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  1. So... I've been on the look out for a CD player to put in my living room. I've been keeping an eye on gumtree and facebook marketplace for a while now, but not much has been appearing. The occasional Sony or Pioneer separate CD player for a few hundred pounds, with no remote, or an unnamed midi system. There was a little Panasonic recently that I was tempted by, thinking I could simply use the Aux out to my surround sound. Today however, I hit the jackpot, well, almost. I've got myself a bit of a project... I drove 45 minutes each way to collect my lovely Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Overture. CD, Tape and tuner midi system. It's such a stunning looking thing. Ambient lighting, glass doors that silently open automatically, like magic as you approach, and a Beo4 remote controller that weighs about a kilo and has all the buttons you'd need to operate, presumably your B&O TV and DVD player too! And with it, single piece aluminium constructed BeoLab 6000 active loudspeakers. It looks and sounds beautiful! Well, almost. The rubber foam around the speakers is deteriorating so at anything more than a moderate volume it distorts a little, so it seems I have a project, to remove the speakers, and try to remove the rubber and replace with something like this kit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165787207446 which presumably needs some glue too. Anyone done anything like this before?
  2. I'd have gone with this one... Before the Lotus 72, F1 cars looked like this: Chapman was an incredible genius, but as with the 25 I posted, it was proper no compromise performance to levels that make Ferrari look sensible. Everything trimmed to the absolute max, including the life expectancy of their drivers
  3. Since we’re in the F1 thread… but my real answer would be the 330P4 already mentioned as it perfectly balances the designed to race with the designed to look beautiful period, sports cars simply became flat or big wings. Actually, this would be very, very high on the list too… Because it’s iconic, and simple, but revolutionary at the same time, and probably the most beautiful of the cigar shaped F1 cars (Gurney’s Eagle a close second for me). Honourable mentions for all of the great racing Ferraris too… 250LM and GT0, 57 Testarossa, 288 GTO Evo, F40LM, 333SP, 246 Dino F1, 156 shark nose… Modern F1 appeals much less.
  4. I now have EXACTLY the same time as required for gold
  5. It’s ok, I’ve set a faster one I’m something annoying like 0.14 off a gold time right now, but I’m finding it frustrating rather that fun as I feel the car is always on edge, and the difference between it sliding and turning is 0.01 on the brakes but 0.5 on your time! I’ll get a gold time tomorrow hopefully and put that one to bed!
  6. I think you might be me too. Sim racing, X2's, Lego, like of small Italian cars... I haven't bought any diecast models that aren't cars I've owned for years mind. I do have the Lego RSR though
  7. Honestly, ask away. I love talking sim gear! At the same time, I think it's worth understanding that I have a slight excess of cash to throw at my sim setup having not been using my actual cars much over the past couple of years. Basically, if I went out for an actual drive in my fun car, at 16-18mpg, I'd be spending 60-70 quid on fuel for the day. I got a little Covid shy and didn't head out much, and decided to go all in on a sim setup (well, no PC, I play console only) in May 2020. I started with all the gear I'd ever need, Playseat challenge, Fanatec CSL Elite. A couple of months later, I added the load cell, then I modded the Playseat itself with raised pedals, stronger clamps to hold the pedals still, 3D printed stability brackets etc. When the GT DD Pro launched, I was considering buying a gaming PC, but decided instead to invest in my rig, so CSL Elite was out, and DD Pro was in, and the Playseat was swapped out for a SimLabs GT2. Note, my loadcell is missing in this photo, as it was returned within about 2 months with a broken elastomer shore (the black rubber rings that represent the spring in the load cell pedals) I had previous for this as I broke on in the CSL Elite's too. this is because I was chasing the feel of a road sports car with no servo, so longer travel, and quite hard at the end. At this point, I was very much chasing the last 10% of feel, the Playseat Challenge was was great out of the box, the mods made it a fantastic, the shift to extruded aluminium made it solid, 100%, no flex what so ever. ive been reading about load cells far too much today (and how to attach them to stuff), was thinking about just getting the upgrade load cell for the csl pedals - but reviews ive seen seem to compare them badly to the v3 and elite ones, both 300 euros at the moment (well 20 extra for the performance kit) The V3 pedals are fairly old now, but rank above the others in everyway and have continuously been improved, I've not read a bad review (though some say the performance kit is a must), some reviews call them "the only pedal you'll ever need" for example. But of course they come at a cost. but thats without the mod for the csl load kit, but yourself and @Shimmyhill both have those with the mod and still decided to upgrade (i think thats right ayway). I