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  1. I’m super impressed with the fish section of the museum, I love walking around looking at all the fish and creatures. The music is proper zen like too.
  2. The Q3 Arena esque gameplay looks really fun, tbh, but I’m not a sucker for that art direction, everything looks so soulless and bland.
  3. Been playing this on my iPad Pro as the Apple TV version was very jerky. Not unplayable but really annoying and this is coming from someone who isn’t allergic to framedrops in games in general. Aside from some graphical glitches here and there the game looks ok and plays just the way I remember the classic point and click adventures. It’s all here, the comedy side kick, grumpy old lady, the mr know it all, the evil looking rich dude etc. Also, some really obscure puzzle solutions where you must combine two items to make something new that would make MacGyver jealous made me frustrated for a while, but overall this is a good and solid game for its genre. There are some annoyingly long dialogue trees that seems to go nowhere, only to trigger something at the end so exhausting all dialogue options seems mandatory even if it goes against my nature at times. I’ve no clue how long the game is, it took me longer than expected to enter the city and now I’ve been walking around for ages. I’m stuck at the moment and with no walkthroughs currently available I need to solve this the way I used to back in the old days, by trial and error on every single screen of the game. This really is a proper point and click adventure!
  4. Just tried this for the first time and was reminded of how important it is to know your maps and weapons in these kind of games. After a bit of trial and error with the weapons I found a couple I was comfortable with and turned my 0:5 K:D ratio to 7:5 in two rounds and ended up with a final ratio of 23:8 in the fifteen rounds we played. Still don’t know squat about the special or secondsy skills, I’ve only used primary fire so far. Love the feel of the controls and the actual shooting feels refreshingly on point. I don’t know how the community is but it seemed like I was the only non Russian on my team and it all felt a bit toxic. I’m very hopeful about this as first impressions were rather good.
  5. I’m actually a bit excited for Obsidian’s next game, Grounded. While it seems to utilize tried and tested survival mechanics the setting alone is rather intriguing and quite original in video games. I used to love Honey I Shrunk the Kids and now, more than three decades later, I get to play as one of the shrunkees myself. Hopefully we’ll see a VR mod as well.
  6. Thanks everyone for the generous tips. Love your island name @Pelekophoros You and your missus looked dapper af, @Kevvy Metal
  7. Last chance!! Gates closing in 20 minutes!
  8. Things got further delayed as someone left with the - button and resetting everything.
  9. Yeah, keep trying. Three people are trying to leave while others trying to get in.
  10. Fuck it, seems relatively quiet now, here's the Dodo Code: MHLD2 Crossing my fingers it wont get too crowded. I'll keep an eye on the connection, if it goes down I'll open again for forumites only.
  11. It's very cool! I'm an hour ahead of you so Nooks will change nip price in 1h 13m from now. PM me if the queue seems too long and I'll close down and give the Dodo code directly. Forumites first!
  12. https://turnip.exchange/island/36baf1b3 Island is private for now, will open for public visitors if things slow to a halt!
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