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  1. Rayn

    Disco Elysium

    This game is all kinds of amazing, it’s certainly a new classic! This is a must for any RPG fan out there
  2. When I do a search for Destiny 2 on the Sony shop, only the base game, the new expansion, two themes and virtual money comes up. I cant find Forsaken at all.
  3. Finished this on friday, loved every single second of it. Would not mind a Super Mario Land Collection remade in this style, and even better would be the first two Kid Icarus games! Please make it happen, Nintendo!
  4. God damnit. Well, I sorted it anyway, even though Google turned up with nothing.
  5. I seem to have an issue getting into the Color Dungeon. Following the clues from the book, when I push the last stone it says I dont have enough courage to enter the trial. What might I be doing wrong?
  6. The dungeons get better....and better. You’ve basically done the tutorial.
  7. The game is running great for the most of the time on my PS4 Pro, the only thing that bothers me is when I press the touch pad to go into the action menues everything seems like it slows to a halt at times, sometimes taking up to 5+ seconds before the content of the menues load in. It seems to happen mostly when I level up and want to go to my skill tree. I’ve yet to experience actual sluggish performance during gameplay though, it seems to be closer to 60 fps at all times than 30. Playing as Fl4k and he’s great fun but feels a bit weak now in the early parts but I’m guessing he’ll be unstoppable when maxed out on skill points. Overall this feels like a great Borderlands game and is building up to be the best in the series for me.
  8. While I’m not pumped for this release at all, that trailer was rather good!
  9. No problems for me, but I’m playing on a standard LCD sitting about 2.5 m away.
  10. Rayn

    Edit that Band name

    Radioshed The Shite Stripes AB/CD
  11. This will be half price come christmas.
  12. Rayn

    Nintendo Switch

    How good is Super Metroid still? Hang on, I’ll answer that myself, IT’S BLOODY AMAZING! I knew it would still hold up but man, it doesn’t feel like a 25 year old game at all to me. Apart from some really narrow and pixel perfect platforming challenges, the controls are nigh on perfect. The hub design invites to exploration, the soundtrack is great and the atmosphere is thick. Wow, this game The best part, both my kids are loving it so we’re having a race to see who does best and can complete it first. Seeing as they have a numerous amount of more spare time than me, my experience with the game should not overrule their sheer amount of time they possess to beat me.
  13. Rayn

    Edit that Band name

    Marilyn Mansion Char
  14. Rayn

    Edit that Band name

    Swap, add or remove one letter from a band name to give them a new vibe. I’ll start with Nuns ‘n Roses
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