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  1. Turning off the silent switch did the job, thanks. I’m on the old SE.
  2. Two quality tracks from space dimension controller. https://spacedimensioncontroller.bandcamp.com/album/space-grunt
  3. I vaguely remember using a pro action replay 2 cart to play PAL games on my US SNES. Perhaps it could be used to make the US carts ‘fit’ in your SFC?
  4. I’ve downloaded it to my iPhone SE (1st gen) but I’m getting no sound. Game plays nicely though. I will add it to my daughters iPhone. My younger kids have Fire tablets- Any plans for it to come to the Amazon AppStore?
  5. Just read the sad news. His name has been around for as long as I’ve been into music and I remember enjoying the first 3 Cafe Del Mar compilations, which were the first ‘chillout’ albums I was aware of. Will be checking some of his mixtapes - links at the bottom of this nice piece on test pressing. https://testpressing.org/magazine/jose-padilla-r-i-p
  6. Lovely, lovely deep house with a smooth vocal and a tidy sax solo.
  7. Generation Six - Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, Xbox. Although I loved my SNES and PS1 during my school and college years, the generation 6 consoles came along when I had some money, plenty of free time and no real responsibilities. I was able to afford all the games I wanted to play as well as multiple consoles to play them on. I also played videogames with my friends on a regular basis. I loved the Dreamcast, which gave me my first taste of the Internet at home and my favourite ever gaming experience in Phantasy Star Online. Plus other classics like Rez, Soul Cali
  8. I’ve only ever used the scart socket. I’m not sure if I have any composite cables. Will have to have a rummage in the garage and see what I find. Possibly an old N64 out there! The picture did come back on eventually (and go off again, briefly). I was thinking of giving the local TV repair man a ring. He’s an old boy, so I would imagine he’s been around since the CRT era! Maybe he could give it a service and check all the components inside. Will check out UKVAC if he can’t help. Cheers
  9. My Philips CM8833 monitor has stopped working. I’m getting sound but no picture over RGB Scart. Is there such a thing as a repair service?
  10. I’ve grown to realise that Bourgie, Bourgie is one of the best pieces of music. Period. Amazing composition and arrangement and there are plenty of great alternative versions/covers too.
  11. Just wondered, like. One of the things I love about it is the sound of your shots connecting and the classic drum machine sounds and acid lines that are generated. If you’re a rock music fan, maybe those sounds wouldn’t have the same impact.
  12. I’ve only played the first track so far but the graphics do have a Wipeout 1 feel to them (with a Ridge Racer tunnel).
  13. They don’t make attract sequences like this any more! Decent gameplay and an awesome soundtrack.
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