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  1. Videogame's greatest weapons.

    I'm sticking with the one I submitted to the greatest powerups thread:
  2. What's The Oldest Game You Still Play?

    Awesome, thanks. I wonder if I can getting going on the Raspberry Pi...
  3. What's The Oldest Game You Still Play?

    My three decade long infatuation with Boulder Dash on the C64 doesn't seem to be fading, these days thanks to the emulator for the Wii. The sideways Wiimote is perfect for it.
  4. Amazing thread. The melancholia and pining for my lost childhood that I'm currently in the grip of are totally worth it.
  5. Obscure Japanese VGM Arrangements

    Not sure if this fits the bill but I absolutely adore it, the Colony stage from Axelay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8HmSCyrq7g
  6. Greatest power-ups of all time?

    Yes! My Dad had the coin-op in his bar all those years ago. I discovered the cheat by accident when I wasn't paying attention.
  7. Essential side-scolling beat 'em ups?

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (CPS1) and Alien vs Predator (CPS2).
  8. Greatest power-ups of all time?

    Always been a fan of this:
  9. The Emulator Thread

    I've been using Vice with no trouble. http://www.viceteam.org/macosx.html
  10. SNES Super Play Magazine...

    It really was an excellent magazine about my favourite console of all time. It reviewed a lot of really interesting obscure stuff that you wouldn't otherwise hear about pre-internet. I loved the manga overtones too. PM me if you do end up collecting them, I've got the first thirty-or-so issues but I'm not interested in splitting them.
  11. The Best SNES Music

  12. Die Antwoord

    It's all definitely a piss-take. The dude's a posh chap called Watkin Tudor Jones, FFS. But then who cares? It's massively entertaining.
  13. Wu-Tang Clan


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