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  1. You can pretty much always just go forth and explore. Do share your adventures. It’s always nice to read peoples BotW moments, both big and small.
  2. Any reason you’re not using Discogs? I think it does most of the music buddy features for free, including barcode scanning. It also estimates value from the marketplace history. I’d be more concerned with fire damage than theft. I don’t think I have anything particularly valuable as a single item (maybe a few bits that would scrape triple figures) but I have a large collection of music on cd and vinyl, all listed on Discogs. I also have a spreadsheet with all my videogames listed and a bunch of photos somewhere on my hard drive to prove ownership. I would be surprised if an insurance company didn’t honour your word on what’s included in your collection. Especially if, like me, you can show that you have been collating it over several years.
  3. Nice Boards of Canada cover by Lone.
  4. Can I just encourage people to start a thread for any good new albums they find. It’s really hard to follow conversation on a particular release when you use the search function because the artist and title isn’t always referenced in each post, particularly with quoted replies.
  5. Has anybody failed an attempt yet? I’ve had a couple of close calls, but it seems like by guess #6 you should have got at least a couple of letters and your word choices are therefore limited.
  6. Bought a bundle on Discogs. Half house and half Jungle/D&B. £18 delivered.
  7. Hopefully I can continue the good vibes with this funky jam from Crown Heights Affair. Far Out is from their 1976 LP Do It Your Way. Definitely an artist I need to explore more.
  8. Good page so far! @nightwaxon The Mandrill album that Holiday is taken from is very good - it's one I picked up from Art Vandelay himself last year! Also, I wish I could go to parties that play Mandrill and Bernard Wright!
  9. At the other end of the spectrum, also from 1995 (re-released in 2000), super sexy deep noodles from King Britt. Scuba - Porno
  10. Big girly vocal house classic from 1995. I never knew this was a Roger Sanchez production. Judy Cheeks - Respect
  11. When do you consider something to be retro? I prefer to use Retro as a stylistic definition rather than an indicator of age. If people ask what type of games I like, I say “retro and arcade style games”. They can be new or old, 2D or 3D; but they should be simple/fun with traditional gameplay mechanics. What do you like most about the retro scene? I think it’s good that the community is preserving the history that the industry let slip away. I also think gaming is quite unique in that you can find games you haven’t seen or played before, but the host system (and therefore the sound and visuals) can still give you nostalgic feelings. And finally, I like the way that emulation and/or hardware mods can make old games more accessible and enjoyable.
  12. Once Upon a Time In America - 3/5 Feel this one would benefit from a rewatch, allowing the details to slot together better, but with a 4 hour runtime, it’s unlikely that I’ll rewatch it anytime soon. I enjoyed it despite the length. Apocolypto - 2/5 A lot of intense running, peppered with brutal violence. Seemed to get a bit far fetched towards the end. It was alright, but I can’t see myself watching it again.
  13. 5. Ico 4. Rez 3. Tetris 2. Phantasy Star Online 1. Zelda: Breath of the Wild I didn’t think too hard on this when I put my top 5 into backloggd. Breath of the Wild was first in. I’ve been playing it off and on since 2017, and now my kids play it too. I’m yet to ‘complete’ it, but it’s by far the best made and most engrossing offline game I’ve ever played. Phantasy Star Online was second as I’ve played it for nigh on twenty years and for probably the first ten of those; nothing else came close. It’s lost a tiny bit of its magic in more recent years, but its probably always going to be in my top 5 for the nostalgia factor and the sheer number of hours I sunk into over across various formats. I can’t imagine ever engaging with a game in the same manner again. Tetris at 3 because it’s just the perfect game. Newer versions have added features both good and bad, but for a simple marathon session the Gameboy version on original hardware is simple elegance. The final two were less definitive. Rez amazed me when it came out on Dreamcast and I’ve bought it and loved it every time it’s been rereleased since. I can’t see that opinion ever changing - it’s like a classic album that I will forever revisit. Ico was like nothing I’d played before when it came out on PS2. The atmosphere and sense of scale expressed through characters and the world was totally unique. I played it through several times and again when it was remastered on the PS3. But it’s been a while since I played it, so it could drop out of the top 5 next time.
  14. I've gone with this over Gameye - basically because it was easier to add my (mostly digital) collection using the laptop rather than on my phone. I've stuck to just Switch and PS4 libraries for now - plus a couple of older games that I am 'currently' playing. I will aim to keep a track of what I play/complete/abandon throughout 2022. I don't really have a problem with buying new releases, but I am a sucker for a digital bargain. Currently playing: 8 Backlog: 52 http://www.backloggd.com/u/acidbearboy/
  15. Is there a good app you can load your pile of shame into? Possibly with the ability to categorise them? I have plenty of unplayed games across a variety of formats, but it would be nice to see all my choices at a glance, whether I fancied something story based or arcade action.
  16. I’ve since moved on to the Royal Edition, which I also picked up cheap in the sale. It’s neither better nor worse really, just different. I’m stuck on level two of this one too! I like the ability to carry two different weapons, but I miss being able to use my dog’s magic/ranged attack. The option to save you game is also a welcome improvement. The timer seems an unnecessary addition.
  17. @LaveDisco Have you used yours? I can’t work out how to add them to my account. I’ve tried redeeming the code on MyNintendo and in the eShop without success. -edit- Sorted it now. It was opening my account page in a new tab when asking me to log in. A cheeky refresh on the Zelda page brought up a redeem code box once I was logged in properly.
  18. I got one for Christmas - a Zelda game & watch that is. I played Zelda 2 while we were at the in-laws. Big nostalgia for it, but it sure is old fashioned. I used a cheat for max stats to make things easier. Two palaces down so far.
  19. I’m working my way through my Switch backlog while I’m off work. I really want to like this, but I’m struggling. I sacked off Story mode straight away. Arcade mode is definitely where it’s at. I can comfortably clear stage one. The graphics are brilliant and the music is great too (surprisingly I prefer the orchestral soundtrack to the retro one). But stage two is a complete arse. So many cheap frustrating deaths. I’ve gotten to the boss once I think, maybe twice. But I mostly die at the waterfall section with the snakes on the ladders. I’ve basically given up I think.
  20. AER: Memories of Old (Switch) I bought this cheap in the sale ages ago because the graphical style was nice. The walking/jumping controls felt floaty, although the flying was fine. There was some story I didn’t care for (and the text was too small) and I wasn’t entirely sure where I should be going or what I should be doing.
  21. A mate sent me this yesterday. I did Wordle 191 in 6/6 and today I was pleased to improve, getting Wordle 192 in 5/6. Good stuff!
  22. Previously: December 14. 140 (main 4 stages only) Switch I got this for free using Gold coins after @MW_Jimmy recommended it to me when it was in the sale for £1.79 well over a year ago. I finally got around to playing it today and it was an enjoyable mixture of precision platforming and rhythm action which didn’t outstay its welcome.
  23. I haven’t seen this years episodes, but Worzel Gummage was pretty ‘nice’ viewing the other Christmas.
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