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  1. Some people on the NTSC-UK forum would wrestle you on that matter.* *metaphorical, I'm not thinking about great hulks in fighting leotards Actually they wouldnt, because it is the right way around. In actual fact RGB is very very slightly superior to component.
  2. If you want to see the light, dont bother playing the multiplatform games to see the difference. For the XBox get Panzer Dragoon Orta, and for the GC get Wind Waker, Metroid Prime or F-Zero GX.
  3. I point you towards a comment I made earlier in the thread: If I get time I might get around to trying to get another 134 chain in arcade mode to capture.. but that is harder than the 136 in proto mode.
  4. Graphically speaking, the best games on both the XBox and GC are exclusives. The reason this isnt the case with the PS2 is because most multiplatform games are developed for the PS2 first and foremost.
  5. To be fair to the idiot in the guidelines to writing a review for the site it does tell you to include those sections.
  6. I have had it since JPN launch, and I still havent gone back to it. I stopped on the final (at least I think it is) boss on kids mode though.
  7. Super Tennis (SNES) - Probably still the best Tennis game available anywhere. Shadowrun (SNES) - recently replayed through this and couldnt believe how great it was.
  8. Choose the KIDS option so you get a fair chance to learn how to play the thing, then test your skills with ADULT. You'll thank me for it later. B) Yes. I have 1 credited Ikaruga, but I still havent done VJ on Kids mode.
  9. How is it under-rated? Everyone who's played it loves it. Yes, but hardly anyone has played it. This forum isn't indicative of society at large - The game has tanked. An underrated game is not one which is just not bought by many people. Whether a game is under or over rated is completely independant of the number of copies sold.
  10. You are talking about OOT which is the engine of SM64 and the story of LTTP, arent you?
  11. Wario Ware. Every time I turn it on I feel like I am 8 years old again. Magic.
  12. Dropping it from 6 feet and it being hit by a small bullet arent exactly the same though are they? HPS seems to have a much better explanation.
  13. Yes. I was wondering how on earth it "disabled" the XBox without penetrating its shell. What exactly could it of done to it to disable it if it didnt even get inside the casing!?
  14. Really....go on then post your times. I think you'll find you aren't anywhere near cornering perfectly yet. What the fuck does that prove? Honestly, if you think the game's shit, you're not going to spend pointless hours getting 'the best times', are you? Foolishness. Isnt it obvious? SaxoVTS was claiming cornering is "piss easy". rgraves was making the point that cornering well is not piss easy. A good way to illustrate this is through the use of time trial times. Surely you didnt need that explained to you?
  15. Er how is that flawed? Is the boost system of F-Zero flawed because if you boost you can no longer use your life for when you crash? It is part of the system. You use the system to your advantage. If you think shifting weight, or character specific specials are more important than storing an item you do that, in the same way in F-Zero you boost if you think you can afford the health.
  16. What on earth did you get all race then? Fake question blocks... er mushrooms? What else is there? Apart from the fake question block every other item is actually superior to blocking a shell anyhow.
  17. I wonder which one of them all the people on this board who love the game fall under?
  18. I cant help but think that anyone complaining that they cannot avoid a banana in MK:DD is missing the whole point of the game.
  19. I just cant help getting drawn into these debates, because just like GOD, I see the hypocrisy of it all. This is an excellent point. F-Zero GX added absolutely nothing to the series. Didnt change a thing from F-Zero X. The concept, the cars, the way the game works - everything is almost identical to its prequel, except with new tracks. Universal praise. MK: DD tries something different and makes some excellent changes to the frankly average MK64 and gets either complained at for being too different, or in many cases complained at because it is too similar. It is hardly even open for debate that the AI is better in DD, and personally I much prefer the shorter, tighter, more frantic courses of DD over the long, meandering and borefests that were included with the N64 version. I just dont understand it. I have no problem with people disliking the bloody game, but why the hypocrisy?
  20. I am the biggest Nintendo fanboy about, yet I never understood the universal praise OOT received. Strange that. I guess I could say the same about Metroid Prime though...
  21. You are basically spot on Davros sock drawer. SOA is an excellent game let down by the constant slow random battles. I managed to persevere through the whole game and really loved the story and the characters, but the random battles nearly killed it for me. Luckily I had a lot more spare time then than I do now!
  22. There is nothing wrong with PAL Ikaruga frame rate. I assume the original poster is referring to the "frame skipping" technique to convert the game from 60Hz NTSC to 50Hz PAL. In order to avoid the slowdown between the switch (and to keep the net rankings fair) the conversion is done using a frame skipping technique. Apparently you can see where the dropped frames are if you look closely enough, but this will not appear the same as frame rate problems. EDIT: as the above poster said, every sixth frame is dropped. There are also another couple of minor issues with the PAL version - homing missile behaviour is different from the NTSC version. Anyhow, I wouldnt let the above trouble you too much, if you have never seen or played the NTSC version the frame skipping is unlikely to bother you at all. EDIT: Since I just uploaded it, and I cant help showing off, to see a video of me playing ch1 in prototype mode, see here. It is a 136chain, and 4.4M score. Pretty much a perfect proto run (16.1MB).
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