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  1. Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    Well, it's almost a positive. I mean besides that (and the tutorial being the only way to see that there are other tabs / no visual tab indicator / prompt that identifies that you can find other stuff by pressing a trigger - the little pop up that only appears only once you've pressed a trigger seems to disappear very quickly too) it's all good! The game play is fun and drags you back for more. (As far as I'm concerned) It's innovative / at the very least a decent mash up of existing genre. The visual style and characters are fun. The controls are tight. And in space, no one can hear you scream, from Dundee, at around 7 tonight when you assign the bullet spread shot to multiple keys without realising
  2. Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    Oh, interesting. I'll have to look at that. I'm sure it's been covered in the stuff above about tutorials, but I completely missed the tabs in the menus at first, until gooling about weapon upgrading (probably by skipping the long tutorial in the demo and fast tracking them all when I moved to main game). Also, the weapon upgrade screen has the most annoying interface feature ever (on Switch at least) as it changes the context of your input. I use the D-Pad to navigate everything. Buying buildings, selecting upgrades, upgrading wea..... oh, I just accidentally assigned the same weapon to 3 different D-Pad directions because I ned to navigate with the stick on this screen. Every. Time.
  3. Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    So I took my Switch up to bed last night at around 10 and played this until midnight, then picked my Switch up when I got in from work and played it some more. It's keeping me away from Kirby. I don't like it. OK, its awesome and perfectly suited to both TV and handheld play, I love it, great job!
  4. Analogue Super Nt

    I'm using my frankenpad (8BitDo SFPro30) and the D-Pad is... not amazing. I haven't got to it yet, but there is a tape fix (open them up, put tape on the contacts) which makes them much better apparently. I was playing Super Bomberman 4 the other night and had more than an acceptable number of deaths attributed to the D-Pad.
  5. Vostok Inc. Free Switch Demo out now

    I made the mistake of trying the free demo on Switch, so that's another copy bought then! Such a simple concept, I can see this taking over my life for a while :S
  6. Cosmetic tat: do you let your kids buy it?

    think I'd be in a similar torn position. I'm all for supporting a developer, but... If it's Loot Crates, that's basically gambling for kiddies, and is a no go. Pointless paid for cosmetic tat is just a waste of money. Similar to loot crates, I don't think we should be encouraging publishers to push that sort of crap. 5 years ago, the internet was rife with Horse Armour comments and memes. We were happy to mock horse armour, but now we seem to accepted it. We were right the first time. So, I say, sod that. Don't throw money at a pointless visual item in a game. Instead, buy another game, or point him to actual physical things he can burn money on, and have something to show for it, even if the thing to show for it is just a space waster, like this: ttps://toywiz.com/rocket-league/
  7. Nintendo Switch

    I think the Shovel Knight one does something decent (co-op mode unlock?) but my Shovel Knight is on ps4 so never used it. I think it's the only Amiibo that works in the box too.
  8. Currently playing...

    UN Squadron (for the millionth time, but first time in 15 years) and Stunt Race FX (for the first time). UN is amazing, with amazing music too boot. SRFX is charming as hell, despite the interesting frame rate. It's making me want a modern remake. It's not the easiest though. Really doesn't need the timer...
  9. Kirby Star Allies - Out now!!

    I think it's one of those 'hidden gem' type game series, where, at release it's not all that popular, but ends up landing on the consoles top 'n' games lists, or on those lists of forgotten classics, and due to it not selling well, ends up quite desirability. Perhaps the real value in Kirby is in 5/10/15 years time when you look back at a system, to see what else was great on it, having already played the biggest titles, but wanting something different, and there it is. Like Yoshi's Story on N64, or Yoshi's Island DS, or erm, Yoshi's Wooly World... I for one though, am happy to experience it first time round, and am a little more hyped from the Eurogamer review than I was yesterday!
  10. Pokemon Go

    Double xp ends 16th
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Either I've completely lost the thread or... that won't work, the Switch doesn't have a USB port! Surely you mean something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bluetooth-Receiver-TaoTronics-Microphone-Streaming-Black/dp/B00Y29NXEA/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1520953993&sr=8-5&keywords=bluetooth+headphone+adapter Disclaimer: I only use 'legacy' headphones, I don't do quality loss via bluetooth etc. I just searched "bluetooth headphone adapter" on Amazon. Admittedly, it's pretty stupid that you are buying a bluetooth adaptor to use with a device that has bluetooth, but hey.
  12. Crappy User Interfaces

    Is that really it though? I mean if the Switch had Netflix, Amazon, etc. the would just appear as another tile on the GUI, or perhaps under a 'videos' tile that lead to a series of other tiles. It's not that difficult. My ps3 is my main media player nowadays. The essentially 2 dimensional menu works ok, pick the grouping you want then use down to find the option / game / service you want. Unless the option is up, which some are for some reason, or it's in the options menu which is about a mile long for some reason. Once you figure out there are multiple button press options on each selection, you're sorted. The ps4 seems to take that idea and replicate it in a confused mess of a structure rather than a straight line, with some stuff hidden in a different structure brought up by pressing the playstation button. The Xbox One seems to take that idea, chew it for a couple of minutes, swallow it, and start digesting then spew it all up into a hideous mess with no real relationship between what you are seeing, not even in terms of scale. Perhaps the ps4 is worse overall since the primary function of it's GUI is to present games and media box capabilities. The Xbox One GUI is obviously primarily meant as a giant advert.
  13. Popular/Great Games you just don’t ‘get’

    Minecraft. I found it really dull and repetitive, with no reward at all, then I died at night. Little Inferno. I it really dull and repetitive, with no reward at all, then I died at night. Ok, I played both for longer than that, but really didn't get either. More or less any beat em up, unless there is some charm / button mashing is ok (oddly enough, I get on ok with Smash Bros) Modern sports games. I tried Madden 16 and loved the tutorial mode for what it was teaching me about formations and strategy, but the actual game felt like I had to make the perfect play each and every time, which lead to way too many drops, and even more interceptions which just felt forced and unrealistic. Online FPS, or perhaps anything online, Switch aside. I really can't be bothered with voice chat fools screaming down the mic.
  14. Crappy User Interfaces

    I haven't bothered figuring out the xbox one, I do everything through the xbox button an menu. The other 75% of screen space is just a complete waste..
  15. Pokemon Go

    With my second account I concentrated specifically on levelling up as quickly as possible, and creating a decent raiding Pokemon team. Its level 32 now, I've only evolved first level pokemon unless the mon is good for raiding (so never evolved a nidoking, pidgeot, butterfree etc). I raid with plenty of higher players with much, much worse Pokemon. I guess it's testament to how little of the available selection is any use...

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