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  1. The Python is an absolute beast, I would recommend keeping it - you should be able to get away with 6D thrusters on it for awhile and they are only 600k. I guess if you are coming from the viper it will feel sluggish but it is a big ship - they will all feel sluggish (what did you have before?). I think the Python is still the best ship in the game for bounty hunting at res sites. Load it out with three large pulse lasers and two medium multi-cannons and it can destroy anything very quickly. Your main priority should be improving the distributor before changing the thrusters.
  2. If you also approach the station from the planet side when in supercruise, when you come out of supercruise you will be facing the station entrance.
  3. There is an extensive mod available for Banished through the workshop - for more info see here: http://colonialcharter.com/ It adds a number of new crops, animals, buildings and material paths greatly increasing the depth (and complexity of the game) and is well worth checking out if you have had your fill of the regular game.
  4. Suarez, Van Persie, Fabregas, Lovren, Lallana and all the other examples posted in this thread were in the prime of their career having performed well at the club they were at over a period of time whereas Sterling is still a kid, thats the fundamental difference between the two. It is more applicable to compare Sterling to someone like Shaw or Zaha as they are/were similar ages. Everyone can understand why all the former players want to achieve more in their career and so moved to a bigger club to achieve more. Sterling is playing every week and developing very well over the past two seasons and I think many people see that progress as being jeopardized moving to a bigger club who are unlikely to be able to play him as much. De Gea is currently good enough to play consistently for Real Madrid, is Sterling currently good enough to play consistently for Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea or Man U?
  5. I thought we looked a lot better today with Lambert up front and two creative players in Lallana and Coutinho behind. Sterling is still really struggling for form though. Had we taken our chances it would have a been a nice stroll today but as usual we had to make it difficult. The Man U result has made the previous two results really frustrating, but really our position with respect to them was most affected by losing to them twice rather than all the other bad results of which we both have many.
  6. 1 point using equivalent results (i.e. matching each result up against the equivalent from last season where the three relegated teams become the three promoted teams). Man U have a harder last 10 games this season than they had last season, i.e. Man U picked up 12 points from the 10 equivalent games left last season.
  7. I think they are only 1 point better off than their equivalent results last year it is just Liverpool and Everton are doing a lot worse and Arsenal a little worse making Man Us relative position so much better. Don't forget this is without the distraction of Europe too!
  8. I am not sure if a one-on-one with the keeper is more likely to lead to a goal than a penalty - those kind of chances are pretty rare as usually if a defender is close enough to foul they are close enough to put the player off sufficiently that it isnt as easy as a penalty. In terms of the line to draw - if a defender scythes down a player outside the area they have denied a clear goal scoring opportunity as they dont get the penalty so its a red. This is just for the case where a penalty is awarded and so a goal scoring opportunity is not denied. I am struggling to think of a single case ever where a defender would have gained (even without being sent off) by purposely giving a penalty away other than a case where the ball is definitely going to go in and they have stopped it with their hand. Yeah thats an interesting idea. Do you think they should be red carded as well though, or is the award of the penalty instead of being red carded?
  9. You havent really denied a goalscoring chance if they get a penalty though have you? In most cases the penalty is a better chance that whatever it is that was denied. It doesnt even matter if it is deliberate or not (which is important because it is almost always impossible to tell). There are certainly cases where a red card seems justified to me e.g. directly stopping a goal by an outfield player saving it with his hands for example, but if someone is clean through and a defender tries to tackle them in the area and messes it up then surely in almost every case a penalty is already a harsh enough punishment without sending the player off as well.
  10. It is completely results oriented for this discussion to be happening after being "thrashed" by Man U 3-0 in a game in which we created more chances and looked more dangerous than we have almost all season (Tottenham aside). We had more chances in that game than we did the previous year when we won 3-0. More shots on and off target, more corners and more clear goal scoring opportunities (and Man U had less shots, albeit with more on target). The whole conversation would be different if Sterling or even Balotelli put away some of their chances. Our defence gifting them a goal is a catastrophic mistake, but their defenders gifting us chances (e.g. the sterling clean through chance) is forgotten about because Sterling didnt score. It is results-oriented thinking. Their defence was at least as bad as ours in that game but unfortunately we couldnt punish them for the mistakes and they did us. At least in the game vs Man U we created chances and looked like we could score - thats a big improvement over games that have come before. Hopefully we can do the same vs Arsenal. Some of the comments re: sterling in this thread show a ridiculously short memory too - he is struggling to score at the moment. He has just turned 20! Compare his goal scoring record against any other winger in world football history to see how his goal scoring rate compares at the same age. He is the best prospect we have and deserves the support of the fans.
  11. Mignolet deserves some praise for winning us the match too with that incredible save from bojan in the 92 min. It feels good to win a match again for a change!
  12. I think chelsea have played really well and we can feel pretty content to go in drawing. Chelsea pressuring high is causing our defence so many problems I don't know why we don't just clear long more.
  13. The mistakes are a shame because I thought we were doing ok. Now its pretty much damage limitatiom, has mignolet even made a save yet? Coutinho has looked very good which is the main highlight for us I guess.
  14. It is just such a knee-jerk reaction to a couple of bad performances. Liverpool havent looked great so far this season and are still 5th. We are three points down on our equivalent results last season I think despite having our key goal scorer injured for a chunk of the season. Both Arsenal and Man U are more points down on their equivalent games last season. We are still very much on for a top four finish based on our results so far which surely everyone here would class as a success for this season.
  15. The over-reaction in this thread is pretty ridiculous, I remember similar comments last season when we lost 3-1 to Hull. Remember what happened after that? We are only 8 league games into the season, we got so many new players in to the team they are obviously going to take time to be settled. Of course the performance was disappointing but we got 3 points out of it! It seems like some of you guys would rather we lost.
  16. Pretty poor performance from Liverpool today but how many penalties should we have had so far? Toure bundled over from a corner, lallana hacked down from behind and three hand balls in the box. The last one made more annoying by the fact their goal came from a pretty harsh free kick against sakho for the ball being blasted into his arm from 5 yards away. Our build up play has just been too slow again today.
  17. There is a nice article posted back in Feb on statsbomb about Sturridge's ridiculous stats - http://statsbomb.com/2014/02/we-need-to-talk-about-daniel-sturridge/ It was posted around the time the media were fawning over Hazard which has mostly stopped now, hence the references to him.
  18. That defence has never played together has it? Despite that we limited Spurs to one shot on target, I didnt think they did that badly. It was a fantastic performance overall, and I felt a bit sorry for Tottenham as it was a bit like watching Liverpool a few years ago - loads of possession and passing and almost zero penetration. I know how frustrating that is to watch! Liverpool were the opposite, we could have scored 5 or 6 and looked dangerous every time we went forward. It feels like last season didnt end .
  19. rjpageuk

