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  1. the position dial, as far as I’m aware, only changes the function of the analogue paddles between clutch, accelerator and brake and mappable axis. Mine was set to option 3 as in Sport this made them left and right on the MFD. I didn’t change the settings tonight. I tried charging the MFD, turning the 2 rotaries and rotating the funky switch, nothing. In 7, the MFD is controlled by the 2 red up/down switches, which I find awkward as I have to move my hand to reach them, so switched back to the GT rim
  2. With me a Hawks fan, and my wife a Saints fan, I suspect it’s going to be a difficult season. Heading to London to watch the Saints lose to the Vikings this weekend
  3. Fingers crossed this years Black Friday special is a rotary dial F1 wheel... I'll have to check this, Fanatec do describe them as rotary encoders, and they (used to) work in ACC (which incidentally, I think just had the massive physics update on console, or maybe it's tomorrow). I wasn't sure if these thumb rotary encoders: communicate differently to the McLaren turny switch ones.. Be nice if they do work, though I somehow expect that even if they do, that they won't line up with the game (e.g. 1 on the switch won't be 1 in the game unless you load up in sync and remember to reset)
  4. It's right there in the "Highlights" section I didn't make it italic, or comment on it though, I think they just stick it on the update notes to troll us
  5. Just having a look now (obviously knowing your post would be true when hell freezes over :D)... Spoiler for length https://www.gran-turismo.com/us/gt7/news/00_1344644.html Highlights... New Cafe Menu for Sylvia's with 4 new races in single player Lobby / Meeting Place / Sport  - Improved network connectivity; Areas for concern: Car Settings  - Changed the calculation of the Performance Points (PP) in ‘Car Settings’ so that measurements are taken with stock Differential Gear (LSD) and Suspension settings. So either is was massively wrong, or they are now letting you change setup without it changing PP? Either way, this could mean that fiddling with the diff to make certain cars drivable (in single player) isn't a thing now due to PP limitations. Things I don't understand but potentially sound interesting: 6. Steering Controllers  - Added the ability to connect to a different shifter from the one currently being used for Fanatec steering controllers; Likely: Does this mean that Fanatec are about to launch another shifter? Unlikely: (due to the way PS controllers connect as I understand it anyway) Does it mean that you can USB a completely separate shifter directly to the PS, like a non-Fanatec one? Things that will benefit other mukers with wheel rims I don't own:  - Added rotary encoder support for Fanatec steering controllers. (Models which feature rotary encoders such as the Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2 can be used);
  6. Hang on, is this the new option in the latest update? We all set times for the next 2 weeks then Balestre comes in and decides the winner?
  7. Yes! I do this as I don't really actively expand my retro collection and a lot of it is boxed away. I seem to have Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii twice for example, duplicates of some Prof. Layton games, and Trauma Centre: New Blood for Wii. Perhaps I can retire on my 3 copies of Pocket Tennis for NGPC I use the Gameye app now to record what I have to try to avoid those moments when you see something on sale that you want and just buy it, only to realise months later you've already got it, though it took ages to get my collection added in the app, and.. we'll I'm still not actually finished as I can't be bothered making my way to my Gamecube collection, or into the attic for some others, or indeed, picking out the cart only SNES and Gameboy games from my 2 boxes of carts (I logged the boxed ones from their empty boxes stored elsewhere). Nice problem to have I guess.
  8. No issues hitting the wrong pedal. I don’t have a shifter so the clutch is just a foot rest, I only play with narrow shoes on (puma cats of some form, drift cat I think). I don’t think it’s any narrower then some cars I’ve driven / own. It’s much better. It feels firm but compliant, and gives me a little more (but still not enough for my preference) pedal travel. It creaks a little due to bring metal springs, and on close inspection it’s not wearing anything that I can see anyway so I’m pleased with it. I can naturally brake at 50% as and when I need to and ease the pressure off happily. Great for turning that Nissan around Lago Maggiore with the brakes in the current time trial!
  9. Playing catch up... I said early on, when I switched from original CSL Elite to CSL that I wouldn't switch back, but also that I saw benefits of both and... I still wouldn't, but as it's now been a while, I will say my mind has been changed a little, and these appeal somewhat. Pros of original Elites: Longer pedal travel Look nicer (they are much heavier, cast is cooler than shaped alloy, like the new V2s look to be, but I think this is looks only. I have no issues with the sturdiness of the CSL pedals at all) Pros of CSL: Hall sensor accelerator and clutch Warranty as they were newer This means the V2s are basically the combination of why I kept the CSLs and why I wanted to keep the Elites. Some of you may recall that I broke one of the elastomer shims used in my newer CSL load cell after only a couple of months. I put this down to 2 things. On the old CSL Elites, I used a fairly stiff pedal, and also I enjoyed the longer movement of it. (Note also that I already broke an elastomer shim on the original Elites too, though that took longer and was probably because I swapped out the foam piece for a soft elastomer!) What's changed? Well, I modded my CSL load cell to use springs instead of the elastomer shims, so I can't break them now. Why did I do that? The springs are obviously stronger, and also give an element of customisation (I run 2 different strengths which means the pedal is soft then gets harder, much like I had with the old Elites, though it's not as long, and is a touch noisier. Stronger and better feeling. Why is this relevant? Well, the new CSL Elite v2 clearly don't have a piece of foam in them, but instead have what looks like a small blue spring or something (potentially solving the problem I had when I broke them) They also look to have the longer pedal travel I want (being that they look exactly the same as the originals) So, I'm all in on CSL Elite V2 then right? Well, no. They still rely on the elastomer shores. I read somewhere that they break when they are compressed to 50% of their original size. Try avoiding that with your leg on a pedal! The real answer I fear is probably this:
  10. Also, he's American, rather than just in America. I know I'm a bit late to the game here, but the super licence points argument is an interesting one. Ignoring Americans on Twitter who simply point out that IndyCar is the 2nd tier in world motorsport because it's American, the balance definitely has some bias towards F2 (perhaps because it's all about heading to F1 and F2 is run in a similar fashion, perhaps as IndyCar is easy enough to get into that we still see rich privateer teams coming along, though not sure that's much different to F2 with funded drivers anyway?) Drivers need 40 points over the previous three seasons in any combination of the championships: from wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FIA_Super_Licence Obviously there are other criteria, but this is the one that matters as it's the only one out of control of the driver / teams (in terms of you can't really fake a 3rd place in F2 while you can stick someone in for a test) Herta has managed 3rd, 5th and 10th in Indycar in the last 3 seasons, so only has 29 points, which, I think means it's reasonable to not get him into F1. 3rd place in 2020 and has got worse since. Of course that 3rd place in 2020 would see him with a super licence if IndyCar met the same criteria as F2, but I'd argue that the full 40 points for finishing in the top 3 in F2 is the problem here, and that should be staged better like all the others. F1 is already full of taken spots with few leaving, and potentially generating 3 new drivers every season seems silly to me. Also, why not make the F2 win the only one with 40 points, it's also the only one that means you can't compete at that level again. On a side note, the balance between Hypercar and F3 and E is kinda funny too. Less points for 2nd, more for 4th...
  11. This confused me initially I watched the AU feed which said 12.05.23 just checked the US one and it says 5.12.2023 so May it is then.
  12. I watched a video that suggested TC is limiting acceleration if you have more than 5 or 10 degrees input on the wheel. Of course, if you can happily wait until you have less than that, you can probably run without anyway!
  13. When I posted, I thought Max was too.
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