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  1. Could you both agree on the same title to help avoid dupes? I am finding that some albums I thought would be on my list are actually older than I thought. 2010-2019 is so far shaping up to contain some good albums, but lacking anything that really defined moments in my life like the previous two decades.
  2. Anybody care to recommend a new needle for my deck. It’s a Technics 1200 and I reckon the curren Stanton 500 cart I have has been on there the best part of a decade. I only listen occasionally so nothing too expensive - under £100 would be ideal. I listen to soul, disco, dance and a bit of krautrock if it makes any difference.
  3. Got a shortlist of 36 albums from my iTunes library. Will also have to check streaming services though. Tony Allen & Jeff Mills - Tomorrow Comes The Harvest Gunship - Dark All Day Skee Mask - Compro Droid Bishop - Rebirth of the Machine
  4. Definitely no reissues. Look forward to giving this some time.
  5. The Chemical Brothers seem the most obvious next step to take, rather than going back to her collaboration with William Orbit on Water From A Vine Leaf (a track I prefer to any of her work with the Tom & Ed). Here's 'Where Do I Begin' from the Chems second album Dig Your Own Hole.
  6. Le Maitres Du Temps (Time Masters), 1982, d.Rene Laloux - 4 stars out of 5 I've seen this before, but not for a few years. The characters aren't particularly well developed, some sections drag on a bit and some of the animation is a bit rough in places. And yet despite several issues, this film is utterly captivating. I love the early '80s synth music during the intro. I love the fact that when we first meet the prince, he is listening to some smooth jazz whilst smoking a cigarette on deck. I love the ship designs and the way they slowly glide across the screen. I love the sound design and the atmosphere it helps create. I love the design of Silbad's house surrounded by water. I love the little ambient swimming in interlude. I love Yula and Jad, the little robot dudes. They're brilliantly animated - very expressive. I love the darker moments, such as the blob and the cave. But most of all I love the music at the end. I've already watched all of Laloux's other work. The closest thing to this for me, is Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Anybody care to recommend anything else similar? Maybe even some Moebius related stuff? I started reading The Incal but I couldn't get into it.
  7. I love almost everything Floating Points have put out, but even I wasn’t grabbed by Crush. It’s growing on me, slowly, but it would be the last of his releases that I’d recommend starting with. Check Elaenia or Shadows instead.
  8. acidbearboy


    https://www.discogs.com/artist/2737-BT I loved this guy in the 90s and have loved his musical output from the 90s ever since. Recently, I have been revisiting some old favourites and also checking out some of his newer releases and stuff I had missed from in between, so I thought I'd start a thread to discuss all of his music. I'll start with what I like to call 'Phase 1' which includes the singles and remixes released around 1995 and his debut album 'Ima'. I remember getting 'Ima' on CD for my birthday in 1996 (age 14) and it blew me away - it sounded like nothing else I'd ever heard. Big chunky house beats with uplifting melodies and lots of nature sounds. It was very positive without being cheesy. He also had some great piano work on tracks like Divinity and Embracing the Sunshine. He didn't even need the association with Sasha in my opinion. Sasha's remix of Embracing the Future is great, but so are BT's original versions. Sasha's 'Voyage of Ima' megamix was also fine, but the included tracks all stand up perfectly well on their own and it rather spoiled the flow of the album on CD. Here's a list of essential tracks from this era: Embracing the Sunshine BT's Embracing the Future Mix is my favourite version. Fairly short at 5mins but the other remixes lack the piano solo which gives me the tingles. BT's Deeper Sunshine Mix is also good; smoother and more mellow and just generally, y'know, a bit deeper! Sasha's remix is also worth a look - he stretches all the elements out to epic proportions, but it does get a little repetitive in places. Probably better suited to the dance floor than home listening. Loving You More Featuring vocals from Vincent Covello, the short 4m30s version entitled BT's Final Spiritual Journey is a perfect little dance pop tune and quite a natural evolution to the sound and style of Embracing the Sunshine. BT's Primordial Sound 12" Vocal has a nice long piano/nature sounds introduction but strips out some of the melody and chord changes during the verses for a slightly harder edge. The actual 12" version has an extended beatless outro to compliment the intro, but the CD single version sadly fades out 3 minutes early. Finally, there's BT's Garden of Ima Dub, which chops up the vocals and ups the intensity of the groove and beats. There are a lot of other remixes by other artists (some trance, some house) but personally I don't think any of them are worth bothering with. Grace - Not Over Yet (BT's Spirit of Grace Remix) The Perfecto original is quite rightly a dance classic, but BT manages to make it even better, injecting several long build ups of anticipation before the euphoric drops and added emotional content from his piano flourishes. The whole song is still in there too. One of my all time favourites. Nocturnal Transmission, Quark, Tripping The Light Fantastic, Divinity, Poseidon These are 5 other tracks which make up the Ima album. Nocturnal Transmission slowly builds from ambient sounds and new age vibes to a deep progressive house groove, which intensifies in the second half before dropping into the same heavy organ loop as the Garden of Ima Dub above. Quark is a chunky house track with big bass, floaty synths and some nice acid lines. Tripping the Light Fantastic is a bit more trancey, with a bouncy bassline and some big lead synth melodies. Divinity is a lesson in anticipation. It starts with some beautiful piano chords during the ambient intro, then intensifies over several minutes before dropping an eruption of euphoric piano chords. Poseidon is the weakest of the bunch (probably why it was only included in the 2xCD American issue of Ima, released a year later) but the chord progression and bassline combo that starts at around 6 minutes is totally lush. I find this track works better if you can slow the tempo down a little. I've left out Blue Skies because although it was included on the 1996 American version of Ima, I feel it belongs more in Phase 2 of BT's output with the stuff released around his second album, ESCM. Youtube playlist with the best tracks from Phase 1 below
  9. Giorgio Moroder collaborated with Daft Punk on the track "Giorgio By Moroder" from their 2013 album Random Access Memories. The guitarist on that track was legendary session musician Paul Jackson Jr. He also played guitar on "Heartbreak Hotel" by The Jacksons from their 1980 album Triumph.
  10. Thanks, as ever. Will delve into the list over the coming weeks.
  11. Does the Switch version have a tate option?
  12. @therearerules Definitely give Downwell another chance. It didn’t click with me first time, probably because the mechanics aren’t explained at all. But when I went back to it and spent more time playing/learning, I found it really enjoyable (especially in Tate mode).
  13. I can't even think of another auto runner I've played. What's hot?
  14. Does it still count if you bought the same game multiple times as part of a collection, rather than to play? If so, I have 9 versions of Phantasy Star Online on Dreamcast alone. Plus probably another 9 versions across GC, PC and Xbox.
  15. For me, it's all the elements combined to make something special - enjoyable gameplay, great graphics, a well told story and a fantastic soundtrack. Playing it put a massive smile on my face and reminded me why I love games. Mind you, I can't say I've played a lot of other into-the-screen runners.
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