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  1. Humiliated, sadly. Dean Moxey really let his team mates down. Oh well. Used to it now, sadly, and relieved it hasn't cost me £150 this time.
  2. Annoyingly, we were looking much, much better before that red. Absolute clown and should know much better than that. Shambles.
  3. Ah, bollocks. Northampton are quite direct and we're struggling with that.
  4. Yes! I think that we enjoyed the location as much as anything. There were a couple of surprising switches from almost comedy to quite strong violence!
  5. Anyone been watching White Lines? Another overly drawn out Netflix drama but fairly watchable.
  6. Yep! Good start. Good to see Ryan Lowe in the crowd!
  7. Not the best game. Don't think either team really deserved to win the game, but am hopeful for a better performance in the second leg.
  8. Anyone else playing this? I downloaded it as my nephew love it. It's quite good, although I find it quite hard as I'm not great at beat-em-ups.
  9. There is one positive, if we do end up getting to the playoff final, I wouldn't have to put myself through a drive up to London to watch us lose.
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