think @Shimmyhill has the 3D Rap mod on his perhaps? Someone on here does. It is designed to give the pedal longer movement, and a I think a more progressive feel (as in soft first and then harder at the end). I'm using a home done mod using some die springs, and plastic spacers which does the same: It does add travel to the pedal, but the design of the pedals basically means that the travel can never be that long. They are designed to be like a race car which apparently has a hard pedal with little travel. If you like this, then it won't be a problem, they are very good pedals, just don't quite fit my need. In terms of Load Cell vs regular potentiometer based brake, the difference is big. If you can train yourself to modulate brakes by the distance you press the pedal (eg regular pot brake) then you can likely be as quick either way, but if you want realism, having an LC (pressure based) brake is much better as of course, a real car brake is pressure based. It's great for trail braking, as you can naturally floor the pedal hard to start breaking, then also naturally peel your foot off. It's also great for muscle memory, I find it almost instinctive to brake at half or quarter power for example. Apparently its to do with the pedal travel, apparently you want a bit of travel that is easier to move the pedal, then after that it should be a lot harder, does that sound right, does the csl with mod provide this sort of thing? Without the mod its apparently just hard to press with no give at all This is almost true. Actually without the mod the CSL gives the correct feel (soft then hard) just on a very, very short axis, and overall, it's very hard to begin with - so it starts off very hard and then goes to extremely hard to press. As I like a hard pedal, I was running the load cell at 90% (where 100% is the hardest you need to press to get full braking) and I believe if you push the elastomer shores beyond 50% of their original size, they split - which is what happened to mine. If you run the load cell softer, and can deal with little travel the pedals are probably excellent. They are very sturdy, remove the side to side movement that the old Elites suffered from, look nice etc. I mean thats my understanding of it from watching/reading some reviews, ive never used a load cell, im sure even that would be better than without a load cell. So sort of tempted by one of the more expensive pedal sets if they are going to be worth the upgrade but wouldnt be able to get a wheel as well then (and then you get into elite vs v3 haha, i guess v3 makes more sense now as its a lot of money off, bur seems like if there was no sale on youd not be missing out on much going for the elites). Obviously, I've not actually used V3s at this point, so all based on spec / reviews... The V3 pedals offer a lot more tuning ability. You can have them soft and long, or hard and short, and lots in between. They are easier to tune too. The CSLs are hard and short. The Elites are long (but not as long as the V3 I believe). The Elite load cell is mounted in the pedal itself (using flex in the pedal) rather than at the base like the CSL and V3 pedals, this means that you foot position on the pedal face actually changes the amount you brake. This isn't a massive issue as you do get used to it and end up muscle memory positioning your foot, well I guess depending on the stability and standard setup of your rig perhaps. Beyond that, we've only been talking about brake. The V3 throttle has a spring (2 different rates) to tune the return and the opportunity to fit a damper on brake or throttle. The V3 clutch (if you use one, I don't have a shifter, but am interested in getting one at some point) has a camshaft style design, emulating biting point apparently rather well. The Elite and CSL clutch is just a potentiometer brake with the piece of hard foam used to make the brake stiffer removed. The V3 allow much better pedal face changing too. With the Elites and V3's, I have to set my pedals at an angle to get the faces close to an angle I want, with the V3, I can simply change the angle of the face. I'd say, pedals are more important than a wheel rim, but then I bought other rims before the V3 pedals, and if you feel the addition of the larger rim and bigger paddles lets you play more games, that's probably more important. I should have elaborated above, I wouldn't want to use the gear paddle as a handbrake as I'd prefer to be driving with manual gears, and the P1 wheel only has 2 paddles so it'd be either brake, or gears. In summary, I think my advice would be... - Don't assume the CSL pedals are bad just because Shimmy and I are moving away from them, they're not. - Any load cell is going to be better than a non-load cell. For me, the move from non-LC to LC was probably as revolutionary in feel as the move from belt drive base to direct drive, and in my own performance (well, consistency really) helped much, much more. - A load cell feels more real as it's reading the brake based on pressure, not position, like a real car. - Pressure is easier to define for our legs and feet, which aren't particularly accurate things. - Personally, I think you should invest in pedals, and getting stability / no movement in your pedals above pretty much anything for performance / consistency improvement.
