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  1. I'm pretty sure the only games I've played for over 100 hours are Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Probably will get to that point with The Witcher 3. I've a fairly low attention span, and with big, engrossing games, 40-50 hours is the sweet spot for me. There's always something else I want to play. I've always favoured getting a breadth of experiences from gaming, rather than pursuing mastery. Looking at an in-game clock can be an absolute killer. If I check out the time played when I'm a little frustrated, and it's over a day, the chances of my walking away increase massively. It's why I've never finished most JRPGs. I get to a grindy section, realise I've spent 30 hours playing and then move on.
  2. Was just idly browsing steam and saw this, which immediately made me think of your request. http://store.steampowered.com/app/304950/ No idea if it's good personally, but it has a very positive rating.
  3. The reveal could have been a flickering green screen terminal with Fallout 4 written on it. The platforms could have included the 3DO, the engine could have been idTech 2. I'd still be somewhere between cautious optimism and impatient anticipation, as I am now It's not as if a major faction has been renamed the Bros of Steel or you're now being asked to fill a rad meter to pull off sick moves.
  4. If The Last Guardian is anything to go by, the first party support might show up eventually.
  5. Spent some time gathering the materials to get my first crafted sword. Didn't notice that I couldn't use it for another 5 levels.
  6. I can only play this game in short bursts right now because I'm constantly overwhelmed in the best possible way. Overwhelmed how good it looks, as well as how much breadth and depth there is. The pace is mostly leisurely, at times hypnotic and yet, it just digs into me. I'll have a short rest and yet I'm thinking about it now.
  7. I was getting fairly frequent freezing last night, but this evening everything's been fine. Made a few adjustments based on early feedback (switching framerate lock off, exiting geforce experience and the card's OC tool etc). Not sure if one or all of the changes made the difference. Trying to solve PC game issues is super unscientific. Totally worth the small amount of pissing about.
  8. War. War never changes. Not until you have PTSD from all the PMCs and you can't tell a DMZ from TMZ. Who're the real bad guys? Is it these corporations with the super soldiers? Then it's time to swill out the WW2 slop bucket again. Rinse and reheat. Day one.
  9. Thanks for organising that. Really enjoyed participating. Hadn't done anything in ages prior to this. Next time I'll try to get started before the deadline date too.
  10. 1. Dimahoo (Easy Glistening) Hits the target marked smooth with deadly accuracy. Great production. Everything hangs together but the instruments feel well defined. Get a bit of an old school Miami vice to the jazziness. 2. Vimster (Smoothish) Mirroring what Vimster said about Dimahoo, I feel this would also work on a GT soundtrack. Excellent synth sounds, Great bass, love the shiny arpeggiation towards the end. 3. Rumblecat (The Backroom At Larry's Bar) Great soundtrack vibe. Slidey. Great intro, gives a great foreboding start. Like the soundtrack to a David Lynch western.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the advice so far. I've managed to get past level 20 and have done a few dungeons. Pretty fun so far. Probably going to stick with it for a while.
  12. Excellent, thanks both. Specced DPS on my Shaman, so will definitely give it a go, either later today or over weekend.
  13. When I hit level 15 the game said dungeons were now available. Having done a little reading they sound interesting but a little intimidating. Is it worth leaving them until later?
  14. Even if you can, they won't mention it in promos, because they wouldn't want to be seen to be flogging the dead whores.
  15. Can I get an invite to the guild please? McPunch#2476 My Troll Shaman just hit level 10.
  16. Cheers for answering such a basic question. Horde it is then.
  17. What's the significance of choosing horde or alliance? Does it affect interactions with other players?
  18. Well I just signed up for this 4 quid deal. I'm clueless when it comes to MMOs, so let's see what happens eh?
  19. Put yourself in the developer's shoes, only £1.99 for 25 matches. Adds +10 to positive spin.
  20. 1. Dimahoo 2. U2031 3. Rumblecat Gutted I forgot to participate
  21. First impression is that it's trashy nonsense, but it's a very specific type of trash I haven't seen since the days of NFS Underground. Those games were always a guilty pleasure for me, so I'm getting pangs of nostalgia, even though the handling is fairly dire. I've also been getting plenty of disconnects so I've only tried the first few events so far.
  22. That Youtube update video is a fucking disgrace. I'm not sure what's more out of date, their views or their recording equipment. If the quality was any worse, I'd be expecting interstitials and an accompanying pianist.
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