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  1. Ant73

    Oculus Quest

    Me again! Any recommendations for a cable to connect the quest 2 to a pc?
  2. Ant73

    Oculus Quest

    thanks all - and sounds like Oculous have withdrawn the upgraded strap as they broke...
  3. Ant73

    Oculus Quest

    I just bought a Quest 2 for my son for his birthday. So far he loves it and I really enjoyed the bit of Vader immortal I played. Coming from psvr which was impressive but a real faff to set up and play with the spaghetti of cables needed etc, it’s a real step up. We have a few questions though which hopefully the rllmuk hive mind can help with! What’s the best case? The official one seems expensive and has not great reviews on Amazon. Is that still the best bet? Or are there better alternatives? I am dreading the dog getting hold of the controllers if they are just left lying around.... And, what is the best strap replacement? The psvr strap was definitely better, and much easier to use to share the headset around, you could just twiddle the dial thing on the back to get a good fit. The oculus one is pretty crisp in comparison. Again is the official one the best to get (despite being out of stock everywhere)? any other tips around how to get the best from the headset gratefully received!
  4. Just to say - played about 3 hours last night on Series X. I felt performance was fine and opted for the "visual" vs performance mode and I think it made things a little crisper but it was much of a muchness. The only issue is that posters / ads seem really low-res vs the other textures in the world. I am not sure if that's an intentional choice or an issue at this point. No other bugs - just did the main quest (up to the car ride with the fixer). Will try some sidequests later but so far I'm enjoying it and it's pretty much what I expected. I think a next gen patch that focusses on a lighting and a few more FX will make a difference though. The design of the city is great - it feels pretty busy in most cases - especially outside, although the nightclub seemed rather sparsely populated.. If there were a lot more people it'd probably be quite annoying as I seem bump into pedestrians while walking about quite a bit...
  5. So - few bits from me... The disk drive is really loud when installing something. I had copied across a bunch of games via a USB drive from my PS4 but for whatever reason The Witcher 3 didn't like that. As soon as I stuck the disk in it started installing and making a hell of a racket. It calmed down after that but it was a bit worrying at the time. And then I had to go an redownload all the DLC for The Witcher that it didn't both downloading when it installed the game. Which was a bit clunky. On the other hand - I like being able to see all the PS Plus games from the menu without having to go into the store, and the PS Plus collection is easy to find too. I've tried Bugsnax (fine, my son is now playing it - it seems quite inventive. He's enjoying it so far), Miles Morales (looked great, played like Spiderman PS4 but that's a good thing) and Astrobot. The latter was probably the first time I really felt I was playing something new. I got an Xbox Series X last week and although I love it, it is basically like getting a graphics card upgrade - things ran better and faster, and I liked it but it wasn't something different. Astrobot (and especially the rumble and triggers) was something I'd not played before. Particularly pulling the lever in the Gatcha machine and then crushing the baubles that come out - that felt so tactile that I both my son and I gave a little laugh when we first experienced it. All that said - I am sure the rumble and triggers could get old fast in a game less built around them, but for the game that focussed on them, I thought they really added something...
  6. Sorry if this has already been asked, but can someone recommend an longer HDMI cable that will work with PS5? I have used an old one I had (which I think was pretty decent) but looking at the spec it is only HDMI 2.0 and I am getting lots of drop outs where the screen goes black and then the sound screws up, which I am putting down to the cable. I can't use the one it came with as it is too short for where I need to put the console...
  7. I am much more relaxed about the lack of Amazon updates after my experience with my XSX last week. I had no confirmation that they'd taken payment and no update to dispatch details until the Wednesday - and it arrived around lunch time on launch day. I know some people had issues but I wouldn't take a lack of confirmation at this point as an indication that there is a problem..
  8. still nothing from Amazon and they've not taken the money. Going to try to get in touch with Amazon customer services...
  10. Nothing from Amazon for me yet and still showing waiting to dispatch but with a delivery date of tomorrow...
  11. You must have played very very few games on the current gen if you insist on 60 fps all the time.
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