  8. Sorry, I missed this post. Like Shimmy, I’m also upgrading from the CSL with Load cell, and modded at that. I previous had the CSL Elite with load cell, which to be honest I preferred to the CSL pedals, which, for me are just too short throw. Mine have also been returned already to replace a broken elastomer shin, which I subsequently replaced with a die spring mod. In honesty, they are really good pedals, just not quite suited to what I want, plus a bit of fomo perhaps, so I’ve gone all in with the V3 inverted, plus the performance pack. Wheel wise, I have almost the p1 you’ve linked too, I have last years Black Friday edition which looks basically the same https://fanatec.com/eu-en/anniversary-sale/csl-steering-wheel-p1-v2-black-friday-limited-edition But with a different texture on the rim. I also have an older P1 wheel (for Xbox) with Alcantara which was my first wheel so I’m attached to, but it doesn’t have a QR so is a touch annoying to fit, but is basically the WRC wheel without the quick release. Compared to the GT wheel, The larger diameter is nice for things like rally, it takes a bit of the wheel base torque away, and means you can be a little less precise too. being larger, it take a bit of the torque away from the wheelbase , but if you’re not at 100% if you want more power. Comparing my 2 P1 rims, the alcantara WRC style rim isn’t so broad (same size wheel, less… girth?) I prefer the feel of the narrow one, but it’s minimal. The alcantara looks and feels lovely, but really needs more cleaning and gloves if I’m honest, or it gets a bit messy with sweaty hands, and some of the stitching on mine is starting to loosen, so I personally would say the rubber is better than alcantara. I like the metal shifters, I wouldn’t use them as a hand brake though All in all,they are good wheels, I don’t think you’d regret one, especially for the price, but the WRC isn’t worth almost double.
  9. Not looking to sell at the moment, sorry. For now I’m looking to save this stuff at least until my 8 year old daughter is old enough to know if she’s into games and retro games at that. As she ages, my mind may change, but for now, I’m hoping it’s all something we can bond in as she grows
  10. I’m onto the 4th planet now and really enjoying this. It’s perhaps not as amazing as the first was when it came out, and the free movement, whilst better than the grid system has some challenges (I’ve sliding tackled enemies only to end up stuck behind them more than a few times!) The main world is… ok. I think it looks pretty, and having different themes is good, but the map is a bit crap and the camera can do with being slightly further away on my opinion. Sometimes it feels a little too claustrophobic and sometimes I’m struggling to know where I’ve been and not been! The levels however are excellent as are the character and spark differences. I’m not missing the variety of weapons either, for me it was always about buying the most powerful one with the preferred effect anyway so no loss really. The jump pads add some more strategy, the dark mess eyes are interesting too in terms of another level type, really happy I jumped in at launch despite the inevitable Ubisoft price reductions presumably incoming.
