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  1. I think they might but I haven't tried.
  2. I bought a couple of the 8Bitdo wireless controllers which seem to work well.
  3. Not sure if Amazon UK have sold out of these now as it's saying "Currently Unavailable - We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock."? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Konami-PC-Engine-CoreGrafx-Mini/dp/B07SLM7N9J/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=arcade+1up&qid=1594970007&sr=8-9
  4. I regularly check how long to beat before starting/getting a game to see if there's any chance I'll finish it. I prefer games where the main story is no more than 10 hours-ish, preferably a bit shorter. If I seem something that's 20 hours plus I know there's little to no chance I'll see the end due to other time commitments and my own attention span.
  5. Yeah with wheel, but I think it's original outrun not the newer polygon games. I assume it would be a stand-up cab like this: Again it's just a rumour, they were apparently going to announce an additional game with the batch they did a few weeks ago but had to delay the announcement. There's been talk of a new kind of cabinet for them (i.e. possibly a wheel) and also rumours of outrun. There's been rumours of a light gun cab too though so it maybe be that rather than a wheel cab with outrun.
  6. There's been some rumours about an Arcade1Up Outrun cabinet so maybe the Outrun questions are related to that.
  7. I played through it to the end for the first time last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. From memory there was maybe the odd moment of the game that seemed a little vague on what I had to actually do (I know modern games probably hold your hand too much) but overall it was an amazing experience and I probably prefer it to Super Mario World.
  8. That sucks as you were probably most of the way through the game with that playtime. Was it an old battery that finally ran out of juice? I'm always somewhat impressed when I pick up and older game and see the save files still working when the battery in the cart has a date stamp from the early 90's.
  9. Amazon did price match Currys too, I ordered from Amazon this morning for £20.99 too but it was fairly early so they may have sold out by now.
  10. Just out of interest has anyone had any issues with the right trigger on the retro-bit 8 button 2.4ghz megadrive pad? I got one when they came out and was using it on the genesis mini and the switch. I liked it but the right trigger seemed a bit duff, the left trigger had a bit of movement and felt good wheres the right trigger had next to no movement even though it still worked triggering button inputs. I ended up returning it but would consider buying it again if it's not a general issue.
  11. I think I didn't word my thoughts very well as I was trying to comment on the feel of the game as a whole with entire sentence rather than specifically just the graphics, I did say " graphics actually look really pretty at times" as well. Maybe to be a bit more clear I think it feels/plays like a Dreamcast/PS2 game that was re-released on a PS3/Dreamcast 2 generation system. I agree the graphics are better than a PS3/Dreamcast 2 could produce.
  12. I played about 90 minutes of the game this evening, it's totally Shenmue. I noticed the NPCs fading in and out like they did on the Dreamcast which I assume (or at least hope!) they did on purpose. Even though they have improved the controls Ryo still feels a little clunky to manoeuvre in a manner that feels very reminisant of the earlier games but is no where near as annoying, I mean this in a good way as they have managed to capture the feel while removing the irritations. So far, to me, the fighting feels worse than it did in the earlier games but I haven't done enough fights to judge it properly yet. The graphics actually look really pretty at times and I like the bright bold colour palette. The English dub is better than I expected, but still very Shenmue, and the music is as great as it always was. I think someone else may have said similar previously but it almost feels like an end of life cycle Dreamcast game that was then slightly polished up and also released on a newly arrived Dreamcast 2 console shortly after. In hindsight I wish I'd kickstarted it and had my name in the backer credits!
  13. Yeah the 10gb day one patch meant I was too tired to start playing by the time it had downloaded so leaving it until tomorrow now. We never had to put up with this crap on the Dreamcast!
  14. I've just finished the game this evening and played through the entire thing in coop with my 5 year old son who absolutely loved it. Despite the occasional bit of annoying game design and the odd bit of dodgy collision detection I thought it was a really good game. Personally I don't think it's as good/tight as the first game but it's much better than the second game (which I got bored with and stopped playing part way through).
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