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  1. Any thoughts on The First Tree? It looks pretty and is in the sale.
  2. I just bought Magicat for £1.10. It’s a cute pixel platformer with a boss at the end of each level. Cheap fun. https://videochums.com/review/magicat
  3. When and where do you listen? What are you doing while you listen? How do you listen - headphones or speakers? How loud do you like it? Just curious. Seems to be a lot of ambient stuff available. I can’t really fit it into my life very well.
  4. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Mix-Zone/release/1541849
  5. Both of those A Dream Cast episodes are a great watch.
  6. Probably already posted somewhere, but a fascinating and very in depth read about how Final Fantasy VII came to be. Final Fantasy 7 An oral history. An inside look at the creation and fallout of Square's industry-defining role-playing game, as told by those who were there, by Matt Leone
  7. Haven't heard this for a while.
  8. Is that 250 hours since installing the DLC or 250 hours since you started your quest?
  9. A couple of gems from the archive: "Walking in Rhythm" by The Blackbyrds, from 1974. Just happy, easy going groove. Perfect for a summers day. "Give It All You Got" by The Strikers, from 1981. Killer bassline and a nice groove. The piano chords towards the back end of the tune remind me a little of Italo-Disco classic "Midnight Cocktail" by Gazebo, from 1983 - which I can never post often enough.
  10. I can’t upload my scores without an online subscription, apparently. Is that right?
  11. I still have a fairly big collection of games stored in the garage, half of which is on display on a bookshelf and half is stored in plastic boxes. I bought most of the games because they were cheap and generally because the game was something I wanted to play, or it was well regarded. This means I have a large backlog of stuff I haven't given the time it deserves. But it's nice to have them there when I need/want them. For example, this week, whilst reading about the new Igavania title, Bloodstained, I thought to myself "I have four Igavania's in the garage that I've barely touched" and so last night I set up the Gamecube with the GB Player and played Circle of the Moon - it was very enjoyable. It's nice to be able to do that on a whim. I don't really buy old games anymore and anything I don't enjoy will get sold, so the collection is only getting smaller as time progresses. I used to have a collection of very good/mint condition SNES games (the console of my youth), but emulation and the SNES Mini, not to mention the high prices they sell for mean I have only a few left, and I suspect only a couple of those will stay forever due to nostalgia for the physical item itself, not just the game. I have already been trying to thin out the collection. RPG's are the first on the hit list - haven't played any to completion since FFVII, and that was my first! I am also looking to offload duplicates or titles that have had an HD update or similar.
  12. I've bought this. Seems alright. Never played it before so any tips welcome!
  13. Tweets don’t embed now? It’s a sailor moon switch. https://mobile.twitter.com/sanwlo/status/1143446327453540352
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