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  1. He's gone! Amazing news for Exeter and should keep us going for a while. Excited for Watkins, as well. Need to fight the urge to put him and Ampadu in my FPL team just because they're City alumni.
  2. Ah, that's a shame! Back from a few days just on t'other side of Tamar. My Exeter City face mask got a few double takes. Whitsandbay
  3. I did wonder if that was the case. Saw a secondhand Switch for £375 in CEX yesterday.
  4. Pleased for Weymouth. They had a bad time of it a few years back. Enjoyed my trip over there when Exeter were in the Conference and so were Weymouth.
  5. Herring! After all these years of begging to be on it!
  6. Watched this with my girls on Disney+. I thought it was great! Way better than I had expected. Both girls are utterly obsessed with Frozen and so it has a very special place in my heart. Lots of memories of 2am and 5am showings when they were teething, unwell, or just waking up too bloody early! Shed a little tear during the Show Yourself section. I wonder if there'll be a third film at some point. If it's another six years, I fear ours will be too old to want to cuddle up on the sofa and watch it with Dad! Our 6 year old found "Samantha" absolutely hilarious and I keep hearing her chuckling away to herself about it.
  7. Humiliated, sadly. Dean Moxey really let his team mates down. Oh well. Used to it now, sadly, and relieved it hasn't cost me £150 this time.
  8. Annoyingly, we were looking much, much better before that red. Absolute clown and should know much better than that. Shambles.
  9. Ah, bollocks. Northampton are quite direct and we're struggling with that.
  10. Yes! I think that we enjoyed the location as much as anything. There were a couple of surprising switches from almost comedy to quite strong violence!
  11. Anyone been watching White Lines? Another overly drawn out Netflix drama but fairly watchable.
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