the rest of my Sunday when I see resellers sniping whole boxes of stuff and lingering around new cars arriving. Not a chance anymore, going to read a book every Sunday morning now instead, the boot sale is making me a hateful person.
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