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  1. Project CARS 2 - The ‘ultimate driver journey’

    Ah Hi Sharky - never made it online in time - just home now, and will need to look at Teamspeak etc, as I have just been using steam chat. Next one tho !
  2. Project CARS 2 - The ‘ultimate driver journey’

    Now I might take a look at that cheers Sharky
  3. Project CARS 2 - The ‘ultimate driver journey’

    I also moved from PS4 / VR to a PC and a Rift. Absolutely love this game. So much variety .. Anybody racing in any league stuff I could join up to ?
  4. Project CARS 2 - The ‘ultimate driver journey’

    I did same. First impressions are very positive. AI are ropey - but the spectacular crashes I think are worth it. I chuckle with glee if it happens in front of me, as I pick my way through the carnage... The driving though, is fantastic with a wheel. I use a T500rs and the feedback and fidelity from road surfaces - Knockhill which I know well in real life, is seemingly perfect. We tried a race at Bannochbrae and it's like an upgrade to HD ! Love it so far. Oh, and I can't drive for shit either
  5. Project CARS 2 - The ‘ultimate driver journey’

    Nice one. I can't wait !!
  6. Project CARS 2 - The ‘ultimate driver journey’

    Sharky, I recently made the switch to PC - i've an i7 (although its older) and 16gb ddr3. I have a 1050ti in it just now, and Project Cars 1's VR mode is a little lacking, although everything else on Rift is superb. PC1 runs at a solid 60fps even with almost everything on Ultra when on a single screen. I've ordered a GTX 1070 from amazon - will I be ok with PC2 ? I play about 50% VR and 50% single screen....
  7. PlayStation VR

    i just redeemed my code about 30 mins ago - and the app installed ok from the store ?
  8. Elite Dangerous

    Based on this damn thread, I've just bought this on the store. I hope I'm prepared. I made it to the rank of Elite on the BBC back in the day ! Now then. Thargoids eh ?
  9. Dirt 4

    Yeah - was kinda coming round to that. A mate has the T300 - which is not bad, but I do prefer the FFB from mine, although it might be a 'settling in' issue, and I just don't give it time. Dirt fooled me because the T500 was originally listed, despite being a legacy product, and the game actually recognised it. Actually it turns out if you turn the Tyre Friction to zero, the feedback isn't too bad regardless, so I've at least been able to play it. I'm pondering leaping to the Xbox One X as it rolls round - so a new wheel may be a new direction anyway. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Hope you had a great holiday !
  10. Dirt Rally

    Now that looks like it could be fun !
  11. Dirt Rally

    Yeah I had to buy a small usb fan to try and keep cool - I race with the PSVR on and it's like a damn sweatshop in my gamesroom ! Great times folks (waves fist at Sharky - he's unstoppable I tell you !!) Quite enjoyed the Alpine. It's slow, so I crash less !!
  12. Dirt Rally

    Just set some times. I started after other folks had set good times - @spatular I'm looking at you ! - so I just found that even more stressful lol ! I had to keep saying to myself "calm down, keep it smooth, even if it feels slow..." In the end did ok - think I'm up by 11 seconds or so - that's until the uber-skilled PC lot prob turn up. Or is that joypad mob? Not sure, either way I usually get whupped! Great racing so far. Hope this never dies !! I have Dirt4, but I like this stuff way better - it can't come to Dirt4 quick enough ! More than happy to keep racing if folks stay with DR. I think with about another 10 years practice, I might get good lol !!
  13. Dirt Rally

    It *really* is worth it. Get a wheel if you can too!!
  14. Dirt Rally

    I bought a second copy after leaving my original at a mates. Amazon - about 20 quid for Dirt Rally. Of course, if you mean Dirt 4, then it'll not be cheap yet - although some folks are selling it in the marketing folder ?
  15. Dirt 4

    I think VR will likely make an appearance later - much like Dirt Rally. I am struggling to see how the game is running at 60fps though - usually, like wolfenstein, its very fluid and clear, but some of the views seem to be quite stuttery and not the buttery smooth movement of even Dirt Rally. I appreciate there's loads of additional effects probably on there, and so on, but DFoundry reckoned it was a solid 60fps on the PS4Pro. I'm like-a

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