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  1. Body Snatchers, 1993 https://letterboxd.com/film/body-snatchers/ The definition of average. Nothing really bad about it, but nothing special. Some of the effects were cool and the scream was memorable, but that was about it. 2/5
  2. When I looked the other day, before the last flurry of voting, everybody’s top album was unique. Most of the votes were for albums I’m not familiar with either. Appreciate your efforts in doing this, as ever.
  3. For me it's as simple as the company I keep. If it was just me watching, I'd always go with subs. But one of the best things about Ghibli movies is that I can stick them on when the kids are home without worrying about any questionable content appearing. And it's great to have a decent film on and see them get into it, even if only for certain sections. Totoro is pretty universally loved in our house, but my 5 year old daughter kept getting sucked into Whisper of the Heart when I had it on the other day, which I'm certain wouldn't happen if I was watching in Japanese.
  4. Is there any info on what versions Netflix have?
  5. The dubs are absolutely fine, you big weeb.
  6. I liked what I saw. But that was across three sessions and the kids were as loud as the dialog during at least one of those! Any other Lupin stuff worth watching? I see Amazon have a new series based on the female protagonist on prime.
  7. Bucking the trend of trying to order Ghibli films into a ranked list, I’m just going to share my ratings for those I’ve watched recently (all dubs except Nausicaa which I have watched both sub and dub). Lupin 3rd Castle of Cagliostro 3/5 Nausicaa 4/5 Castle in the Sky 4/5 My Neighbour Totoro 5/5 Whisper of the Heart 3/5 Spirited Away 4/5 The two 3 star ratings are films I didn’t manage to sit and watch in one sitting with full concentration. I definitely feel like Whisper has potential to be at least a four. Sidenote - The Netflix versions look even better than my DVD copies. Any indication as to how long they will be on Netflix?
  8. This album was in my CD player from the end of November until last week. Really nice selection of 80s ambient mood pieces. Glad I bought it. Thanks for the tip.
  9. No. PSVR Required, according to the PlayStation store.
  10. Is this a new game rather than a VR update of the old ones? It looks different to how I remember it. Can you play it without VR?
  11. Been listening to the albums on my shortlist quite a lot lately and trying to order them. It turns out that as I get older, I just want some happy, uplifting dance-pop songs (on the whole) and loads of Synths or Piano. There's a bit of techno and downtempo stuff lower down the list, but mostly these albums make me smile or dance or sing. Good albums that missed out on the top 20: Chromeo - Head Over Heels (probably the best of their 2010-2019 releases, though they are all pretty solid) Distasterpeace - Fez OST (listened to this more than I played the game, plus there's some lovely remixes available too) Khotin - Beautiful You (lovely ambient moods) Steve Moore - Primitive Neural Pathways (a solid release of classic synth soundscapes) Steve Moore - Beloved Exile (possibly better than the above, but I've only had it a few months)
  12. 01 - Todd Terje - It's Album Time 02 - Breakbot - By Your Side 03 - Madeon - Adventure 04 - Kuedo - Severant 05 - SBTRKT - SBTRKT 06 - Tuxedo - Tuxedo 07 - Classixx - Hanging Gardens 08 - Daft Punk - Random Access Memories 09 - Lone - Reality Testing 10 - Martyn - Ghost People 11 - Space Dimension Controller - Welcome to Mikrosector-50 12 - Floating Points - Elaenia 13 - Breakbot - Still Waters 14 - Bicep - Bicep 15 - Lindstrom - Windings EP 16 - Carpenter Brut - Trilogy 17 - DMX Krew - The March To The Stars 18 - CFCF - On Vacation 19 - Cut Copy - Zonoscope 20 - Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
  13. Need to get a pre order in for this. Not gonna bother getting the deluxe pack with all the added tat, but it seems everywhere has some sort of pre order bonus even with the standard edition. Game - patches Shopto - Sephiroth plastic stand Amazon - Sephiroth dynamic PS4 theme Argos - 7th heaven coasters square enix - watch competition Anywhere else?
  14. Start a thread in Discussion? Assuming there isn’t one already for a 7 year old game! I don’t have an Xbox, but I would be interested to read comments from people playing.
  15. Not space reporter Ulala from Space Channel 5?
  16. Strange one this! I knew the song from the lyrics you posted, but although Squares by The Beta Band sounded very similar, it wasn't quite right - the vocoder was missing. Did a bit of research and it turns out the track I was thinking of is I Monster - Daydream in Blue, which along with The Beta Band, actually sampled this cover version of the Wallace Connection track posted above.
  17. Here’s something I always wondered but never asked. Are the wolves scattered across the map hostile by default or do they hate me because I killed one of them once?
  18. I found my first invisible wall last night
  19. Randy Crawford had a 1983 single called "Why", but it's not as good as Carly Simon's 1982 single of the same name.
  20. "Switch up, change my pitch up, smack my bitch up, like a pimp."
  21. Got a link to your profile? Sounds like it could also be helpful.
  22. That was one of the reasons I started cataloging them, truth be told. I was curious to see how much they should be insured for (and obviously having a list that includes when you added item to your collection should win favour with the insurance company should you ever have to make a claim).
  23. Noticed a few comments about organising physical music collections in the Vinyl thread, where some people had shared a profile link to Discogs. Wanted to find out how everybody likes to organise their music, separate to the vinyl chat, and also see how people like to use Discogs. Personally, I have all my Vinyl listed on there now, but I need to sort through it and slim it down a bit. The vinyl itself is organised A-Z by artist. I used to try and organise by genre but there were always records that just didn't fit in. I'm not a DJ so I just need to be able to find something easily when I want to listen to it. The advantage of having everything on Discogs is that you can browse your collection and remind yourself of things you may have forgotten without having to be with your vinyl collection. As for CDs, all my favourites have been listed and I am having a big cull of CDs I've had for years but never got into - currently have about 600 for sale with plenty more to list. Once they are all listed for sale I will go back through my favourites and see if that group can be slimmed down a bit too. CDs are currently unorganised and just stored in banana boxes under the bed! I also try and keep a tab on my digital library, because I find it useful to view an artists discography page and see which releases I have, be it vinyl, cd or digital. Here's my profile https://www.discogs.com/user/acidbearboy
  24. Let’s go Ike’s Rap II (sampled by Tricky) and see if the next person can avoid returning to Bristol.
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