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  1. Funny how no one has mentioned that until you did…..
  2. I’m a bit surprised that my 44 year old self is having a hard time waiting for my new Xbox now that I’ve ordered and paid for one. The next three weeks are going to go by so slowly, I feel like a six year old at the beginning of December waiting for Santa.
  3. I took your advice and went and ordered it in a shop. Estimated delivery is June 3rd, can’t come soon enough!
  4. Unless the next Battlefield is something very unique and fresh I don't have high hopes for it being a massive success. With the yearly CoD updates and all the similar modern warfare games I think the only way to get a monster hit is if you try something new.
  5. If only I lived in the UK that'd be great
  6. I've sent a message to the seller, asking if he's got the receipt for the console. If he's got a receipt I'm gonna put in an offer, starting with £50 less than he's currently asking.
  7. That's really what I want to do. On the other hand I really want one asap. I'm gonna try and be strong here.
  8. A true next gen title that's also available on last gen....riiiight.
  9. Just stumbled upon a local ad which has the Series X for sale. It's been used for a couple of months but he wants normal full price for it. I'm really on the fence here, should I wait to see if I can get a brand new one from the shops in about two weeks or should I just go for it?
  10. Could you please enlighten me about Noita, plz? I've bought it and I've played it. I get that you should go in blind and explore but I kinda lack something to drive me to do so. It's like some of the runs I become very powerful early on and become my own worst enemy by setting off explosions everywhere, resulting in me drowning, burning to a crisp or jumping into an endless pit. I love rogue likes and even rogue lites, but I just haven't found the X factor in this game yet.
  11. I just realized there are a few games that I've probably got thousands of hours in, but there's no way for me to get any exact kind of number on it. For example, Final Fantasy 7 used to be my favourite game of all times. I probably played through it five or six times on PS1 before PS2 came out, and ever since PS2 came out I played through FF7 at least once a year. I've completed it at the very least 25 times, but it could be as many as 40. If the average playthrough has taken me 50 hours, that's up to 2000h of FF7 which is a bit mental. Other games I've got no clue ab
  12. Hang on, what is this? I've never even heard of it! How does it differ from West of Loathing, which is one of my favourite games on Switch?
  13. Eternal Darkness. All of it. Also, the twist in Spec Ops: The Line
  14. That's actually very impressive. That means if you've played a solid 4 hours each day, all days and weeks of the year it's 5 years, or just over 3 hours daily since it was released back in 2014 (PC).
  15. FWIW I was actually quite astounded by some of my own figures, not even in a good way
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