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  1. I cant see a thread about this. Session is a skateboarding simulation game currently in development by crea-ture Studios. Its being funded on kickstarter and there is a playable alpha. Its very much a simulation with some interesting mechanics, for example you carve (steer) with the triggers. I was a massive Skate fan, indeed played a fair bit with people on here like Big Gus and boozy. I am happy to report that the alpha is impressive. Takes a bit of getting used to but I am now really enjoying it and busting some sick lines The devs seem really into it and are fairly active on social media including the reddit sub. Check it out.
  2. Is this where I register for the Sunshot fan club? @Strategos doesn't know a good hand cannon when he sees one
  3. Crackdoooowwwwnnnnn
  4. wooo yea we should have enough for two teams.
  5. I probably wouldn't bother at full price but for 200 notes seems like a good deal...
  6. Gameseek preorders are still up at 199. Bet they had a rush of orders this morning :).
  7. http://www.roadtovr.com/nolo-mobile-vr-positional-tracking-system-compatible-steamvr-ces-2017/ Might have to kick-start this. They just demod at CES so it's not vapourware.
  8. I have recently bought Jump, End Space, Fusion Wars and Wands. Jump is great. A bit sparse but the jumping mechanic is solid. You do feel a bit like a super hero. End Space is amazing. Fusion Wars is good fun. The sliding mechanic takes a bit of getting used to. Single player may be a bit limited, I have yet to try coop I haven't tried Wands yet but its meant to be good. I also hooked up with a few of the rifters (hai @Fox @Sponge @Strategos ) to try Alt Space and it worked great. They obviously had more fun being able to flip me the bird with their fancy hand presence but was still a great laugh. I am getting some overheating so have also taken to strapping a gel ice pack to the front of the headset. its not a good look!
  9. Warm it up with a hair dryer for a few minutes before use.
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