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  1. Yep, we certainly did get OoT at that time. I can still remember searching high and low for a copy of the bugger.
  2. Britney

    Second Life

    That made me laugh. "Give me all your money, or I'll bounce script your sorry ass."
  3. The latest Edge reveals more Click For Spoiler The colossi are the levels, due to their huge size. But they deform and move too. Sounds wonderful.
  4. Not unless you can lug the bugger around with a portable battery and some sort of display.
  5. That's one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written
  6. Yes. I'm rubbish at video games, but because the game was just so addictive, I perfected that level, so I could do it almost without thinking.
  7. From that interview, Morrissey certainly seems to be stuck forever in awkward teenager mode. Still, The Smiths were fantastic, and I loved Vauxhall and I. Haven't heard the new album yet, but I'll have to soon, if just for the track entitled "The World is Full of Crashing Bores".
  8. God, I've often had this. I played the original Resident Evil on the PS1 a while back. Initially, yes it looked absolutely terrible, and to think at the time I thought graphics couldn't get any better. But the really interesting thing was, after a while, my brain adjusted and it didn't seem so bad. Of course, once I fired up a current gen game, everthing looked mega impressive again.
  9. It's a lovely looking gadget all right.
  10. I'd assumed that the mod community would have remade Counterstrike and the original Half-Life running on Source, but Valve themselves?
  11. Too right it wasn't. In certain situations, it was the best weapon to use. As were the other weapons in other situations. I'll be amazed if they stray from this delicate balance in the sequel.
  12. OOh, Animal Crossing multiplayer, well spotted, I'd just assumed that was an NPC. Now, Sega, how about a PSO for the DS...
  13. I reckon that Picto game makes the best use of the touch screen and stylus, I think that's got a lot of potential. Very interesting multiplayer focus for the games. I suppose NIntendo are saying, screw online, just buy a DS and you can play together for free.
  14. Those new non cel-shaded zelda pics on www.nintendo.com look
  15. ooh, about to begin! (go me with a post)
  16. Ooh, (had one eye closed while trimming the quote!), glad to see Rambaldi hasn't been forgotten.
  17. Fair enough, we both obviously agree that the system could be far, far better. For example, if it was constantly stocked, it would be a fantastic reward system. The speed at which it currently sells out proves that there are plenty of people with stars ready to spend. Perhaps the lucky few don't think it's shit, but I bet they're the small minority
  18. So what you are saying is, although it's shit, because it's better than nothing at all, we shouldn't criticise it? OK...
  19. I'm pretty sure this did come back, but I can't remember which magazine it was. An N64 mag stole the ZZap Sizzler and Gold Medal awards as well. Can't remember what that was either.
  20. In terms of graphics, yes I think Mr Nintendo has a point about the next generation. But I think there's a long way to go in terms of AI and physics in games. A long way. I certainly don't want another load of racing games and first-person shooters, which although look photo-realistic, have pathetic AI and boring level design.
  21. My problem is that if third parties are expected to provide on-line modes on the GC, then how come Nintendo can't? I just can't help imagine how brilliant an on-line Mario Kart would have been. Oh well.
  22. Well I don't remember PSO being very hard to setup and play, and cash-strapped Sega managed that okay on three different consoles.
  23. Right then, here goes. I don't think I've ever watched so much telly! Anyway, S2 was bloody good, Syd's mother is a brilliant character and the finale was . On the whole though I don't think S2 was quite as good as S1, but very close though. Although that's probably because with the first series, everything and everyone was just so new and fresh. S3 so far is brilliant, and a nice change of direction.
  24. Britney

    PS3 Plans

    It's not really though is it? Two models, one more expensive than the other. Everyone copes with all the different models of DVD player, and not forgetting we've already got three main consoles to choose from, plus the psOne and the GBA.
  25. I'll tell you what. After having watched the first two seasons at breakneck speed, it's horrendous having to now only watch one episode a week.
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