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  1. Also just picked one up. Think I might have got the last Argos eBay 64gb with 15% off due to being 20 miles from Montrose where it was still in stock. Initial reactions are good. Only played about an hour but so far the controllers are ace, the boundary is intuitive, and it's pretty comfy. I have a PSVR, which I find needs to be 100% in the right place on my head to avoid ghosting, this seems much less fussy, and oh so simple. If only I could afford some games for it
  2. Freeman

    Motorspot chat - No dull F1 though

    So, I've just caught up and watched W Series... I agree with pretty much everyone here prior to watching, I'd rather see good women drivers given money to race in existing series, it takes a sport that was truly not gender limited and makes it sexist etc. Perhaps, ironically, the racing was decent. The bad bits were many, but worst of all, it looks like an unlicensed video game. Cars with the same livery, too hard to distinguish. Interesting ideas too, switching cars and engineers (but hopefully at least retaining car colours otherwise it'll be impossible to know what's going on!) Shame Whisper didn't just cover DTM.
  3. Freeman

    Best New Music 2019

    Went to see The Ninth Wave on Saturday, in... well, a small library with about 50 other folk. If you like your 80s post-punk and new wave to be made in 2019, they might be for you. Half of their debut album, Infancy is out now:
  4. Freeman

    Is "Game" finished?

    ...newer, warranty, potentially more reliable. Ok, so the Ps4 is no Xbox 360, but I used a similar deal to trade my old 360 Elite for a new slim model 360 way back when.
  5. Freeman

    Games as a Service is Fraud

    Nice to have an actual lawyer comment on it, it's a shame he 1. Didn't watch the whole original video 2. Seems to have somehow completely missed the point about preventing games from disappearing, and instead seems to concentrate on a company somehow updating a game and making it crap to play, and also just seems to be focused on the clickbait headline use of the word fraud. Interesting times though, hopefully something comes from this, but I suspect, as it stands we are all going to watch the annihilation of retro gaming in our lifetimes with so much reliance on patching and online elements...
  6. How different is the Switch version to the mobile games? I have 1, 2, and 3 on either Android or iPhone (based on the phone I had at the time) and loved them all, despite me virtually never playing anything on mobile...
  7. Freeman

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Sums it up nicely. Barcelona is a nice circuit that I enjoy driving in racing games. It's fun, and has all of the things you want. Fast corners, slow corners, technical sections, long straights. Also your comment on changing the track to promote overtaking. I mean, if that actually worked, these Tilkedromes we see more and more of should have so many overtaking opportunities, we wouldn't know where to look right? It's funny how the older circuits like Silverstone, Monza, even Suzuka, without these modern designed layouts (well, wholly anyway) produce the better races, and what's the best designed Hermann Tilke track for races? Can those words even be used together? (I might be wrong, but Istanbul Park comes to my mind for some reason!) Hopefully Zandvoort doesn't become a repeat of Donington...
  8. Freeman

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    lol, Revoked The London rumour comes up every few years, along with rumours of Donnington, Brands Hatch etc. Basically, it means they are negotiating with Silverstone again, and want to be seen to be looking elsewhere so they can get a good deal for F1 (and not Silverstone). It's an old Bernie tactic, which usually leaves the press reporting pointless crap that will never happen. It's usually harmless, but caused Donnington to be ripped up and almost disappear as a track a number of years ago, which lead to a lot of the Donnington collection being sold off to fix it, and would have been a UK Motorsport Tragedy otherwise. But, it is boring. Say what you want about the Red Bull era, they were never as succesful as Merc. and this season has seen more Merc domination than we've ever seen in F1 so far. I remember reading that the Germans didn't really get behind Rosberg for 2 reasons. 1. He's not really German - Born there, but a dual national, with a famous Finnish father, and lived in Monaco most of his live, including childhood. 2. He's not working class - this applies to Vettel too. The popularity of Schumacher apparently can be attributed to both of these things.
  9. Freeman

    Your favourite album covers

    Ok, so it's not my absolute *favourite* album artwork of all time, but I do love it, and I also happen to own the original artworks of the 4 band members by illustrator David Downton that were used for it, so...
  10. Some cool stuff in the video, however 2 things stood out to me.. 1. A lot of the cardboard box Nintendo stuff, the GBA games for example, are shrink wrapped, not proper Nintendo seal wrapped, and the boxes look a tad squished in some cases, which I've seen happen when the shrink wrap, well, shrinks overtime and the box collapses. Some of the Pokemon N64 stuff is opened. 2. There is a lot of crap in there, and many copies of it too. It'd be great fun to go look through it though, shame the video doesn't really do that...
  11. Freeman

    Nintendo Labo VR

    Hang on... Is Blaster + expansion 1 + expansion 2 = full kit - and £1 less? I've been holding off as I don't really have £70 to throw at it, at the moment, but £35....
  12. Freeman

    The first one is still the best one

    All those saying Yoshi's Island... It's literally titled Super Mario World 2! Super Mario Land is better than all of its sequels. If you split Zelda's by the games direction, both OOT and BOTW. 1080 -snowboarding perfection, with a trick mode that was the best thing until it screwed over your N64 pad.
  13. Freeman


    I'm recording Indycar and watching it back when I can find the chance. I had a proper fit of the giggles watching it all happen with no commentary knowing the Americans would have missed it all happening. Adverts in Motorsport is a poor show. The UK method of better quality coverage to keep the viewer watching through pre and post race ads is far superior.
  14. Freeman

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    Well, Azerbaijan has F2 so there will be some good racing, and don't forget Indycar from Long Beach, live on Sky Sports F1 tonight at 9.
  15. Freeman

    Formula One - 2019 Season

    We should all be more positive, after all, we are supposed to be celebrating the 1000th race. 7am is the perfect time for me, early enough that it doesn't waste the whole day, late enough that I don't get up earlier than through the week. Anyone got anything better to say about the race...?

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