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  1. This sounds like a great idea. My track knowledge at the moment is more or less restricted to circuits I know a little bit, or the 3 I've chosen to practice on: Spa - due to the current Mazda Vision online time trial. Brands Hatch - due to enjoying it in the track learning mode, and practicing in whatever Red Bull Ring - due to practicing in the F1500T championship I actually looked at the Sport races yesterday and did a bit of qualifying thinking I might even try a race, but it was a track I hadn't ever driven, so I did a few laps, then moved on. I'm Corranga on PSN incidentally, I'll add some folk once I figure out how. I'm sounding like a proper n00b here, I do play games, honest! I just haven't enjoyed online gaming for years due to shouty Americans in first person shooters so don't bother much. I have 1 friend on my PSN list, who doesn't have a + membership nowadays. Next stupid question... If I do feel up to it, how does one connect a headset (I usually use a wired headphones with mic from a mobile type thing) to the Playstation when using a wheel that doesn't have a socket? Can I simultaneously use a controller as I usually would for the headset, and the wheel, or do I need to buy a bluetooth job?
  2. So... umm.... I suck at GT Sport, and have basically only been playing on a wheel for a week or 2, and am still working full time, so only an hour or 2 each night... I've also never (like actually never) played an online race. Now that the excuses are made, how good is everyone?! I ask this not because of a fear that I'll be miles behind everyone, I don't really care about that, but more because I'm not really consistent enough to keep the car on the track for an entire race, and don't want to be that a-hole that ruined everyone's race. I think the answer is I'm not ready to go wheel to wheel with actual real people, but it'd be good to know what to prep for, and somehow benchmark myself. Also, what lobby rules do you guys use? I'm still racing with ABS on, and cones, but no other assists. Would I need to be letting go of these safety blankets?
  3. I bought mine less than a month ago. I'm not sure they do rubber finished wheels now, so possibly different, but my Xbox P1 is stitched alcantara finish. Given the choice, I think I would have gone for the standard CSL Elite for ps4 bundle, which has a round wheel that is alcantara with leather pads where your hands go - that's what I get for being an Xbox pleb That being said, the alcantara rim is lovely! That feeling when you nail it perfectly, and the car basically pivots around the corner is one of the most satisfying things I think I've ever done in real life. Shame I can't do it in game
  4. Yeah that’s what I did, though the entry cost is more than 2x G29/G920. Ok in sim racing terms it’s still much lower than a whole rig with PC etc.. The Fanatec system is a nice idea, but if still much more compromised than it could be..
  5. I'll be very surprised if they can't get US/COTA on the calendar, and I'm sure as the year goes on, there will be others fighting for glory of last race of the championship. Looking at the proposal above, they seem to be fairly sensible with the planning, and I guess sticking to sorting out the short term / European season. July 5: Austria (this retains the original date) July 12: Austria (this was a week off) July 19: Hungary (this was Silverstone, but I guess travel makes more sense this way perhaps) August 2: Silverstone (this was Hungary so a straight swap) August 9: Silverstone (summer break) August 16: Barcelona (summer break) August 30: Belgium (retains original date) September 6: Italy (retains original date) If everything has calmed down a little, then they can perhaps continue from this point with the original calendar, though the original calendar is quite spread out. I wonder if they'll perhaps try to condense to prevent the circus travelling home, and away many times.. This was the proposed order: Singapore Russia Japan US Mexico Brazil Abu Dhabi
  6. Not so much games, or lazy devs, but in a similar vain I think. Controller licencing on expensive and large controllers. For example, I want to play Forza, and I want to play GT so I already need 2 consoles, the console manufacturers have already made their money from that, and the games, and I don't think either of them even make controllers.. Now I need a Logitech G29 AND a Logitech G920, and I have to mess around swapping the unit on my stand, or buying 2 stands, and storing these 2 bulky units, or I have to buy some hub made by another company that might or might not be compatible with the 3rd pedal, or force feedback, or shift lights. I get why they do it for regular controllers, but for wheels, I can't see it as anything other than loosing sales as someone with a wheel that works on multiple consoles is surely more likely to buy racing games for multiple consoles.. OR Alternatively, steering wheel manufacturers not selling a small cart, or download or something that allows you to switch out from Xbox licenced to ps4 licenced, meaning the massive bit still works, and you only have to switch out a small component.
  7. I’ve been thinking about trying to do this too, hopefully there is a discount on points coming close to preorders, though I could see a lot of folk doing the same and them somehow restricting it..
  8. I mean, yeah, that’s 1 thing I said in a post with a lot of other things. My point was more that he is calling others out because they don’t stand with him, basically by keeping quiet, whilst he himself keeps quiet about plenty of other things that directly effect his colleagues and friends rather than he should be talking about all the injustices. But as with my first post, he should be talking about the injustice, the huge event, not publicly calling out a tiny amount of people who previously have shown no signs of openly talking about anything like this. That’s not at all what I’m saying, of course people should stand up and be vocal, and we should support/celebrate (if that’s the right word) their actions. What I was trying to saying is that some have a lot more to lose than others and in F1 terms. Hamilton has a much lower risk profile than most others. On the whole, It’s great that an ambassador for our sport IT standing up, it makes me proud. It’s a shame he chose to do it in such a negative manner. Anyway, I get the impression I’m aggressively agreeing with people here on most of what is being said, and I’m happy to bow out. I’m not sure I’m communicating my thoughts well, or perhaps they are just stupid.
