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  1. Just noticed seasons 1 + 2 are back on Now TV (and Sky OD, I'm guessing). Available until Aug 4th.
  2. Looks like season 3 started on Sky Atlantic tonight.
  3. Great write up - but did A Beautiful Mind not win the best picture Oscar? I think ROTK won the best picture award a couple of years later.
  4. They’re filming ‘Fast and Furious 9’ nearby as well now. Wonder if they’ll keep the sign?
  5. The Roku streaming stick seems to be one of the few (perhaps only) 'sticks' that supports all three of the main streaming services (Netflix / Amazon / Now Tv)
  6. I’m definitely interested but was wondering: Did I read it correctly and there’s no PlayStation app? Any plans for one? Anyway, good luck with the launch.
  7. The best thing about this film is the (as far as I’m aware) unreleased Frightened Rabbit track during the end credits.
  8. Back on Wednesday. 10pm, BBC4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09f2ndg
  9. Great epsiode this week.
  10. 'Paul Feig', you mean Too much Marvel!
  11. New trailer, shown at Comic Con. http://www.slashfilm.com/new-interstellar-trailer/
  12. Yeah....can only be a matter of time until the return of Cheesily Cheerful Chart Challenge, and Mark & Lard are back together. Their respective shows will now only be separated by a few hours.
  13. Looks like Radcliffe and Maconie are moving to 6music at the start of April. They'll be on the 1-4pm slot. Great news for me, as I never get to listen to them much in the evenings, and their show had already been cut back to 3 nights a week.
  14. To be hoenst, I didn't really pickup on the Alien reference until the guy mentioned it in the Q+A, guess I haven't seen it or a while. Thought it was unusual these days seeing a sci-fi film which didn't go down the CGI route for the fx, using models instead. I guess I like films that toy with my cynical pre-conceptions of what they're going to be like, and this did exactly that, and I think that's one of the reason's I enjoyed it so much. (Coincidentally , just watched The Fountain tonight, also scored by Clint Mansell, ahead of the Aronofsky thing tomorrow night...)
  15. Saw this tonight at the Cameo. Really enjoyed it. Great performance from Sam Rockwell.
  16. You know, I was just listening to These Days for the first time in years the other day on Spotify (I think Spotify's great for when you can't quite bring yourself to dig out the CD). Always liked "Something to believe in"...although I've gone off the other tracks somewhat. But yeah. Bon Jovi. Ace.
  17. The Big Pink - Velvet Chew Lips - Solo (Spotify) Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene (Spotify) There's been quite a few tracks I've liked this year.
  18. Just caught the end of Guy Garvey's show on 6 music, and I'm sure he played a couple of songs from this. Was pretty weird!
  19. Ace! Cheers. Cunt of a brown game. Think I'll trade it in. Yeah this happened to me as well. Was the point I turned it off last night. I've got a proper save not too far back, though.
  20. Anybody know if there's an Oblivion-style "wait" option? Always found it handy for when you got to a shop but it didn't open for a couple of hours.
  21. So, er, how do you tell your players to "make a run" ? Using Pro-evo control setup.
  22. Yeah I bought this the other day (along with the Glasvegas album). Enjoying it a lot. I'd been looking forward to it since he appeared on 6 music a month or so back, and they played a couple of tracks (I Heard Wonders and the title track). Can definitely hear the Mary Chain influence.
  23. I always remember an episode where they have to dress up as German soldiers for some reason, and Pike really takes to it. I just remember him being brilliant as a German officer
  24. I saw this linked on Kotaku the other day. Wired have an article looking back at the movie Wargames, celebrating 25 years since it's release. It was one of my favourite movies when I was growing up, and I've always enjoyed watching it. It's a pretty decent ariticle. I thought it was interesting, for example, how General Beringer was based on the real-life commander at NORAD, and how they originally wanted John Lennon to play Dr. Stephen Falken.
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