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  1. RIP, one of he best composers ever, always liked this one Edit: Added a couple more
  2. Think it's someone on twitter, Jeff Grubb? I've seen a few saying week of 20th July, not necessarily the 20th itself.
  3. Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Timsplitters. And also the COD style stuff of shoot everyone between point A and Point B then watch a cut scene, can they not tell the story in a more original way? I'm fed up of being forced to watch set-piece rather than take part in it, or have control and interfere with it! Half_Life 2 was over 15 years ago, FPSs should aspire to greater things.
  4. Maybe there are some, I haven't really bought many for some time, but I miss FPS games having more objectives on higher difficulties rather than just harder enemies.
  5. I normally don't buy consoles at launch as you have to buy the games as well, but with XSX I'll get the first party titles as I have gamepass. I bought a Switch at launch for Zelda only because I didn't get a Wii U. In this case I only have an original bone, no s or x. My guess is PS5 for £450, Series X for £500. I think the series X will have more expensive insides but will be a cheaper box to manufacture and the PS5 will have slightly cheaper components, but the unique shaped case will cost more to make.
  6. Eveytime I see this thread title I think it's an email I need to reply to.
  7. Day 12 - Song of Healing - Majora's Mask
  8. For Nine Mens Morris I try to form a flat diamond shape (while blocking the computer getting Mills) then I can just keep getting Mills by moving one of the central two up or down into the gap. 0 O - - - - - - gap - - - - - - 0 0
  9. Day 9 - Licenced game - Goldeneye 007 Runway x (only heard in Multiplayer)
  10. Day 8 - Music from a shooter Timesplitters 2 - Neo Tokyo
  11. I lent N64 versions of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Smash Bros to different people who I then lost contact with.
  12. None of this was going to be that interesting, the big guns will be first party, these are the games which would have been overlooked at E3. You can't expect them to look massively good as they are probably developed to be cross gen to maximise sales.
  13. I finished a second playthough of The Outer Worlds last Friday and started Skyrim for the 4th time yesterday.
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