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  1. Delivery estimation for me is Wednesday, I’m the wrong side of Edinburgh
  2. Brave, or perhaps stupid, I don’t know, but, I only paid £50 for the player and speakers so not a huge amount to lose if I screw it all up, plus another £20 for the repair kit. With replacement for the broken speakers costing £68 each, it seemed worth a go, and I’d presume the replacements would be pretty old too as the Beolab 6000 themselves seem to have gone out of production in 2010 or so. When the seller tested the system (with Christmas by Daniel O’Donnell!) it sounded fine, I’m not sure they knew there was a problem at all
  3. This is exactly what was in my mind too. The design is lovely, not just another box. Perhaps this isn’t the right thread, but we’ve spoke CD players in here before so I’m sticking with it for now. Following on from my last post, I’ve ordered a repair kit which is basically some replacement rubber surrounds, some glue and a brush to apply. The kit is shipping from a place in the Netherlands, so who knows when it’ll turn up. Meanwhile, I’ve got the screwdriver, scalpel and isopropyl alcohol out and set about dismantling speakers that cost a few thousand quid new if you adjust for inflation Cutting the old rubber from around the paper cone without damaging the cone was challenging but it’s done now… You can see the problem here, the material is basically disintegrating. I’m not putting much pressure on the cone at all, just enough to show the break clearly. Talking to a speaker with a knife feels all kinds of wrong Once cut, I had to go all the way around with the scalpel blade horizontally to cut off the paper overlay covering up the glue underneath, then scrape / clean the glue off so the new stuff will stick. You can see the rough edges on the cone here too, the next step was too trim that back to round, removing as much of the old rubber as possible. The original glue on the back of the cone is left alone as you’d destroy the cone trying to remove it. And here we have it, 4 speakers looking all wrong, but nice and clean, with space around the now very round looking cones, waiting for a delivery from The Netherlands
  4. I was sad to read this too, though the shock was perhaps that of all the members, it was her who had passed, rather than a shock of someone from Fleetwood Mac passing! I'm another for whom her tracks were never my favourites, but without her (notable and sizable) contributions to the FM back catalogue, I suspect that many of us, myself included, may never have heard of them in the first place.
  5. Oh that’s interesting, I hadn’t thought of that, but was a bit worried about splitting the bundle too
  6. 79 quid for me. UPS take 11.50 for the privilege, but other than that 11.50 it's the same as pre-brexit would have been. Also, it seems Fanatec screwed up BF and over-sold a bunch of the old F1 wheels so have started sending apology emails with 10% discounts in them...
  7. I expect the issue there is trying a daily at Monza. A lot of GT online racers seem to take the approach of "I'll just brake later than the car in front" to over take, and as Monza is basically 3 massive braking zones split by flat out sections, this happens way too much. The penalty system, for me, seems ok providing there are only 2 cars in the incident. I had a couple of incidents where I was run off the track by someone taking a late dive, or just running into the back of me, and they had 3 second penalties awarded to the others. The issue of course, which can never really be fixed, is that in both cases, I dropped 2 or 3 positions to other cars due to being off line / slow re-joining. I think I'm right at the top of the B lobbies though (as I get matched with a mix of A and B ranked folk now), so perhaps the driving standards are better as people are trying to get to A?
  8. If you want to scrub up on some Zak specific knowledge, give the Jodie Kidd videos a watch, I think she's a good host, but her guests (Zak in this case) are the real stars. Great insights and very interesting... https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=jodie+kidd+zak+brown
  9. So... I've been on the look out for a CD player to put in my living room. I've been keeping an eye on gumtree and facebook marketplace for a while now, but not much has been appearing. The occasional Sony or Pioneer separate CD player for a few hundred pounds, with no remote, or an unnamed midi system. There was a little Panasonic recently that I was tempted by, thinking I could simply use the Aux out to my surround sound. Today however, I hit the jackpot, well, almost. I've got myself a bit of a project... I drove 45 minutes each way to collect my lovely Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Overture. CD, Tape and tuner midi system. It's such a stunning looking thing. Ambient lighting, glass doors that silently open automatically, like magic as you approach, and a Beo4 remote controller that weighs about a kilo and has all the buttons you'd need to operate, presumably your B&O TV and DVD player too! And with it, single piece aluminium constructed BeoLab 6000 active loudspeakers. It looks and sounds beautiful! Well, almost. The rubber foam around the speakers is deteriorating so at anything more than a moderate volume it distorts a little, so it seems I have a project, to remove the speakers, and try to remove the rubber and replace with something like this kit https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/165787207446 which presumably needs some glue too. Anyone done anything like this before?
  10. I'd have gone with this one... Before the Lotus 72, F1 cars looked like this: Chapman was an incredible genius, but as with the 25 I posted, it was proper no compromise performance to levels that make Ferrari look sensible. Everything trimmed to the absolute max, including the life expectancy of their drivers
  11. Since we’re in the F1 thread… but my real answer would be the 330P4 already mentioned as it perfectly balances the designed to race with the designed to look beautiful period, sports cars simply became flat or big wings. Actually, this would be very, very high on the list too… Because it’s iconic, and simple, but revolutionary at the same time, and probably the most beautiful of the cigar shaped F1 cars (Gurney’s Eagle a close second for me). Honourable mentions for all of the great racing Ferraris too… 250LM and GT0, 57 Testarossa, 288 GTO Evo, F40LM, 333SP, 246 Dino F1, 156 shark nose… Modern F1 appeals much less.
  12. I now have EXACTLY the same time as required for gold
  13. It’s ok, I’ve set a faster one I’m something annoying like 0.14 off a gold time right now, but I’m finding it frustrating rather that fun as I feel the car is always on edge, and the difference between it sliding and turning is 0.01 on the brakes but 0.5 on your time! I’ll get a gold time tomorrow hopefully and put that one to bed!
  14. I think you might be me too. Sim racing, X2's, Lego, like of small Italian cars... I haven't bought any diecast models that aren't cars I've owned for years mind. I do have the Lego RSR though
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