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  1. CD keys has 12 months gamepass ultimate for £99 so you can get 2x those plus the standalone console for £650
  2. I actually liked the look of this. Also it's multi platform including Xbox One and PS4 https://hogwartslegacy.warnerbrosgames.com/
  3. I agree, also in a good financial position but not really bothered by either so far. The only game coming out I have any interest in is Cyberpunk and with that getting a next gen upgrade I may as well wait.
  4. If you're buying from Curry's remember to ask them if they'll sell you a gold plated HDMI cable and an unnecessary extended warranty.
  5. Unboxing, non functional but you get an idea of the size and port layout.
  6. I've had zero problems and best of all system updates take about 60 seconds, great interface, minimum of faffing and adverts.
  7. Nintendo did their Switch in depth thingy about 7 or 8 weeks before release, so I don't the lack of info is that worrying yet.
  8. I think a lot of it was all right but of its time, trying to update any of these shows seems pointless. But then these days every TV show is obsessed with creating a universe, having a massive overarching story or designing plots that leave viewers unable to second guess, rather than making sense.
  9. The thing with the original was self driving and bullet proof cars were so incredibly impossible, in a few years self driving cars will be almost standard and there is a company that mods high end cars with bullet proof (to a certain extent) windows etc. KITT needs to have something such as self healing nano particles, shape/ colour changing abilities to lose enemies, and the ability to jam/shout at white van men to get off their fucking phones when driving.
  10. Elder scrolls 6 Morrowind style quests and working stuff out, no quest markers unless on easy mode. Morrowind style Armo(u)r, i.e. being able to mix and match individual pieces Skyrim weaponry and bows Obvilion favourites wheel Mix of mostly weird and a few normal landscapes Levitation magic No bugs (I can dream) Goldeneye or Halo VR, mixed with superhot VR (gunplay and movement not time slowing) use of analog sticks to move and can punch enemies if close enough and grab weapons.
  11. Ok so here's a video capture, messing around in multiplayer and then switching to single player. Menu noises are present as well as main menu music, just no game music or sound effects. Edit only happens on Halo 1.
  12. Of course! In fact it started in the new graphics and the first thing I went to do was change the graphics, and then spent 10 minutes figuring out how to get the controller back to normal (which is a rant for another day, why is there no option to map every button?) I'll try again tomorrow.
  13. I've not done a hard reboot through the power button, but it's usually powered off at the mains whenever it's not in use and definitely every night, which I think has the same effect
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