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  1. I've been playing this in short bursts of 30 minutes a day or so for the past week and had 0 crashes, but quick resume doesn't usually work.
  2. I've tried the grenade trick a couple of times last week but had no luck. Explosions don't seem to go through walls any more, you used to be able to use a mine on the wall outside of the antenna building surface 2 to blow up the computer is inside which doesn't work anymore, I've tried with infinite ammo on. To he workaround seems to be to shoot the window on the side and chuck the mine through.
  3. You can tell which guards are going for you or Natalya by if they wear hats or not. I can't remember which way round it is but either guards with hats will always ignore you and go for Natalya or the other way around. Another strategy is to detonate a remote mine in midair with X once thrown, also useful for taking out the three guards and two drone guns in the area with a mainframe.
  4. Goldeneye never locked any objectives away, you can do any of the 00 Agent objectives on Agent and explore any of the areas, meet characters etc, it just wouldn't count towards anything other than agent completion. So you can essentially practise and get to know a level and where to go and what to do on 00 agent with less chance of dying. Timesplitters was worse for locking stuff away where you could only access areas on the hardest setting.
  5. The only minor issues I have with this are: 1) You can no longer destroy cameras in 1 shot if you hit them in the lens, I could be mistaken but it now always takes about 3 bullets. 2) You can't shoot through glass in doors (Bunker levels) again I'm sure you could do this, now it just leaves a bullet mark 3) Minor graphical glitch in Aztec in the body armour area where the new texture doesn't seem to be aligned with the old one.
  6. You can select and scroll through items (camera/modem/plasique/watch magnet) etc by pressing the B button.
  7. X/reload is the button for the 'remote mine mid-air detonation' trick
  8. When you look at the game map, in Santo Domingo
  9. Only if you're a Russian tourist. Edit: Hitman 4 confirmed.
  10. My in game time for my first playthrough was about 150 hours. I said I'd wait a few months before starting again. I had exactly one day off before staring again on Very Hard mode, second playthrough time is at about 70 hours so far.
  11. If you're in a conversation and stuck crouched, you can press and hold B to stand up.
  12. I finished last night and got good ending, It's great, but I'm still going to have a break from it and wait a while before I play through again. The main problematic bugs i've had are falling/jumping from 1 metre two or three times and dying, tripping over a stationary car and dying, and getting stuck in scenery. Also my leg mod may have stopped working at some point, I'm not sure if I was because I was walking through an area where you can't use them or just a bug.
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