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  1. I think the addition of Miserable Morgan torpedoed the hopes that this show, which has had its moments. A terrible decision. I think I might have wanted to shove the video camera up a certain person's behind by now, as well.
  2. I noticed this was on Prime and so have just whizzed through seasons 4 and 5. It was...okay. Something that surprised me was
  3. The book was excellent. Hadn't realised it was being adapted. Excited for this.
  4. Carnage for me. 4 Liverpool/Man U Rudiger, Holding, Smith-Rowe, and Forster didn't play. A lot resting on Vydra.
  5. Enjoyed this and it's much better than Palm Swings, which is also on Prime and which we watched thinking it was this a month or so ago.
  6. @Scruff I absolutely loved our couple of weeks in and around La Paz on our way through Bolivia. I had a really bad bout of altitude sickness when we flew back into the city after a trip to the jungle. Thankfully only lasted a day or so but I was bedridden due to the pain in my head. Would like to watch this show. We spent 6 months travelling in South America and loved it. I'd love to see some of those places featured on here and am desperate to go back one day.
  7. This is strange. I had the same thing.
  8. Loved it, as well. It's a really good group.
  9. We watched Palm Swings last night thinking it was Palm Springs with Andy Samberg. It was rubbish.
  10. What a story! Fantastic to see and, yes, I think a nicely timed injection of cash.
  11. Noticed that Fear the Walking Dead is on Prime and so I've picked that up where I left off in season 4. I also briefly considered suggesting a rewatch of TWD with the wife, who hasn't seen it, but then I started to remember some of the past episodes and plotlines and realised what a stupid idea that was.
  12. I find myself comparing Ed Gamble to Iain Stirling. I think Gamble gets away with it and it feels like he's exaggerating things as a character, whereas Stirling came across as really quite unlikeable. We just finished watching from season one and so the new season coming is very good timing! Such a great show and only seasons 6 and 8 felt like they dipped a bit, but even then there were plenty of highlights. Season 9 was very good. Really liked Rose, who I hadn't heard of previously.
  13. Yep, it's a massive DGW in 26 with smaller ones to come afterwards. Hugely regretting using by free hit and bench boost already.
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