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  1. Well, at least there's one new tech release that's not going to be scalped to death.
  2. Not into hype culture. For me, being able to pick up a new console or pc upgrade, when the mood strikes me, is far more pleasurable than pre-order anxieties.
  3. This is by the Absolute Drift people, right? That was a thoroughly chilled game of sliding cars around. Will definitely be up for checking this out.
  4. Yeah, at this point comparing the prices of snes and megadrive games is like comparing the price of a year's Netfilx to the first VHS player your family bought.
  5. When the 360 came out I had an SD TV, then a 720p TV and a 1080p TV by the end of the generation. By your own account, this shift is less seismic. If you're buying a new TV in the next few years, it'll be 4k. Adding in that it has to be a top of the line OLED is just goalpost shifting. Buy a new TV, to suit your needs and budget, as and when you need to. Doesn't mean you won't enjoy the new consoles.
  6. Not going to use them for storing liquids, so I'll be fine with the xbox.
  7. "I feel like a new TV will offer me little to no benefit, personally, but I'm still going to factor one in to the price of my upgrade".
  8. So what you're saying is, If they throw the userbase a bone, the stock cooling for each SKU should allow them to make user retention gravy. BOM!
  9. Colin 'notaxation' Moriarty. Hmmm, let's see, this was after his mysoynistic 'joke' on International Women's Day. Sounds pretty alt-right to me. Took seconds to find.
  10. I especially hate it, when it's obtuse. Iron filings + tree bark + giraffe neck = shotgun, that kind of thing.
  11. Bell Biv Devoe Poison/Super Mario Overworld Theme https://rave.dj/qEn-DSJwx56AMQ
  12. Pop the glock/Da da da - https://rave.dj/XxuC43kH0qtqfw My neck my back/Gameboy Robocop - https://rave.dj/9m-_b6uQdn69Gg
  13. This works about as well as I thought. Temporary secretary/imma be https://rave.dj/BCpFlCiB-d06mg Buck bumble/Dub be good to me https://rave.dj/LFS5qv6iREf3UA
  14. Borderlands 2 is a rare example for me. I'll say I expected to drop it pretty quickly, but some of the first enemies are called Bullymongs & Midgets, so didn't get further than that.
  15. I have some steam keys sitting unused and unloved. PM if you want anything from the below. 7 Days to Die Beholder Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition Eterium Guacamelee! Gold Edition Interplanetary: Enhanced Edition Jalopy Magicka 2 Mini Metro No Time to Explain Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You Overcooked Party Hard Punch Club Regions of Ruin Savage Lands Sniper Elite 3 Super Hexagon Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut The Long Dark The Stanley Parable
  16. So, you're saying someone's going to need a new bottle of 'secret sauce'?
  17. Could I have Star Drive please? Cheers.
  18. Five years of this thread and almost every time I check in, it seems like Neg's there, having learned absolutely nothing.
  19. Kingdom New Lands - Yes please. Had it on my wishlist for a while and it looks pretty interesting.
  20. New Humble bundle is up. Have a spare Legend of Grimrock 2 code available. Please pm me for the code. Grimrock code gone.
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