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  1. Right in the Socket is a belter, but this is my favourite Shalamar track. Take That To The Bank 1978
  2. Rah Band - Clouds Across The Moon This popped up in a mix the other day - I haven't heard it in ages and it's just brilliant. Can be had for a couple of quid. Lovely picture cover too. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/29746?ev=rb&currency=GBP
  3. My boxed original copies of Zelda and Secret of Mana would be irreplaceable if something should ever happen to them. I’ve had them both since about 1994 and I now know from experience that a replacement copy would not be the same. Other than that, my little box of Phantasy Star Online games, promos, soundtracks and merchandise would be pretty hard/expensive to replace.
  4. You can pretty much always just go forth and explore. Do share your adventures. It’s always nice to read peoples BotW moments, both big and small.
  5. Any reason you’re not using Discogs? I think it does most of the music buddy features for free, including barcode scanning. It also estimates value from the marketplace history. I’d be more concerned with fire damage than theft. I don’t think I have anything particularly valuable as a single item (maybe a few bits that would scrape triple figures) but I have a large collection of music on cd and vinyl, all listed on Discogs. I also have a spreadsheet with all my videogames listed and a bunch of photos somewhere on my hard drive to prove ownership. I would be surprised if an insurance company didn’t honour your word on what’s included in your collection. Especially if, like me, you can show that you have been collating it over several years.
  6. Nice Boards of Canada cover by Lone.
  7. Can I just encourage people to start a thread for any good new albums they find. It’s really hard to follow conversation on a particular release when you use the search function because the artist and title isn’t always referenced in each post, particularly with quoted replies.
  8. Has anybody failed an attempt yet? I’ve had a couple of close calls, but it seems like by guess #6 you should have got at least a couple of letters and your word choices are therefore limited.
  9. Bought a bundle on Discogs. Half house and half Jungle/D&B. £18 delivered.
  10. Hopefully I can continue the good vibes with this funky jam from Crown Heights Affair. Far Out is from their 1976 LP Do It Your Way. Definitely an artist I need to explore more.
  11. Good page so far! @nightwaxon The Mandrill album that Holiday is taken from is very good - it's one I picked up from Art Vandelay himself last year! Also, I wish I could go to parties that play Mandrill and Bernard Wright!
  12. At the other end of the spectrum, also from 1995 (re-released in 2000), super sexy deep noodles from King Britt. Scuba - Porno
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