    Mario Kart 8

    Haha half the rllmuk crew have followed me and a friend to a random other tourney! Letsbook you can join us too (look for rob fallows or bignige or bleeders)
  20. rjpageuk

    Mario Kart 8

    Dont you pick a kart with a very high top speed? Isnt this the downside of picking such a kart?
  21. Sakho has by far the best pass success rate in Liverpools defence, and in fact is only beaten in the entire league by Arsenals two centre backs according to whoscored.com (if you discount players who have played less than 8 games). 92.1% over 15 games with an average of over 49 passes per game. The best two are Mertesacker with 92.8 and Koscielny with 92.5%. It isnt Sakho's passing thats been the problem, more his rash decision making which hopefully he will improve.
  22. But they are all a lot more rubbish than you are (if you chose to be a mage, or some kind of weapon user) and therefore it is inevitable fights will in general be slower and a lot harder with you as a decker. Being able to bring Dietrich instead of Blitz doesnt even nearly make up for that.
  23. I finished Dragonfall over the weekend and also enjoyed it a lot, although I thought it was about on par with Dead Mans Switch. From reading about the game I was expecting a more non-linear game, but while you can sort of pick the order you do a few of the quests in you are still effectively going to be doing all of them (or most of them) so it doesnt really matter. I think most of the game I had the choice between which of two missions to do and that was about it. I also find the interface needlessly clunky and slow. Saving and reloading takes an age which seems completely unnecessary and there still remains a few explore sections where you stay in fight mode which is frustrating and other misc. bugs. The overall general slowness is the biggest problem though - even on a very fast machine loads are slow and there is often delay in being able to click on objects / perform actions. Lastly, while I appreciated the way there were set shadowrunners which were free and part of your team so you could watch them grow, you didnt really take part in their growth. I think their stats just increased as the game went along naturally whether you brought them along or not, and you couldnt buy weapons for them or change their gear in any way. The other shadowrunners you had to pay for seemed completely pointless - were any of them ever better than your free options? I also missed the ridiculously good dwarf support mage from DMS (cant remember his name). While the Shaman had some good support spells he was never really good enough to bring along. I think I might try a second play through as a decker/rigger, have they improved riggers from DMS? It seemed like they were very weak and frustrating to use from my short test run in DMS.
  24. I thought we were pretty unlucky today with the goals, Shelvey scored a cracker their second came from a very poor decision by the ref on the free kick followed by a deflected own goal and the third was a soft penalty. I still havent actually seen any angle which shows more than the usual amount of contact between defender and striker. I think these incidents on the back of the past few games poor defending added to the uncertainty which grew during the game. Having said that, once again our attacking play was amazing and dug us out the win in a game we would never have had more than 1 point in any of the past few seasons.
  25. Neither of them had possession of the ball, both of them tried to kick the ball and missed it and kicked each other. Why should it be a foul on cazorla any more than it is a foul on skrtel? Both of them have their feet high.
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