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  1. Argentina deserved that. Baffling the way The Netherlands approached extra time. Pearce and Keown on the yellow cards
  2. So strange that the Dutch just seemed to stop doing what was working so well.
  3. Oh dear. Always felt like it was only a matter of time before that happened with all the knocking it back and forth at the back.
  4. That was a crazy last few minutes!
  5. Always going to happen. Just needed some patience. Pleased for Rashford!
  6. I have mixed feelings. That said, it will be great to see more teams involved and moving to a straight knock-out format with 32 teams sounds quite exciting. I'm also really excited about the prospect of a tournament spread across those 3 nations. I feel like it could be really bloody good. Maybe that's influenced by rose-tinted memories of '94? A little bit gutted that the Rose Bowl wasn't chosen as a venue.
  7. They're all at it. That Buchanan lash! Come on Canada!
  8. Davies is great to watch! Come on the maple leafs!
  9. I'm quite enjoying it! Mexico look like they were expecting a tougher game. Come on el tri!
  10. I quite like the fact that we're actually getting proper added time. There have been quite a few stoppages due to cramp and other injuries.
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