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  1. Pretty sure the Xbox Game Pas Ultimate deal ended, but it was a fantastic offer, and probably means I won't buy another Bone game.. Possibly not what you are looking for, but Pokemon Go would be on my list. It takes video games, and the outdoors, and indeed a social environment and combined them very well, and you can easily play with no payment. I'd imagine most of the better free games out there have some element of pay to win though. There probably isn't a better time to gaming on a budget however (I appreciate this isn't what you asked, and perhaps with the exception of Switch) Ps3 and Xbox 360 titles are increadibly cheap, and the Ps4 and Bone have been out for long enough that you can pick up must own titles for next to nothing. PC is presumably the same though I never game on them so no idea. I'd be tempted to cancel your preorder if possible and re-assign the funding to a pile of older games personally..
  2. Same day as the Astral Chain preorder too. I don't even play half the games I buy at this point, but haver both in a basket and am seriously considering presing 'buy'
  3. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    What about the other quick catch (drag ball selection icon with 1 finger, throw ball with the other, release when pokemon in ball, then run) ?
  4. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    I believe this is all becase of me. Looks a good system, the search thing even more so!
  5. Freeman

    PC Engine Mini

    Yes. In a funky case and for a pretty special price too...
  6. At the end, I think Merc saw the oppertunity to bring Lewis in for fresh tyres just in case, but Lewis was smart enough to realise it was a dumb call. Chances of looking 20+ seconds in 4 laps is virtually nil, even if the tyres fell off the cliff. Bottas was only 2 or so seconds behind Lewis too, so the chance of a fluffed stop putting Bottas in front was also there. I wonder if these pit stop strategy calls are a team effort with too many cooks as with none of the data sitting infront of me, it seemed clear cut that pulling Lewis in was a stupid call, just as not pulling LeClerc, and indeed Bottas in was an equally stupid call! I've posted this before in this thread I think, or perhaps elsewhere, but I feel that pit crew unnessesarily in the pit lane shgould be penalised (even just a fine, to disencourage) on safety grounds, especially after what we saw with Verstappen and LeClerc being side by side down the pit lane. The surprise on the radion at the end confused me too. At that stage of the race, Lewis would have been in a limited engine mode to help preserve the ICE and other components, and would have known he was to drive a certain way to reduce load on the gearbox etc. From my (admittedly limited) understanding, he'd likely have had to do at least one of the following: - Change the engine mode out of fuel save for performance in preceding lap(s). - Charge the ERS system for a full hot lap. - Know he wasn't fuel limited. - Change his driving to brake later / accelerate harder than the previous laps. I'd also be surprised if he hadn't called in and asked who had the fastest lap. The first 2 Merc would have known about instantly, and I'd imagine would have resulted in a radio call "strat mode [rest the donkley] please Lewis" Assuming Bottas wasn't given the same oppertunity (which surely would have seen him breeze the fastest lap on much, much fresher tyres, and a better compound) seems a touch unfair. I find Verstappen, LeClerc, Norris and Albon all refreshing to watch. Last year's F2 was excellent for 3 of those, and it's good to see it continuing.
  7. Yes, post more, looks an amazing experience! Did you get Merc ear defenders to protect you from a night of Crofty shouting, or does he only shout during broadcast? He seemed extra-shouty on Sunday, but then who could blame him. Best race of the year so far, was great to watch. Everything else has been covered, Vettel needs replacing, but there isn't really anyone to take his place. Ferrari strategy mistakes as usual, but no worse than Merc (Bottas) who lucked out with such a dominant pace, and Feel a bit for Bottas - I mean, I'm sure Hamilton would have had him later in the race had the safety car not handed Lewis the win, but it would have been nice to see him actually have a chance. Also, the fastest lap, I can only assume Merc didn't give Bottas the extra mode, or tell him Lewis was going for it.
  8. Freeman

    PC Engine Mini

    ....plus you can order a multitap https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?rh=n%3A13978134031&brr=1&rd=1&ref=dp_bc_aui_C_3 but no extra pads... Nice one Amazon
  9. Freeman

    The Smiths

    Nick Cave's response there is a lovely read, and the sort of compromise that I think is most likely to help things progress as they should. As someone who doesn't often clear out their music collection, I too cherish the songs I love, and go back to them and relisten often. I find myself discovering I like more and more older music and am to an extent turning my back on contemporary stuff to discover more about say The Cure or Joy Division / New Order who I missed out on first time around, but I can still stick Phil Collin's No Jacket Required on for a spin and love it - one of the first albums I heard, which was of course my dads taste! Billy Bragg's take comes across to me as someone who wants to take a dig at the Killers for even acknoledging the existance of a bigot. Personally, I feel that as a modern society, too often we take the Billy Bragg approach, and essentally try to cut out entire periods of history, or events, or artists and back catalogues to somehow demonstrate that we don't condone their later actions. A sort of ignorance is bliss approach in the hgope that it'll go away. I think it's healthier to take more of a know your enemies approach, and if that means listening to a crazy idiotic (imo) right wing bigot, then so be it. Providing the conversation is kept to sensible levels, and is aiming to find some sort of compromise. The former approach is how we've landed with a massive (generation based?) gap, Brexit, current British politics etc. People are simply moving to the polar opposite views and pushing further and further apart. I don't know what the answer is, but I do know, that people have the power to change and to decide, and pushing them away isn't healthy. Some folk are lost to their causes, and Morrissey’s history suggests he is probably one of those people, but I'd like to think that his past efforts to push different political agendas (with the Smiths for example) has created a whole host of (now previous?) fans who think about things differently, who have discovered there is more than the crap the media push to us, that there is always a different perspective, and that can decide for themselves. I'm no huge Smiths fan, but I'll continue to listen to their music and love it, and empathiose with Rubber Ring, or relate to the compasion of Asleep, or chant along with Panic. Alternative, I'm just completely wrong, and am talking crap right now, but that's part of the discussion right? So I'll end with a crap joke to lighten the air a bit... Who knew that David Cameron announcing he was a Smiths fan would turn Morrissey's views so violently.
  10. I think they are all out in Japan, looks like they concentrated on that prior to doing localisation for Europe I guess, slightly annoying asI played Zero, Kiwami, Kiwami 2 all back to back, and then stopped, with 6 waiting to be played, then moved onto something else. At the rate I play games, I'll probably be waiting to re-buy the 6 remake for PS5 by the time I've played 3/4/5!
  11. Tales of Symphonia Symphonic Green. Was available in Japan, and also mainland Europe, though not the UK. It’s my fave GC, the disc lid looks great too
  12. I feel this about normal to hard I've discovered I play the first 5 or 6 songs more than any others, and struggle to managed the songs in the 2nd category (the 5 or 6 beyond the initial 10 songs) on Hard. At this point, I think getting a perfect streak on $100 Bills on Hard with disappearing arrows and fast music will kill me! My current best run pushed me pretty high on the scoreboard but I still messed a couple up. Didn't play last night due to sore knee probably from too much cycling (or Beat Saber...) for my unfit heavy body
  13. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    My wife has started playing again. She stopped prior to friends so has basically none, so I'm going to pass on codes from here. She is MamaEc 8510 5941 8001
  14. Freeman

    Pokemon Go

    Friend request sent
  15. Great race, crap overtake for the lead, Max could have passed cleanly later I’d say. Don’t see how he can get off with no penalty for not leaving space and causing a collision, but also don’t want to see yet more penalties, and so we end where we began - talking about penalties and inconsistencies LeClerc’s first win will come soon enough. Bottas dropped right off at the end too!
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