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  1. Just received my order has shipped email 2 hours after it has arrived!
  2. Mines just arrived, despite no dispatch update from Sony...now just to get through a day of work! Whoever packed it creased the box though which is a bit annoying!
  3. I've just done the web page source check thing and confirm it seems to work! Tracking the number with my postcode gets: "Your dpd order will be delivered today by Lewis, your DPD driver, between 08:49 and 09:49. Your one hour timeslot can't be changed"
  4. From resetera re. the horizon bundles: "Good news someone in the Uk (PSVR without Parole discord) said their Horizon bundle has shipped. They got a tracking number from CS and even though it still says Preparing to Ship status the tracking number put into DPD website said it had been collected and is in Hinckley so there is hope." Obviously no way of verifying but I did read another tweet where someone claimed customer support said they had shipped and there was just issues with the systems updating.
  5. Mines also now "Preparing to ship" in the UK.
  6. I've been billed for the horizon bundle too!
  7. Yeah this is the game that pushed me over the edge to preorder if I'm honest!
  8. From the video author's reply in this tweet it looks like there may be a batch of PSVR gameplay videos dropping later today, so I assume another embargo may be up!
  9. I've got the 'we are taking your money soon' email too.
  10. I'd considered it as I've bought into the hype but with Sony not offering a concrete delivery date it's difficult to plan, my order currently says "Delivers February 22nd - 28th, 2023" and I've not had the 'we're billing you soon' email yet either (though I only preordered recently).
  11. I think I read online that it was Thursday next week for the next embargo, the same source got the unboxing embargo date correct. I just say think as my memory is a bit fuzzy so there's a chance it was Wednesday but I'm 90% sure it was Thursday!
  12. Bump as Panzer Dragoon Remake is currently £2 (!) on PSN: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/games/panzer-dragoon-remake/
  13. Exactly the same for me here after the update installed and I’m also having to reinstall.
  14. A little update, the download took ages and has only just finished. The PS5 did go into rest mode once when I was in a meeting so was maybe off for about an hour tops. I'd estimate that, for whatever reason, the in-game update took about 2 and a half hours and my internet connection is normally pretty fast (I've just done a speed test and got 81.50 Mb/s). Just be prepared for music rally if your first experience is anything like mine!
  15. I've had quick play over lunch. I'm not sure this will be the same for the digital editions but it has a very slow in-game update. The disc was fully copied over and I checked the game was up to date. Upon starting the game you set your video and assist settings, it then starts downloading an in-game update. While it's downloading you have three music rally courses you can play and that's it. I played for about 40 minutes and it's maybe downloaded somewhere between a 1/4 and a 1/3 of the update. I've had to leave the game and PS5 on now I've gone back to work so it can hopefully download the rest this afternoon.
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