  11. Yeah, I’d have been happy to revisit and try some different cars on that one too
  12. The weather is random. On my first try, I used the Porsche on mediums thinking I might manage the whole race, after pushing the mediums too far (and fuel saving) I switched to the soft and finished 30 seconds down! It rained for about half a lap, but not even enough for me to feel it. Second try it rained on lap 8 or 9. I switched to inters at the start of 9 and finished 2nd as the leader didn’t stop at all it seemed. Third try, I was going flat out on softs in the BRZ which seems decent on tyres. My plan was a simple 5 and 5 both on soft, with a duel top up. I pitted at the end of 5 as planned checked the weather radar at the end of 7 and it looked like strong rain incoming, so I gambled and stopped for a second time for inters. With 20 seconds in the pits, it was raining a fair bit when I exited, rain gauge just under the first line. By the end of the Kemmel Straight it was into inters and I was closing down 5 second gaps in 3 corners. I was approaching the bus stop as the leaders pit. I had a 10 or 12 second lead with 3 laps to go. I maintained it for 2 laps but on the last lap it turned to a monsoon with need for full wets. My lap time ended up about 40 seconds down! Out of Blanchimont I ran wide, and somehow managed to keep the car straight as I slid along the grass towards the chicane, slowing the car. I popped back onto the track at the entry, dropped a couple of gears and managed to get around and cross the line with 4 seconds to spare. Amazing fun race, but heart in mouth stuff! I’m playing on hard if it makes a difference. The Escudo race is simple, if you can keep it on the track. It took me 2 attempts as the first I stuck a wheel on the dirt on the last corner and only recovered back to 3rd. Only thing you need to watch is for the AI braking too much (or at all!) in some corners unexpectedly.
  13. Back again, reboxing more stuff from my attic… this time, a box of Dreamcast peripherals and some nice Nintendo collectibles. but I’m not done! I found some other funny bits too…. I found this odd Mario bear thing I was once given as a gift 2 recipes, for GameCube consoles, 1 black, 1 purple, each cost me £4.99! And finally, possibly the dumbest thing that younger me thought might be a good idea to stick in the attic, and probably a walking disease waiting to happen. Anyone fancy a stick of Nintendo rock from, I think 2004?
  14. Not sure if it helps, but I was 27 Eur shipping for the pedals and performance kit. I thought they didn’t do reduction on shipping, maybe I’m wrong.
  15. Yeah, he was a touch aggressive wasn’t he, overall though, the stewarding seemed to be decent, from what I saw anyway.
  16. Todays question is A. Carrazza ( who was third in the Repechage race. Was a really close race too, Big Willow in the Escudo
  17. Yes, I added the brake performance kit. Not sure it's a real issue if you missed it to be honest, as Fanatec don't combine postage anyway as they ship each item separately
  18. The tax bill more or less will take it back up to where it would have been (as in Eur price, converted) I think, plus a tenner or so that they charge for the privilege. I'll wait for them to arrived, plug them in and try them before looking at selling the CSL pedals I think, I appreciate this might push me out of the Xmas window, but I presume there will be a lot of pedals for sale soon anyway.
  19. It was the same last year (I ordered the GT DD Pro which launched on BF, so you can imagine how many folk were hitting it then!) I got my order in, just be patient with the page loading / if you get it in the basket and click checkout, it just brings up the white side bar. If your browser isn't "loading" then click anywhere on the page and click the cart again. Once it get there, it took about a mnute per page, but loaded eventually. The site crashed prior to me getting a confirmation page, but I got an email and money has been taken
  20. Got pedals in basket, can't get checkout to load
  21. @Shimmyhill Fanatec BF live and the website is dying... https://fanatec.com/eu-en/black-friday/
  22. I knew they’d pay off! Yup. I bought the 4.5million Porsche as it’s away tomorrow, and it’s the only car I needed for the collection menus. I got an engine ticket in return I thought it see what the 4.5 million Hagerty collection Porsche is worth now that I own it. 2.67 million. That depreciation for you. You buy your mega price collectors Porsche and 73 seconds later it’s dropped almost 2mill. Thanks Hagerty and PD for this wonderful insight into collecting cars! ;)
  23. I was a bit baffled by the tense of the question as when I read it, the race hadn’t been run, so I waited. Pretty sure I predicted Fraga too, lots of credits!
  24. I’m thinking about the inverted ones, I’m drawn in by the idea of longer throw, but I’m also on a strategic away day with work on Friday, which might be strategic in me not purchasing anything! Either way, I don’t think the v4 pedals would be priced as keenly. I was already slightly disappointed to miss the v3 pedals that sold on here in trading a week or 2 ago, or at least that’s what my brain is telling me
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