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  1. Corranga

    Bat Into Hell

    “Someone must have blessed us when he gave us those songs” I listened to Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are 3 times in a row on Saturday, I rarely listen to the same song twice in a week. Time for another listen I think. RIP
  2. To be fair (unfair?) to Sony, the fact this was 10 years ago has very little relevance to why you're still concerned about their customer service and security, both of which have been shown to be utter garbage in recent times too! Whether it's them resetting passwords for thief's or failing to refund huge amounts of digital purchases that are clearly accidental, or their utter lack of information leading up to the PS5 launch. There are lots of amazing examples of how they are continually shit..
  3. What about Smash Bros? Any time Bing has an "eSports games" thing, it's always listed in there, which suggests (I don't know if it is or not!) it's pretty popular?
  4. I mentioned it when it happened. Seeing the replay later, I think there was an opportunity, but equally, Max could have stepped on it and ploughed into the side of LeClerc, so perhaps just being cautious.
  5. There are 2 obvious solutions to that - 1 get rid of blue flags. - Don't allow un-lapping. Given that even once you've un-lapped yourself, you're still basically 99% of a lap behind anyway. With the red flag situation we had today, there is also another option, you release cars from the pits at timed (according to gaps at the red flag being issued, or the lap before) using the red light at the end of the pits - thus re-instigating the race right where it was in the first place. Of course, if you don't artificially close up the field, the racing looks even furthe
  6. Ant Davidson on Hamilton: "...and ends up where he would have been if all things had been fair" What you mean if he hadn't driven off the road entirely of his own doing, then gained a whole lap due to the red flag
  7. Doesn't the SC hold off to pick up the leader nowadays? It always used to let the other cars past until the leader was behind it. The unlapping at turn 1 thing doesn't really work either as they didn't let the Haas cars get their 2 laps back. It also gives the unlapping cars an advantage in tyre temperature as I think was demonstrated at Mugello last year.
  8. It's the equivalent of letting lapped cars overtake when the safety is out. It's a stupid rule that shouldn't really exist, they should just leave them laps down. LeClerc was kind to Max there (and has now lost out to Norris), pretty sure he could have blipped the throttle as Max recovered and taken the lead
  9. Yes, complete idiot, easily the most disrespectful thing that came out of all of this. I have a lot of time for Ted, but he really does need to engage the think before you speak filter more often than anyone else on the Sky team, Crofty included.
  10. Do they do 3 to let the Haas cars catch up as they are +2? Crofty - "Was Lewis driving off the circuit actually George Russell's fault?"
  11. You can see from Bottas front wing onboard, he moves right, which is fucking stupid. George was a passenger by his own reactions - either he hits Bottas, or the grass...
  12. Ok, everyone from Stroll in 7th down is +1 laps. That replay looks like Bottas moved right at 300kph, with such a narrow road, Russell taps the grass and it's game over.
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