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  1. I have a fair few of them if you still need them, let me know and I will add you and open gates. Carly - it was me and b00dles who were collecting modern furniture! I need closet, bed, lamp and shelf.
  2. I finished the game first time as a shaman and have gone most of the way through again as a rifle wielding troll. It is definitely way easier specialising in guns than it is a shaman mainly due to the expense of buying the elemental things and their randomness (losing control after one turn etc.). I posted up a big post in the xcom thread moaning about the way the combat works in that and this game has all the same problems, they really take the shine off an otherwise great game that has really great atmosphere and world. The problem with the combat is that doing well revolves around: 1) Progressing very slowly so if you accidentally wake up enemies you have a maximum number of AP left which means moving 1 space then ending your turn every time which is pretty boring and silly especially considering there are large exploration sections in this when you are in turn based mode. 2) Hoping you dont accidentally wake up multiple enemies where it is not necessary as taking out smaller groups of enemies is exponentially easier therefore moving everyone closely together in a group which is unrealistic. This game does a better job than xcom in this regard as most enemies are in separate rooms you approach one way. 3) Hoping the RNG doesnt screw you. There is definitely something wrong with the RNG in this as missing 3 90%+ shots in a row is not something you should see regularly but I have seen it twice already in two play throughs. However, the RNG still has the ability to kill you with full HP at pretty much any point in the game should things go spectacularly wrong no matter what you do. There is just too much randomness here - you could do everything the same and one play through come through completely unscathed and the second play through die. At least with xcom you could save spam if this irritated you removing the problem, but here you cannot. I really wish that when you entered combat everyone had their AP refreshed (removing the first two problems), and that the RNG just affected how much damage you did rather than an outright lots of damage hit or no damage miss (removing the third problem). I think for my next run through I will try being a decker!
  3. Question for anyone who has completed this, or is right near the end:
  4. Sorry! Never sure what people think about wikis etc. I have: chair, chest, clock, sofa, stool, table, tv and wall .
  5. Thanks b00dles! I see you have the modern wood floor, so I wouldnt mind that! I have all the others, do you need me to order any for you?
  6. Hi! Please add me, 2809-7569-9081 I am pretty desperate to sell off my hoard of turnips.
  7. I am only a few hours in but it is mostly the linearity that I am finding disappointing. There has been no chance at all to just go out and explore where you are - you just jump from one location to another with set things to do. I am sure there will be some variation in terms of linearity with the other campaigns / fan made campaigns and it is nice to be back in the Shadowrun universe. It is very addictive, as there is no real set obvious place to stop I ended up playing to 2am last night.
  8. Hi DAB add me too please 2809-7569-9081, thanks!
  9. I thought the fixtures were pretty kind to us this year unlike last year. Hopefully we can get off to a good start, and it is a pretty exciting new season with a few changes to the squad. Just need the Suarez situation to resolve itself.
  10. I was hoping if Reina is going that we would get Begovic rather than Mignolet to replace him.
  11. The multiplayer aspect of NSMB/NSMBU is the best thing about them. I cant wait to be able to do it in a 3D Mario. While getting in each others way all the time makes certain parts of the levels harder being able to bubble counteracts this, plus nothing beats being able to share the games with other people especially if they have played a lot of Mario before (so you can do positive stuff together). Surely you are taking Mario a bit too seriously when being bopped down a hole (and having to wait 10 seconds to come back in a bubble) causes you genuine rage? Stuff like this, or having four people competing to cram into a single safe space before being squashed are the highlights of the game!
  12. Never noticed it so much before does it happen in the premiership?
  13. Every time a player goes near the advertising boards at the top they get a white outline around them. The boards aren't CGI because they are showing Brazilian adverts sometimes so why is that happening?
  14. Coates just looks like he needs a lot more game time, it cant be helping him sitting on our bench or in our reserves. It would surely have helped him to have gone out on loan somewhere this year and I cant believe he will be ready for much first time action next year.
  15. Even when Suarez was playing with Sturridge, Sturridge was still playing down the centre. I remember reading on various sites questioning Rodgers's decision to move Suarez to accommodate Sturridge. I have been pleasantly surprised by Sturridge but I do wish he would be a bit less greedy - how he was against Newcastle. Today he had one really clear chance to cross for a certain goal but instead shot and missed and it could have been important as it was 2-1 at the time.. Was still a great performance from him though.
  16. I have been watching some hots, especially the GSL. I completely agree with your comments regarding the korean players and foreigners. The hots changes have definitely made watching sc2 more fun, but I think it might have made actually playing sc2 a little less fun. Mines, medivacs, swarm hosts, mothership core are all quite annoying to play against but a lot of fun to watch.
  17. Really stupid comments from Rodgers, everyone involved with Liverpool needs to just shut up and suck it up especially after the disaster the last time they decided to support Suarez publicly.
  18. Cant believe I am away with work all week this week and am going to miss this launch
  19. It isnt just the Miiverse though, it takes ages to load up your system log. Basically any item takes awhile to load. I was even surprised how slow loading F-Zero is on the Virtual Console.
  20. I have been addicted to Donkey Kong's Crash Course recently. It is typical Nintendo fare in that appears fairly straightforward but reveals depth the more time you put into it. I am regularly tossing myself off edges now to land back on my wheels for shortcuts all over the place. Got my time for stage 1 down to the mid 50 seconds. It is amazing how much better you get with practice, even though it doesnt feel like it. Still havent managed the final stamp either.
  21. I havent, but have been keeping an eye on this and I was struck by the amount of collecting going on too - in every trailer so far every time the character has moved anywhere it has been along a line of lego pieces pointing the way to go all the time. Were the other lego games liked this? Seems a bit unnecessary. I really like the idea and concept of this game - the lego world is a perfect fit for an open world game. I think there is a bit of hype for this due to the lack of other releases on the Wii U, but I do also think this has the potential to be a big seller and a great game. Napoleon in the Wii U thread you were talking about how Nintendo should bring their characters and ideas to a more mainstream popular genre (paintball Nintendo or something), well thats almost exactly what this game is. A family friendly GTA style open world game. Something that, since the rise of open world games, no Nintendo home console has had.
  22. I got about 10 hours into it and never had a console lock up or crash, but tbh I think you were the luckier one.
  23. Didnt think the performance was much different from the West Brom game except we got the penalty earlier and scored it. We still missed a ridiculous amount of chances. At least having Sturridge in the team gives us another goal threat. Hopefully Coutinho can be another for us and Downing might even turn into one if he keeps up this form.
  24. I dont really care what Nintendo want though, why would anyone? Nintendo remained profitable through the Gamecube era, how did it nearly end them (they made more than Sony gaming division during the generation if I remember correctly)? I know the WiiU didnt sell as well as Nintendo wanted, thats why I said anyone would think this is the sales number thread. Surely thats where discussion of sales numbers is supposed to go? It is pretty much all thats in this thread nowadays.
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