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  1. Me in 1992: "Wow, the SNES is such a leap from the NES in terms of sound and graphics. Pocky and Rocky looks great. Makes me wonder what games will look like in the future" Me in 2021 "Wow, these SNES style graphics looks insanely good, so luxurious. Mad attention to detail and the anitmation is sublime"
  2. No love for the insanely long single take at the beginning of the 2nd episode? It's probably fake, as in not done in a single take at all, but the way it was shown on screen was really, really well done. Again, the acting in this series is something else, among the best I've seen in ages.
  3. I think those are pretty much the same requirements GTA V had on release
  4. I was hoping they were saving it for a GTA IV remaster/remake. If there's a GTA I'd love to revisit with modern controls, physics and visuals, it's ironically the one before the last. There's just something about the NYC inspired map, the atmosphere, the characters and especially the DLC chapters that makes GTA IV something truly special and even original in the endless ocean of open world crime games.
  5. If Rockstar had been proud and/or confident with this release, we'd see a lot more marketing for it, even gameplay footage. We'd have tag lines like "Go back to the roots", "Where the legend started", "Revisit the classics or discover them for the first time" and "Three EPIC games for the price of one!". All we get is the sweet sound of silence. Nothing. Nada. I suspect Rockstar isn't really proud nor confident with this release but hey, please prove me wrong.
  6. Rayn


    This is such an overlooked gem. No one is ever talking about ARMS anymore and I think it's a shame. I must admit that when I got it on release, I kinda expected it to be more action oriented and missed out on the flow of the game. Each match requires you to empty your brain buffer and come up with a new approach, there really is no room for button mashing and hope for the best. When the gameplay clicks I enter a zen like state where my fighter of choice moves about in an elegant, dance like manner and it's really satisfying to land several good hits in a row, watch the opponent get frustrated before finishing them off. I really wish for a sequel or a massive update to the original.
  7. Rayn


    Just started this and have watched three episodes so far. First two episodes were really, REALLY slow but also very good at building lore and expectations. The cast is what impresses me the most, most of them are doing world class acting and a lot of the characters are very interesting. So far this is basically a character driven drama with underlying "something's up" vibes and I've no clue where it's headed yet but I'm very eager to continue watching.
  8. Rayn


    Fun fact: Andie McDowell is her actual mother IRL.
  9. The only way this should be played is with a full co-op team with people you know. As a late night beer companion game, this is actually quite good but it's almost pointless trying to play it alone with AI companions or with random strangers.
  10. I recently started this after completing AC Valhalla (and its DLCs) and I find it to be fine. Combat seems a bit more rough than in Valhalla and even though it shares a lot of similarities with the later AC games it kinda feels like its own thing. The only part of the game I'm not too fond of atm is the really long conversations that's just riddled with puns and jokes, it feels like I've entered open mic night at the local comedy club and I don't mean that in a good way.
  11. Metroid has never been a series with mass appeal, it's always been rather niche and Dread compliments this niche very well, I think. While Dread is mostly more of the same it introduces a few new mechanics and expands the lore quite a bit. I've noticed a lot of critique that EMMI encounter X is too frustrating or that Boss X is too hard, even navigating through the maps is bewildering but this is how the Metroid games has always been from my point of view, and the magic of the games aren't always apparent before you see the end credits for the first time, it's pretty much the sum of all the content that makes the Metroid games so special. I remember being stuck in Super Metroid when it was released, especially at one point where I thought the game was bugged. Turned out I hadn't been paying attention so I didn't know that after sprinting with the turbo boots that I could also do a massive vertical jump. I think I was stuck a week before I found out (pre internet times ftw). I was also stuck on one of the bosses for ages, yet Super Metroid ended up as one of the best 5 games on the platform for me. I haven't finished Dread yet, so I don't know wether I'll end up being disappointed with it or if I can chalk it up as yet another strong entry in the series but for what it's worth I find Dread reassuringly true to its roots (in a good way for me) and I'm very excited about pushing forward towards my ship up on the surface.
  12. Loving it as well, it seems everyone on screen had a lovely time shooting this, the chemistry is fantastic!
  13. The Let’s Sing games are ok if you’re into karaoke style entertainment for the masses. Everyone attending can use their own smart phone via an app (free) as a microphone and it works surprisingly well.
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