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  1. Feels like forever since I tuned into an event like this. Excited. More reed flutes and banjo solos this year?
  2. To whoever it was that introduced me to this game at a Rllmuk meet over a decade ago; I love you.
  3. Gameplay wise it's mostly Vancouver I think, yeah, but we have studios all over working on it. I'm a producer, mainly responsible for making sure we get all the official kits into the game and have them properly approved by the clubs/leagues/manufacturers. It's not that glamorous!
  4. So much hype when this came on the screen. Like the OP, I didn't want to let myself believe it until the title shot came up at the end, I had a ridiculous number of hours on FS2000. I hope they've made some big changes to the flight model though, I could never go back to FSX after trying X-Plane.
  5. Yeah, I just arrived back over to the UK and got a bit lucky getting this job so soon. I've been away in Canada for the last couple of years working at Ubisoft. Looking forward to seeing the reveal of the project I was on with them at their conference tomorrow I'm not involved with Volta directly but that's certainly a mode I'd be interested in too, Pro Clubs was always something I enjoyed with the guys on here last gen.
  6. I just started working on this. As soon as I found out about the plans for Volta I had instant flashbacks to the indoor mode on FIFA '98, I absolutely loved it and I think this could be a neat twist to put a bit of life back into the series.
  7. Props to him for naming his service something even worse than Stadia though.
  8. For me, there are two key advantages of this system over prior streaming services. Firstly, (and this is one that many people won't actually care about) multiplayer becomes a much fairer environment. They only touched on it briefly during the conference, but hacking/cheating is practically wiped out overnight and every online game is played on a virtual LAN. Yes, there will still be the latency of the video stream, but if you're happy with how that turns out, it means every action you take is immediately registered with other players, no more checking your ping. Secondly, this is a fixed hardware system, not a hundreds of GTX 2080s crammed into a datacentre to power thousands of virtual machines. That might not sound noteworthy, but It means developers can optimise the hell out of it in the same way they do for home consoles.
  9. Heh, platform is just an overarching term I use for many different things, and they've already announced it's gaming related
  10. I've been involved with a project coming to this platform for a while now and it does have the potential to be quite a gamechanger if other publishers get on board. I'm not expecting our game to be announced with it, but that's a decision a bit above my pay grade! Looking forward to the show anyway.
  11. Do you guys play on console? I own it on Steam but I’ve never actually booted it up before... I gather it has cross-play features from PC though.
  12. I remember owning one of these god-awful motion controllers in the 90s: Clearly Nintendo never got hold of one or they'd have been put off motion controllers for life.
  13. Play the game? No, not really. I did spend far too much time a couple of years back perfecting my laps on the racing mode back when that and the arena/dogfighting module were the only functional parts of the game though. That was actually quite fun. I'm not bothered about space combat because I'm useless, and being a semi-serious CS:GO player I fully expect the FPS aspect to be complete crap as well so if anything comes from that it's a bonus. In regards to the video content not being representative of the game I'm not entirely sure what you mean, it seems quite clear to me which parts are in development/subject-to-change and which are already playable on the test server. I mean, anyone can literally go on there and look for themselves, there's no smoke and mirrors. Perhaps a 'casual' backer might be confused by what they see talked about as if it's already available to play, I couldn't really say - are there any particular examples? I don't think I can really comment definitively on that, it's just conjecture. I'm well aware of that kind of phenomenon in gambling culture, convincing yourself to make just one more bet to win back everything you've lost and so on... But who sensibly thinks they can keep throwing money at a multi-multi-million dollar project and finish funding it themselves because they don't want to waste the $200 they're already in for? Regarding just releasing what was promised - I believe once they began receiving crazy money from backers they ran a poll to ask everyone whether they should still deliver what they had originally planned, or re-scale the project to something much more ambitious. You can guess which way the vote went. I can also understand why people are getting antsy, the average punter sees something like Assassin's Creed coming out every year and thinks that it only takes 12 months to put together a game of that scale. I'd bet Rockstar have averaged 800+ people working on RDR2 over the past 5 years, CIG had to build up a studio from zero for the first couple of years of 'development' before they could really begin to get the project rolling. And I have every reason to hold a grudge against CIG, I applied for a development job there and didn't get it
  14. About 20 quid off eBay for an unwanted AMD GPU promo code nearly 4 years ago, which came with the most expensive Mustang class ship. I since spent 5 or 10 dollars in-game to upgrade it to an Origin 315p. I was always a solo Astero guy on Eve so exploration is what I'm most interested in. I completely agree, I even have first hand experience with someone who previously worked at CiG and they weren't complimentary of their planning and organisation either. The thing is, people are (presumably) willing to continue funding it because they still like where it's going and what it's trying to do. If that's what they want to spend their money on then I don't see why anyone has a problem with that. There are far, far worse abusers of player trust and psychological weaknesses (loot boxes, etc.) in this industry. I am of the opinion that Chris is honestly trying to make the very best possible game he can for the players and not the bank - even if his ability to plan such an undertaking is arguably lacking. I don't believe there's any deceit involved at all.
  15. Oh, Rllmuk. Circumstance has seen me not visit the forum for a few years, but having recently began browsing again I thought I'd search Discussion to find out who else on here has been following SC's development. I certainly expected serious discussion of the 'scam' opinion some people genuinely hold about it, but it seems that Rllmuk's consensus has already been well established! I've personally already had way more than my monies-worth just from the regular video content they push out alone. I was going to suggest that maybe those of us who are in or interested in the development industry can more appreciate seeing the updates and progress they're making, but I see JP and maybe a few others aren't particular enthralled by the project either, so maybe not. There are a few others in our studio who play it and follow the dev content though, so at least I'm not the only crazy one. I love this kind of behind-the-scenes stuff, the making of Halo 2 doc on the collectors edition disc was probably what got me into this business. I certainly don't envy their situation and development environment with all eyes on them 24/7, but they don't half make it easy for the trolls from time to time. The $20k+ ship collection comes to mind, and the recent CitizenCon streaming fee. They really need to hire some better marketing peeps to avoid those customer relations balls ups at least. Anyway yeah, stuff like this I could watch all day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0YYKIjEC0E One for the 'Biggest discrepancy in gaming' thread I guess...
  16. Ah balls, I just tried using my dev kit at the office to see if I'd be able to join you in BAP from there but it doesn't want to play retail disks. Boooo Sony
  17. BAP would be my preference over 1v1.
  18. I'd join back up but it might have to wait until December to find out where I'm going to be moving. I live too far from work at the moment and with the timezone difference 10pm isn't really doable for me. Would love to get back in on the BAP league though. Mitchell's "9pm practice" comment did give me a chuckle.
  19. I have no invite, this is an outrage.
  20. Unless I'm misinterpreting some of the earlier posts, this issue is being heavily watered down by the fact people keep bringing up cross-play. Cross-play is something you can understand Sony not liking or allowing from a business perspective, but the much more serious issue here (which surely no one can agree with?) is that if you merely have the audacity to log into your Epic account on a PS4 you are then no longer able to access your account on other consoles. Meaning even if you've never even played Fortnite on a PS4, your purchases and progression from playing on an Xbox can't follow you to the Switch - because of Sony. That's just odd more than anything.
  21. I got a sneak peak at Starlink’s E3 demo last week, it’s looking much more interesting than I was expecting. Especially enjoyed the audio design.
  22. I must be one of a very small number of people around these parts to have never been bothered about Tetris, but I'm not exaggerating that this is potentially a system & VR seller for me. Rez and CoE were just wonderful experiences and I remember enjoying Lumines on the PSP much more than I expected to.
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