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  1. Amazon did price match Currys too, I ordered from Amazon this morning for £20.99 too but it was fairly early so they may have sold out by now.
  2. Just out of interest has anyone had any issues with the right trigger on the retro-bit 8 button 2.4ghz megadrive pad? I got one when they came out and was using it on the genesis mini and the switch. I liked it but the right trigger seemed a bit duff, the left trigger had a bit of movement and felt good wheres the right trigger had next to no movement even though it still worked triggering button inputs. I ended up returning it but would consider buying it again if it's not a general issue.
  3. I think I didn't word my thoughts very well as I was trying to comment on the feel of the game as a whole with entire sentence rather than specifically just the graphics, I did say " graphics actually look really pretty at times" as well. Maybe to be a bit more clear I think it feels/plays like a Dreamcast/PS2 game that was re-released on a PS3/Dreamcast 2 generation system. I agree the graphics are better than a PS3/Dreamcast 2 could produce.
  4. I played about 90 minutes of the game this evening, it's totally Shenmue. I noticed the NPCs fading in and out like they did on the Dreamcast which I assume (or at least hope!) they did on purpose. Even though they have improved the controls Ryo still feels a little clunky to manoeuvre in a manner that feels very reminisant of the earlier games but is no where near as annoying, I mean this in a good way as they have managed to capture the feel while removing the irritations. So far, to me, the fighting feels worse than it did in the earlier games but I haven't done enough fights to judge it properly yet. The graphics actually look really pretty at times and I like the bright bold colour palette. The English dub is better than I expected, but still very Shenmue, and the music is as great as it always was. I think someone else may have said similar previously but it almost feels like an end of life cycle Dreamcast game that was then slightly polished up and also released on a newly arrived Dreamcast 2 console shortly after. In hindsight I wish I'd kickstarted it and had my name in the backer credits!
  5. Yeah the 10gb day one patch meant I was too tired to start playing by the time it had downloaded so leaving it until tomorrow now. We never had to put up with this crap on the Dreamcast!
  6. I've just finished the game this evening and played through the entire thing in coop with my 5 year old son who absolutely loved it. Despite the occasional bit of annoying game design and the odd bit of dodgy collision detection I thought it was a really good game. Personally I don't think it's as good/tight as the first game but it's much better than the second game (which I got bored with and stopped playing part way through).
  7. The Game Collection's let me down as there was no game or even a missed delivery card waiting for me when I got home, at least if it turns up tomorrow my initial play won't be disturbed by trick or treater's I guess!
  8. Physical version from Limited Run Games was waiting for me when I got home today.
  9. I think the back story to the first game was that Luigi had won the mansion in a competition (that he hadn't even entered and didn't realise was a trap) and we was rocking up to take possession.
  10. Ok thanks, it's just the one game. I made the order a few months back but I got a shipping number last Thursday but the tracking info has just sat on "In transit to carrier's US operations facility" since then.
  11. I'm waiting on an order of River City Girls from them, it's not arrived yet but I do remember when I ordered it said that any duty/fees were pre-paid so I'm not expecting any further charges when the game (finally) arrives. @striderOff topic but have you any idea roughly how long games tend to take to arrive in the UK from LR once you've got a shipping notification? (thanks!)
  12. I'm a bit torn on what I've seen of this based on Nintendo's promotional footage so far. I was actually starting to think it looked a bit crap and am still worried it's going to be too similar to the drawn out Luigi's Mansion 2 rather than the first game which I loved. I was considering cancelling my pre-order but Happy Console Gamer's video yesterday has given me a bit of hope so I had a google for some more thoughts from press who have the game already and Esquire's write up has actually made me a bit excited as the writer seemed to really like it: https://www.esquire.com/lifestyle/a29489555/luigis-mansion-3-nintendo-game-review/ (though I don't know how good Esquire stack up as a game's previewing source!)
  13. I've tried sonic 2 and agree it doesn't seem as bad as sonic 1 which is really strange. But I still maintain that that the lag in sonic 1 is really awful, even when compared to another open source emulator. I wonder why it would vary per game, I would have thought frames would drop or audio stutter rather than lag more if it was a performance issue?
  14. So despite having this preordered and getting the console on launch day I've only just plugged this in this evening. I've been reading people's impressions with interest and, if I'm honest, dismissing most of the negative comments as people being overly fussy. It turns out I was wrong to dismiss them as the audio lag really is awful. I'm genuinely shocked how far behind the video the sound is. I went back and tested the same game on a hacked PSX classic and the difference was night and day. My simple test was to load Sonic 1, on the first level stand next to a tree and press the jump button. Sonic reaches near the top of the tree/the peak of his jump before the jump sound effect plays. Repeating this on the PSX classic and the sound effect plays as sonic leaves the ground. For reference I had no issue with audio lag with either the nes or snes classic and if anybody thinks there isn't an issue I urge them to try this simple test and see what they think. I believe I've read elsewhere that this lag has been fixed via a hack that ups the CPU clock speed? The direction input is also really dodgy/overly sensitive on the menu screen and shouldn't have passed QA or shipped in that state. On more positive notes the hardware is lovely, the joypads feel good and the menu music is great. I can put up with the dodgy menu input but I'm not sure I can put up with the audio lag so may be returning the system. I'm slightly at a loss at why so many of the reviews for this have been so positive when audio lag is so pronounced, maybe the at games stuff was so bad this seems like a massive step up but, in my opinion, it still should be better than it is. It reminds me a bit of the PSX classic (though it's not as bad as that!) in that lovely hardware is being let down by the software.
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