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  1. Thanks for the write ups. I'm off there this afternoon with my son (10) - will report back!
  2. Xbox One X

    FWIW myAmazon order arrived about 20 minutes ago and I’m now waiting for the update to download... much smaller than my old original Xbox One and so far pretty quiet (although you’d hope so given all it is doing is downloading...). Backed up my old box to a usb drive and it spotted it right away so hopefully once the update is done we should be good to go! Now, do I sell the OG Xbox one or keep it in the spare room as a back up Netflix / GWG box.....
  3. Next-Gen Headset Recommendations

    sorry to bump but what’s the consensus on the best headphones (with surround) to use across PS4 and Xbox one? I assume something that plugs into a controller is better than wireless if you are going to keep switching between consoles?
  4. Blade Runner 2049

    Saw this earlier in the week (finally). It was amazing and so worth seeing at the cinema. Is it really being treated as a commercial flop? Such a fantastic experience
  5. Mass Effect Andromeda

    I had assumed so as it was for the PS4 Pro, bit it’s not on the official list, it it is here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_One_X_Enhanced_games
  6. Mass Effect Andromeda

    So it is (as of 2 days ago). But I'm not playing it until get the shiny 4k version so it is dead to me until then
  7. Mass Effect Andromeda

    It's about to go into the EA Access vault so there could be some new people playing it (me, on my Xbox One X for example) so I reckon spoilers are probably still warranted
  8. PlayStation VR

    I was all set to box up my PSVR and sell it, but the prospect of playing ZOE2 again in VR is giving me second thoughts...
  9. Maybe he'll end up at Billericay instead: https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/4200957/jermaine-pennant-billericay-town-interview/
  10. Xbox One X

  11. League 1, League 2 and Non-League 2016-17

    Would this be the right place to leave this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t48GzrhCyR4 I started going to Dulwich Hamlet this season, and the Billericay game (which we lost 3-0 before beating them away two days later) was notable for the players, managers and fans being much more aggro / arrogant than any other team we've had. And this weekend Jamie O'hara punched a fan! EDIT - I have no idea how to embed a youtube video!
  12. PS4 Pro

    In case anyone was wondering, you can't. Both consoles need to be wired on the same network - currently taking 36 hours to transfer nearly 1TB of files from my old PS4 to my new Pro. Then I will have to go through it all again when I upgrade the HDD with the 2TB one currently in my old PS4. Hey ho. Looking forward to being able to actually play a game at some point tomorrow, although it's Mother's Day so not sure it going to happen!
  13. PS4 Pro

    Quick question. I've just bought a Pro (thanks PPI) and need to transfer the content of my old PS4 - reading up on the process it seems quite straightforward but do I actualLy need to have the two consoles wired together? Can I do it over wifi?
  14. PlayStation VR

    I am sure I am being stupid but how does this work? There is only one HDMI out from the PS4 Pro so don't you still need to pull the cable out of the VR box each time?
  15. PlayStation VR

    Has anyone here tried this? Reading the relevant NeoGaf thread they point out issues with the fact that if you keep the VR breakout box plugged in the PS4 still thinks it is connected (even with the splitter in place) and so doesn't output a full 4K HDR picture... This is partly putting me off getting a PS4 Pro as I really can't face having to fiddle around with cables each time I want to use the headset, even though I just bought a swanky new TV... EDIT: looking through the Amazon comments no one has got this to work without a load of faffing around and turning off the PSVR box each time they want to switch from it to HDR.

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