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  1. SNES Mini

    I still absolutely love mine (to the point I went crazy and bought the US and Japanese variants too) and it's genuinely been my most played console for a while. I finished Super Metroid on it, am working my way through Castlevania and play a lot of Street Fighter II Turbo/Super Street Fighter 2 (plus the odd quick blast on a few of the other titles). I love that I can flick the power switch on and be playing in a few seconds with next to no boot time or hassle of system/game updates which in turn lets me grab quick games of street fighter 2 around family life. It's totally rekindled my appreciation of the relative simplicity of 16bit 2D games and I blame it for leading me into ordering an Analogue Super NT!
  2. Nintendo Switch

    From 4Chan, possibly rubbish: "It's called "Nintendo Pixelbits". Similar to lego, but not quite. Build shapes/characters/small sets, similar to the 8-bit Mario and Link amiibo. The IR Camera in the right Joycon reads them and incorporates them into games. Comes in sets to build various characters. At launch will be Mario, Luigi, Link, Squid, Kirby, Samus, as well as a Mushroom Kingdom set containing a 1-up Mushroom, Flagpole, etc. "Harder" Pixelbits such as Bowser and Ganondorf will contain more "bits" are be aimed more at adults to put together. They are not amiibo. They offer more flexibility and offer no save/read data. Release is set for June"
  3. Tiny Arcades

    I got the complete set of four of these delivered on Saturday from the US ebay seller doing them for around £16 each (I'd ordered between Christmas and new year). Pac-mans packing was was slightly dented as the 4 units had been squeeze into slightly too small a box but I didn't get hit with any import fees. They look really cool and are currently out on display but are obviously primarily novelty items so the controls won't be up to marathon game sessions! They ship in 'demo mode' which I think is good for display purposes, pressing one of the buttons triggers them to turn on and immediately start a pre-recorded/ai game session (skipping the title screen) for 10 seconds or so before going back to sleep. Turning the power on and off sets them to 'play mode' where they operate more like the original arcade machines (title screen, demo looks and obviously you can play). I couldn't see it in the manual but I worked out if you want to re-enable demo mode for any reason, switch the machine off and switch it back on while holding down both of the control buttons.
  4. 8bitdo

    Hi Popo, I can confirm that both my 8Bitdo controllers, SF30 Pad and N30 arcade stick do still work with my switch running the new Switch firmware that was out last week (around the time Odyssey launched). With the previous switch firmware release (4 if i remember correctly) I did have to update the 8bitdo firmware before I could connect the controllers but not this time. Each and every time Nintendo update the firmware I do find I have todo a full restart/shutdown of the switch and make sure the 8bitdo controllers are switched off (hold start on them). I then go into the change grip order section of the switch menu, hold y on the 8bitdo controller and press start to turn them on in switch mode. If I remember correctly occasionally if it doesn't work I may back out of the change grip screen, go back in and try again. Hope that helps, good luck getting them synced again!
  5. Super Paper Mario

    Apparently it has town sections akin to paper mario/rpgs but the actual intervening levels are platform games. I think you earn platforming abilities (like being able to carry Koopa shells) in the RPG bits which you then can use in the platform bits.
  6. PWiiorders

    Preordered instore in Gamestation this morning as they seem to be the only place aside from Play taking orders at the moment. Was preorder number 7 in my local store and the deposit was 20 quid They weren't taking Zelda preorders yet as they didn't have a code for it.
  7. XNA Game Studio Express

    Syntactically C# seems pretty similar to Java, so if you have a good experience in that language you should be able to pick up it up fairly quickly. As with XNA, the 2D side of things is very easy to use, so (as before) if you have experience in creating any simple 2D games in Java you should be able to get some "simple small games" (assuming 2D) underway pretty quickly. 3D will require a bit more work and knowledge, especially considering that the XNA Content Pipeline isn't available yet, so, for example, if you want to load in any meshes you have todo it yourself. I think providing you have a good knowledge of Java and are happy to begin with 2D titles then a C#/XNA combination shouldn't be too bad a place to start doing some games programming.
  8. Test Drive Unlimited

    Anybody know if there's any truth in the info that I keep seeing in other forum threads (notably on ntsc and gamespot) that, though more expensive, the European version has an additional 40 vehicles that were cut out of the US version to be sold on the marketplace?
  9. Battalion Wars

    Cheers, missed it the last two times they have had stock in but got an order in that time! (The link leads to Odama not Batallion Wars though!)
  10. Outrun 2006 - Coast 2 Coast

    Xbox version of Coast 2 Coast is £14.99 in the Gameplay pay day sale for those who don't read the bargains folder
  11. Initial D Psp

    The Hong Kong Version includes an english manual, I assume because English may be fairly common there as a throwback from the previous British rule.
  12. Table Tennis 360

    Got the game yesterday and looking forward to a few more online games so please add me to the GamerTag list! GamerTag: Flockheart
  13. Test Drive Unlimited

    Quiet enjoyed the demo think the game still has great potential despite the majority of negative comments that have been surfacing. The avatar/house front end looks like it could be pretty cool, the handling needs some tweaking (or maybe I've been playing too much ridge racer recently) and yeah theres some framerate issues (which I hope is just early code). The graphics don't look amazing but they don't exactly look shit, theres a fair bit of popping but I was pretty impressed when you tap the map button and see the view zoom out to the satellite view in 3d. All in all I'm hopeful that the game will still turn out as good with it's freeform structure and customisation elements.
  14. new loco roco vid with song

  15. new loco roco vid with song

    lol Tried that too but the wall just seem too high to jump up, guess I'll have to give it another go

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