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  1. See also cheerleaders, though they do get opportunities to earn merch and modelling contracts etc, the training and actual cheerleading I believe is largely unpaid.
  2. With Advance Wars in the list, I really hope so, but I’m not so confident..
  3. Sure, sure Alan. A member of the medical team who disregards medical advice. Relatively fast drivers are ten a penny when you’re the FIA. Get him gone.
  4. Toto confirming he'd have finished in the 4.3 second gap between Perez and LeClerc at the end. A gap that would have been smaller if LeClerc had not been defending to Hamilton earlier, and assuming he didn't loose a couple of seconds in a lock up trying to defend against faster cars coming through doesn't hold a lot of weight with me. This is roll of the dice stuff. Hamilton should have stopped when they told him to, that was the correct strategy.
  5. The lap before he stopped, Hamilton did a 1:36, post graining, LeClerc was in the 1:32/3s for a few laps, the gap was only 8 or 9 seconds with, what, 8 laps to go. As we know, Perez passed LeClerc too. Hamilton was finishing 5th regardless.
  6. The right call was for Hamilton to stop when they asked him to stop, running longer was the mistake. After that you could see clearly with the way Bottas was catching LeClerc that the old worn tyres were the wrong call, and with the speed at which those were catching. The graining cleared after 2 or 3 laps (LeClerc ended up keeping pace, and indeed catching Max towards the end in the 1:32/33s Hamilton had also cleared it by the end.
  7. I think Hamilton was finishing 5th if he didn't stop with his pace, the fresh tyre gave him at least a chance of more, but the graining was to much.
  8. Ferrari need to leave Charles out until Lewis pits, then bring him in. Stopping him makes no sense as it seems to take a few laps to get the tyres operating properly.
  9. LeClerc currently quicker than Max, though Bottas is chopping half a second a lap into his lead
  10. I like Ted, but he doesn't half talk some shit to try to make fake drama. Who might go to the end without stopping, maybe the guy that's 1 minute and 20 seconds behind the leader and will be lapped soon enough? Alonso immediately pits
  11. Ricciardo matching the leaders pace on the new inters means new inters are about 2 seconds a lap quicker than old inters...
  12. 3 wide into turn 1 off the start, that wasn't a penalty. Alonso on Mick however, slam dunk.
  13. Both Argos and Nintendo came through, 2x DPD drivers within about 5 minutes of each other! Transferring a variety of region based user accounts could take a while though…
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