  9. You’re probably right, but that’s just another reason that the drivers won’t stand up and say something. Hamilton is virtually bomb proof in this regard, Merc aren’t about to drop him because he has annoyed or even if he lost a sponsor, Perez on the other hand, along with more than half of the grid would be gone in a shot, and, as with Colin Kaepernick in the NFL, wouldn’t be seen in the top flight of the sport again. Did Hamilton come out against what Trump was doing to Mexicans? By his own argument, he should have, or does it only matter when it’s trending on twitter? What about feminism? That white dominated sport he’s privileged enough to be part of is also male dominated. Is he talking about that? Where does it end? From what I can see, there is only 1 person segregating by race in F1. Is it there responsibility of famous people to use their platforms to state their opinions on things like this? They are just like you and I, ordinary people who just do happen to be very good at driving. I for one would like to see them taking one another on on the track, and not on social media.
  10. It seems to me that the rest of the F1 paddock, perhaps like us in here, felt it was really that relevant in the context. I saw the headline and had a brief read, then moved on. I also follow a bunch of F1 folk (not LH) and don't recall any of them making a political post, or anything like this in the past. It's not in their (online posting) characters. LH is perhaps standing on his own, but more as the 1 outspoken driver on the grid. Maybe he should have picked up the phone and organised a mass social media post with his industry buddies (assuming that isn't what lead to the "I know who you are type content) rather than a negative post calling them out when something so horrific is happening. So.... No Lewis, this isn't about you standing alone, it's about George Floyd's untimely end, police brutality, the horrific position the US Government take on such things, and lacking equality worldwide.
  11. Presumably in case the map catches fire? I'm making jokes about it, but I don't know why. Co-driving to me is some magical art that, and must be absolutely thrilling, and equally terrifying all at once. Lots of respect! I thought about being a socks racer (no load cells here) but my feet felt cold after 1 lap, so on went my Puma Speed Cats, or pixie shoes as I call them, thin soles for more feeling, though I suspect socks and a warmer room are probably the better choice.
  12. So potential for 2 races in Austria and 2 races in the UK, other European countries will likely follow on and we'll get some others too now. 2 races at Spa would be nice... Bernie must be camping outside of the French parliament by now to get Paul Richard on the list.
  13. How old is it / do you suffer from sweaty palms? How do you find the F1 shaped wheel? I guess if you're predominantly doing formula racing it's not much of an issue. Cost aside, I was more than happy with the round P1 wheel as with the degrees of turn, I felt a round wheel would be ideal. Also, who doesn't want to pretend to be Senna at Monaco in 88 As it turns out, with my setup, the top part obscures the bottom of my TV.
  14. Well, the real life point is that alcantara gives better grip against gloves. Sim wheels simply use alcantara to look and feel like real wheels, then no real racer can drive without gloves as they must wear them for safety reasons. Suede was used for racing wheels for years this reason (along with suede gloves), more grip between the gloves and the wheel means you can use a lighter touch on the wheel, which i turn means you feel more. So, we have a situation where sim racing allows something that real racing doesn't - bare hands. The question is, is the grip an advantage that you want, or is skin to alcantara just as grippy? Does wearing gloves reduce the feeling making the experience worse? I'm keen to see, and still worry about sweaty hands, and to be honest, don't really see me properly cleaning my racing wheel all that often too! On the grip thing, I find I'm tucking my thumbs in on the wheel (I always use 9 and 3 hand position) which disadvantages me when trying to catch a slide, so consciously change to thumbs up. Anecdotally, the feedback from the Fanatec CSL Elite in GT Sport is enhanced / stronger / heavier than the feedback when driving (and spinning....) an actual Lotus Elise S1 (shame it's not in GT Sport for comparison), and I think I reduced it to 80% !
  15. So... having bought the wheel and play seat, my wife is watching my spend I bought a pair of Wulfsport Attack motocross gloves on eBay for a tenner. A tenner was as much as I felt comfortable spending at the moment! I was looking for something with not that much in the way of silicone / grips on the palm, and little padding too. I was thinking OMP KS-3 karting gloves with suede palms were maybe the best option, but they are about £35 so over my wife-friendly budget. I was worried they may be a little warm for indoors too. I was tempted by these unbranded karting gloves for a fiver, but wasn't convinced enough to hit the buy button. I was also tempted by ventilated lightweight summer cycling gloves, Alpinestars F-Lite in particular, but some reviews on cycling sites said the stitching split after a couple of uses (<£15). Others that look like the might be worth a go: Mechanix Vent come up a lot on sim racing websites, but I think they are easier to get cheap in the US - these are generic multi use gloves, used in everything from airsoft to driving (£25-30) Sparco Meca 3 (mechanic gloves apparently) look good too (£25) it's all about this... I hate wearing gloves for anything. Even working on my car my box of nitrile gloves sit on my workbench rather than on my hands, never wear gardening gloves, only wear cycling gloves in winter etc. I don't have driving gloves for my actual car. It has a leather wheel. If it had an alcantara wheel, I'd have gloves to protect that too.. I do put my driving shoes on to play GT Sport though...
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