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  1. I played it a year ago and it was a mess not just how it ran but the controls gameplay etc, it hasn't dated well. Fable 2 and 3 are much better.
  2. I think it's current gen, but by buying this edition you get the next gen update for free when it's released. (if it's the one I got last week, it was on offer for £17.50ish)
  3. These are probably my favourite normal biscuit, but anything by Fox's tends to be good especially the selection box or ginger creams.
  4. Knights of the Old Republic looks the same to me (although I've not played it in well over 10 years) but the loading times are probably 2 or 3 seconds if that, I seem to remember they were long on the original Xbox.
  5. Mine went to 480*640 mode this morning (I'm using a normal HDTV) and had no option to change it, if this happens you need to go to Settings>TV and display options>Fidelity and overscan and change the override display to HDMI, then go back and change the output from 480*640.
  6. Gamecube was my first launch day console, I picked it up in the morning from WHSmiths of all shops, can't remember why or if I preorered or not. It was also my last day of University until September so took it on the bus with me and got home maybe 2pm to start playing. Wii, preorered but didn't get it launch day December 8th, indy game shop I preorered from only had one and I was third on the list. I got a call 3 days before Xmas thay had it in to collect. Switch, ordered online for launch day, was tracking DPD then when n he was 2 stops away at around 4p
  7. See this video at around the 8:30 mark
  8. Just had confirmation of this from Amazon (non prime) so the console will hopefully be the same day. Xbox Play and Charge Kit USB Estimated arrival date: November 10 2020
  9. Ordered from AO? Look forward to a call from them a day or two before, where they pretend it's about confirming delivery, but it's actually a call to try and sell you an extended warranty. Only 42p per day!
  10. Watch Dogs, I remember the first trailer looked amazing but the game looked much worse.
  11. Morrowind to see if it loads faster on Series X,
  12. My local B&M also has Brannigans but only Mustard. I need some Ham and Pickle!
  13. Is Grip (Rollcage style racing game) any good? It's currently £7 on the eshop.
  14. I've not played a Pikmin game since the Gamecube and managed to lose at least 2 hours to the demo tonight, so will definitely be getting this.
  15. CD keys has 12 months gamepass ultimate for £99 so you can get 2x those plus the standalone console for £650
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