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  1. Horrifying that money plays a larger role in the selection of venues than safety...
  2. Alonso may or may not be good, but there are plenty of drivers who should be out before him imo. Sure he’s part of the problem, but then some others should never have been there in the first place and others have long outstayed their welcome if we really want the best of the best and to give new talent a shot. Alfa Romeo have a pair that fit those bills for example...
  3. Nice one, I missed that yesterday! Qualifying is part of the race (5 minute session). Not sure it appears as a TT like the daily races?
  4. This makes me sad. My opt. was a 1.44.5, I could easily go faster in sector 1 and 3, but couldn't match my own sector 2. It was so frustrating. Having a break this week.... ...though with that said... Do we know the tyre / fuel combo for Interlagos next Wed? I can do with some practice around there
  5. That's what I understand they've done. Mistah MCA on the Gt Planet forums doesn't seem keen as it's basically changed the way he has to brake
  6. Update has been published. Reading GT Planet and summarising, nothing too exciting: Changes to penalty system, less penalties overall (e.g. not minor collisions) reduced impact for poor internet Longer pit stop times - they were really short. +10 seconds seems to be the approximation so far Expected region changes for the upcoming manufacturers cup (from our percpective, it just means EMEA like the daily races) Mazda RX-Vision Gr.3 has been bop'd - less weight, less power Logitech G923 pedal set more brake pedal travel <200mb so it's a small one too.
  7. You can also flip the playseat challenge metal plate around (if your wheel base will still mount) that only mined it an inch or 2 away but for me it was from arm pain to just right. I have quite long arms. As others have said, it really is all about the practice. I’ve gone from never using a wheel at the start of last May to winning a race (and not for the first time) last night. I also had 2 other fairly poor races. I posted this image before in jest, but the reality is 336 hours between the end of May and December last year is a fair amount of time. I’m not saying it’s
  8. ...also realised I didn't address the original question... Is it wrong to feel bad for wanting remasters/remakes? I don't think so. Some games simply don't have equivalents in modern gaming, and better a remaster than a game pretending to be something it isn't. With that being said, I think there is a difference between companies who do remasters/makes well, and with good reason, like some of Nintendo's Zelda HDS output, or Demon's Souls, or Spider-man on ps5, compared to those remastering games that were mediocre in the first place and ought to be left alone but
  9. Outrun 2 has the added complication of licensing (with Ferrari) with of course is now exclusive to another studio. This was all badly agreed at the time and is a huge blocker for a lot of Playstation onward titles. Actually, oddly enough for a Nintendo game, I'm pretty sure Waverace (N64) does too with Yamaha I think. OK so realistically, both of these examples are likely relatively easy swaps, but again, it's additional work over films, which are mostly just a case of going back to the original analogue media and pulling more data / resolution out as the technology improves. Of co
  10. Nintendo wise, their Online Membership would tick that box. The SNES and NES Mini are also very good, perhaps the best of the Mini consoles, and although they obviously aren't compatible with new consoles, they do have actual original control pads, which in my opinion, is one of the biggest things missing from any retro collection.
  11. Staggering Monday might be for the best as a bunch of us are planning on FIA which takes on Wed and Sat through March. 1. GT3Will 2. mexos 3. Ry *not Friday 4. fretnoise *not Friday 5. Corranga
  12. Nice! Mine is in the post, hopefully just the old extra day to reach Scotland
  13. Turns out the me being a pig race (according to the Spanish guy in the Pug) made it into some random guys live stream... Edit: can’t figure out how to start the video at the right time on phone, start at 30.25
  14. Great sales patter... Yep, must be a rare thing. Ok not quite first then... Umm...
  15. ....and not buying into their friends Dorilton Capital's acquisition...
  16. Some really cool stuff there. Quite what Force India were doing with 5.2mm camber shims though, who knows, that's a pretty extreme change! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/R66-4-x-Removeable-camber-suspension-spacer-adjuster-F1-Formula-1-racecar-rally/333295675375 Edit: They are aluminum too, I'd have thought those parts would take a beating and aluminum would be too soft. I'm no engineer of course! Interesting none the less
  17. Yep something more recognisable would be cool, but the recognisable parts always seem to be crazy expensive or small bits encased in plastic or something
  18. Might be interesting to some... £18 quid for a keyring which is basically a machined titanium ARB link from an 80s F1 car. I believe these are from a Williams, from the earlier half of the 80s - or so the seller, who is a fellow Maserati owner, claims. He's been told not to disclose the origins but basically he claims his uncle worked for Williams in the 80s and later on historic cars. I have no link to the seller etc. basically it'd be like one of you sharing something on here and me just re-sharing on another forum. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233891255029
  19. Brake balance is a personal thing, what works for one person doesn’t work for another. Sure the fastest laps will likely be set with a specific setting based on the car / track combo, but realistically, most of us aren’t that pixel perfect, and we’re talking a couple of tenths different, not seconds. Traction control is a slightly different story. The car simply pulls out of corners much faster with it off BUT if you’re spinning a lot, you’re losing more time. Stick it on 2 and leave it there, then drive. If you manage 5 laps, turn it off completely. 1 seems to me to be too slippy
  20. Corranga

    NFL 2020!

    The Chiefs must have about twice the number of offensive holding calls as points! Maholmes was the only one that turned up and he can’t win it alone. Can’t help but feel 31-9 is harsh but at the same time the Buccs barely put a foot wrong. Can’t wait until Sept when it starts all over again!
  21. Corranga

    NFL 2020!

    If that’s the case, maybe they can get Disney back for the halftime show. They were really memorable (for being utterly awful) Chief’s really needed more than 3 there.
  22. Corranga

    NFL 2020!

    I was reading the other day that The Weekend put 6 or 7 million of his own money into adding some glitz to make it a half time show to remember. Either the NFL planned a really dull one or he spent it on coke and hookers for all those dancers!
  23. Corranga

    NFL 2020!

    I’ve just been having this conversation with my other half. I was convinced the hall of mirrors was a way to disguise him heading down to the field somehow, nope. But here we go now...
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