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  1. That’s a nice track. I have Disco Giants 11, which I bought for some track or another. It’s a pretty good selection despite me not knowing many. Apart from BB&Q and Chaka, the only thing I recognise on that one above is You Are In My System by The System. One of my faves.
  2. Ozric Tentacles - Pungent Effulgent (1989). Some quality psychedelic funk rock with plenty of synths. Reminded me of Zombi in places.
  3. Cheers, I have done that but wasn't sure if that's enough having never used the transfer service before. Has anybody played Rain? It was on my radar many years ago when I first got a PS3 but having watched the trailer recently it looks kinda boring.
  4. acidbearboy

    Yacht Rock

    Found a blog post detailing cover versions made by members of Zombi & Pinkish Black. The first two are decided Yacht. https://complexdistractions.blog/2021/04/07/zombi-friends-song-covers-i-never-knew-i-needed-till-i-heard-them/ Covers: Streisand/Gibb - Guilty Eddie Rabbit - Suspicions Alan Parsons Project - Sirius/Eye in the Sky Steely Dan - Green Earings The Suspicions cover is nice, but the original is where it's at.
  5. Thanks for this info. I’ve just grabbed £20 PSN credit for £18.49 at CDkeys and bought Everybody’s Golf (6) for £11.99 and Fez for £7.99 as it was cross-buy on PS3/PS4/Vita. Is there any way to activate the Vita version of Fez in case I eventually buy one?
  6. acidbearboy


    I was tagging up some mp3's the other night, trying to find out if the Beltram/Moby remixes of Charly and Everybody in the Place for the US market were from 91 or 92 (it was 92), when I read some (old) comments on Discogs about some demo versions of Charly. I found what was listed as the 1991 remix demo, but I could not find an extended original version that was also mentioned - has anybody heard it? I always preferred the original mix to the Alley Cat Remix. Saying that, the Beltram says mix is very nice too. I ended up listening to a whole demo tape's worth of s
  7. Can anybody recommend some CD cleaning gear? I don't really think I need anything as serious as a buffing machine, but I often find that used CDs need a wipe clean when they arrive to remove dust and grime. I currently give them a gentle wipe with a cleaning cloth for glasses.
  8. There's not really a bad version is there? I've played the Xbox originals, the PS2 versions, the PSP port and the PC version (which is great once you install the no disc patch). They are all entirely playable, it's just a question of price/convenience really. Don't sleep on the original Outrun either - I've put many hours into the Sega Ages port on the Switch. Not as shiny as Outrun 2 obviously, but it's aged brilliantly.
  9. They Live (Netflix) I like most John Carpenter films I’ve seen. Never really seen or heard of this. Was definitely old looking - both the period in history and the lack of any real special effects. Was a real slow builder, then a lot happens in the last 30-40 minutes. But the big reveal was cool and I liked the general vibe of it. Not a great film, but an enjoyable watch. The message is probably more relevant now than back in 1988. 3/5 Pet Semetary (Netflix) The new one. Pretty bland. 2/5
  10. Thanks. I’ve had the PS3 out this week to check the store before it closes, but I fired up Everybody’s Golf World Tour and it’s so much better than the PS4 game. If it wasn’t for the PS3 being out I’d have jumped on this. For now I will wait, but it’s good to know my £5 will entertain the children too.
  11. If I sub to Apple Arcade can my kids also use it on their iPhones through family sharing?
  12. Have you checked YouTube for playthroughs? I tend to head straight there if I get stuck these days.
  13. I set up the PS3 and looked through all the games on the store but I didn’t really see anything I couldn’t live without. But I don’t remember seeing any PS1 or PS2 games. Did you purchase from the web or console? @MW_Jimmy Also, did Haunting Ground not get a PAL release? I definitely remember having a promo poster for it (couldn’t give it away).
  14. Not to mention that even if people have the knowledge, very few people will have the time to have played all the good games (hidden gems or otherwise) on all the retro systems. I may have a good SNES knowledge, but I’ve barely scratched the surface of the Mega Drive, PCE or Neo Geo libraries.
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