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  1. Feeling very sad about this. What a player that man was. I've been obsessed with South American football my whole life and El Diego has been a huge part of that.
  2. We've started working through TM from the start and are on season 2. The Joe Wilkinson potato throw was incredible TV
  3. Oh dear, you have to feel sorry for the chipnickers.
  4. Does anyone know if there are any online multiplayer football games on Switch? I can see quite a few interesting looking games but none seem to have online play.
  5. Really enjoyed it. Loved that Katherine was in hysterics a few times. As mentioned above, feels like perfect timing for a show like this.
  6. The portrayal of Johnson is so pathetic and does feel like something he's given the thumbs up to. Such a wide open goal. The bumbling persona juxtaposed with him rehearsing that prior to making an appearance, shagging, ignoring his kids, helping to arrange beatings etc. etc. etc.
  7. The only episode of Quickly Kevin I haven't listened to in full was the Matt Forde one.
  8. Caught up with this one last night - the joy of having Disney+ for the kids. Thought it was great! Some good humour, enjoyed the 90s references, and it whipped along at a nice pace. The last 20 minutes or so was a bit less engaging but okay. Brie Larson as Captain Marvel was excellent and just
  9. I binned him off but could see him coming back in at some point once he gets going. I almost brought Watkins in because he's ex Exeter City and I really wish I had now!!
  10. Ollie Watkins So pleased for him. He was superb for Exeter and to see him now getting a hattrick against the Champions is just
  11. Im not convinced by the Son injury and could see him playing. I still transfered him out for Jota, though, as a one game punt!
  12. There are some impressive names in that list...and Matt Forde.
  13. I get the impression that you're not alone! Thousands and thousands transferred Son out for Bruno et al.
  14. Bloody hell - nicely done! What's your weekly total?
  15. He's gone! Amazing news for Exeter and should keep us going for a while. Excited for Watkins, as well. Need to fight the urge to put him and Ampadu in my FPL team just because they're City alumni.
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