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  1. This is a nice little game. Challenging and a fresh idea using 2 well known concepts, good going. Best quid I’ve spent today.
  2. The superficial bits, to my eye are also worse than the originals. I bet subcontracting to the original artists, even just as payment to credit/acknowledge their work wouldn’t have been all that high either.
  3. Formula E is a bit random you’re right, but I enjoy watching the cars scrambling for grip and sliding around and I think attack mode is better than DRS, but obviously the cars are much more evenly matched than in F1. Qualifying is also fascinating in a ridiculous F1 Monza style way!
  4. Well that wasn’t the best end to the season. On the plus side, Formula E season just started and the first race weekend was full of action so something to look out for
  5. But they aren’t even designed in that way. They all tend to have long complexes of many consecutive turns that, as it stands, and when they were designed, means that cars can’t follow due to the amount of turbulent air.
  6. Commentary team talking about the lack of DRS being a bad thing, but perhaps if they used good circuits that allowed overtaking anywhere other than the end of a long straight that would help.
  7. I saw that in FE and wondered if they were using FE as a test bed for new rules. Certainly allowing free part change due to penalty shouldn’t be allowed
  8. Just finished watching. Not a great day for the multiple world champions making the kids look like the pros. Vettel clearly showing he expects to be uncontested Ferrari number 1 isn’t a good sign Feel bad for Albon, leave the door open a bit and loose first podium. Also feel for Sainz who (perhaps?) should have been on the podium. Crazy days!
  9. F2 was the same last year, but a large part of that was that Norris is great to watch, when he was on it in F2 he was amazing. Russell on the other hand was fast, consistent and, well a bit dull really. I suspect Russell is the better driver, but I think, personally, Norris is a Brit I’d actually want to win.
  10. Freeman

    NFL 2019!

    As is often the case, I’m a few days behind with NFL. Just finished watching 49ers SEAHAWKS game, what a game! If you’re looking for a random close nail biter game to watch, highly recommended. Browns Steelers stuff above is unacceptable, I hope the league don’t back down on the deserved penalties. Perhaps a bit boring to say, but I think doesn’t get the credit it deserve... the officiating in the NFL, whilst often making mistakes, has to be some of the best in sport, the dynamic rule changing from season to season is also positive, as is the drive for player safety.
  11. Was at Lacuna Coil in Glasgow on Wednesday. Last time I saw them was 8 years back, similarly tiny venue, great atmosphere and great music. Cristina Scabbia’s voice is still amazing, and, they seem to excel at bringing along other woman with amazing voices, this time Infected Rain and Eluveitie, even if their male counterparts are a little shoutier than my taste. Eluveitie were incredible in ways I’d never have imagined
  12. Cool, I put in a request to join. I’m most probably Corranga or Corranga Chris.
  13. Just started Asphalt, really impressed so far. Feels a bit Burnout which is no bad thing.
  14. Just finished this last night, what a lovely game. I've never finished the GB version, it always felt a little incomplete to me somehow, perhaps not having the signposting of the later games. Not sure if they've changed much in this remake or not, but there were only a couple of times I found myself doing a quick google to figure out what I was supposed to be doing next, though I think, in most cases, had I bothered to come up with some sort of system for the map markers (or had a better memory for where I saw things in the past) I would have done fine. I swear I traversed the entire mountain section about 50 times through the game mind! So, I started not really looking forward to it if I'm really honest. I didn't think it looked great and as I say, impressions form the GB version not great. Proper charming game though, looks lovely (pointless blur aside) and the music is, as always in Zelda, phenomenal.
  15. I'm not a huge fan of his, but I can't disagree with any of this, though part of why I'm not a massive fan is the overtly forced gratitude he often shows. For example, every race during the post race interview: "Lewis, congratulations on the victory, what was it like dealing with *race specific thing*" "First, let me just say how great it is to race here in front of these fantastic fans. This has to be the *insert circuit/country specific best thing*" *fans cheer* "See, it's amazing!" *fans cheer more* For me, it comes over as insincere simply because he always does it, and of course not everywhere can be the best... Beyond character things though, generally, his race craft is excellent, he is super quick, and as you say, his ability to apply intelligence through the race is also superb. He still needs to learn to put a bit more trust in the team (see not pitting when asked to on Sunday) but then, Merc need to learn to discuss and give better reasons when talking to him. "Ok Lewis, box, box, we're dropping over 2 seconds a lap" but it's no big thing overall with his performance. Well done Lewis, much as it pains me, he was the deserving and obvious champion for 2019.
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