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  1. @Fallows


    Could I please be added to the OP?


    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/conduitsofchaos

    Youtube: Conduits of Chaos

    Genre: D&D Homebrew Campaign

    Schedule: Every other Tuesday at 7pm UK time, right now. Looking at between stream options, potentially RPG video games etc.


    I'm Grizz, in the game, if anyone fancies stopping by. We're streaming our 8th session at 7pm tonight. Having a lot of fun, with a friendly group and great DM. Keen to add more to the channel, as every other week right now.


  2. I've been playing in a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons group, since March 2020 and recently we started streaming our sessions on Twitch. Tonight is our 4th streamed session, so thought it's time I started letting people know about it.


    We stream every other Tuesday at 7pm (inc. this evening) at moment, definitely something we'd like to expand on, but taking the journey a step at a time.


    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/conduitsofchaos

    Youtube: ConduitsOfChaos


    If anyone fancies stopping by to say hi, my character is Grizz, a human monk, who is unworldly and naive, even by the standards of monastic isolation.


    I've found streaming to be super interesting so far and keen to expand to do some game streams with our group I feel like streaming as a group is a lot easier, and I'm really glad I'm not the DM!

  3. Good tips, thanks!


    I'm very mindful of the balance between "I do a thing" level descriptions and trying to be Critical Role!


    We've been using zoom for the on camera bits, we did a test with Discord, but that seemed less flexible. Apparently our DM is looking at another solution for us to have direct feeds from the camera (if someone's connection drops or camera is switched off zoom rearranges the windows, which is messing with overlays, right now)


    I'm really glad we waited unitl we were settled in to our second campaign before considering this, our first campaign characters started with a very 'kill everything attitude', especially at the start.

  4. Does anyone else stream their D&D sessions? Did my first stream last week and it was a really interesting experience. We had a few technical challenges, but it was a lot of fun overall. Went from a bit nerve wracking to feeling like our previous zoom sessions, mostly.


    I think we all found having even a small audience meant we had to be that bit more mindful, actively involved and just that little bit more on our game.


    We started playing during lockdown and started with Lost Mines, as I imagine most do. Our DM has really gotten the bug and we now have a homebrew campaign on the go.


    Would be really interested if anyone has any good tips on streaming D&D.

  5. No, I've had no crashes, no significant bugs and I've played around 25 hours (the kind of platime I very rarely do, in a short space of time). I did end up turning ray tracing off on my pc, because the framerate tanked during one scene, but otherwise, it's been pretty solid.


    I was really enthusiastic to play it, loving cyberpunk aesthetics and the Witcher games, but wasn't expecting anything too trancendant. Those 80s sci-fi vibes could carry me through something far more mundane, for sure. I gave up on Mankind Divided twice, after a few hours, for comparison.


    I'm mainly happy that it's not as edgy as the marketing, though it is uncommonly keen on calling you a cunt, for a big release.


    Genuinely empathise with those having a bad experience, but it also seems to have attracted hot takes by the bucketload too.

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