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  1. acidbearboy

    Cold Modern Electro

    Tidy 3 track EP from No Moon, also from 2018. https://craigieknowes.bandcamp.com/album/infinite-dreamz-ep-2
  2. acidbearboy

    Cold Modern Electro

    Morphology's 2018 LP "Traveller" is a fantastic album.
  3. acidbearboy

    The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Has anybody or their kids played any of the shovel ware for Wii. I see a lot of games with ponies or Dora the explorer for example, that look like they would be suitable for my young daughters, but I imagine a lot of them are tripe. Any recommendations?
  4. acidbearboy


    Oh, sweet. I will buy the EP from Google Play. Just need the Wind It Up remixes then.
  5. acidbearboy


    Been listening to a lot of Prodigy this week. Trying to work my way through all their tracks chronologically. Can anybody help me fill in a couple of blanks? I know I definitely don't have the US remixes of Wind It Up from this deleted US CD single - https://www.discogs.com/The-Prodigy-Wind-It-Up-Rewound/release/7746, plus I'm not sure if I have all the What Evil Lurks EP in digital form (got the 12"). Definitely have Android on a CD comp but I am away from my home music library at the moment, so can't check for the other 3 tracks. Cheers From my research - these are all the tracks and various remixes of each available (Experience era only so far).
  6. acidbearboy

    How We Really Played Pac Man

    https://retrobitch.wordpress.com/2019/02/12/pac-man-the-untold-story-of-how-we-really-played-the-game/ Well written and researched, with some great archive photos. Recommended reading!
  7. Thanks for the recommendation, but that does not look like my style at all. I generally prefer my indie games to be pixelated.
  8. https://store.steampowered.com/app/674520/FightN_Rage/ Can't remember where I saw this mentioned - possibly the Streets of Rage IV thread. Anyways, I thought it looked nice, so I added it to my wishlist. It is currently on sale (75% off until March 1st) and so I took the plunge on Friday night and I really enjoyed it. The graphics are good once you tweak the settings to your liking - personally I wasn't keen on the CRT filters and over saturated colours. The music is good and most importantly, so is the gameplay. It's nothing revolutionary, but the combo system and special meter work well to stop it being just a button masher. There are 3 playable characters to choose from - with more unlockable by the looks of it. Definitely recommended for the current price of £3.74! (not my video)
  9. acidbearboy

    Them Beautiful to Look at games.

    F-Zero Super Castlevania IV Secret of Mana
  10. acidbearboy

    The Saturn Appreciation Thread

    I really like the Saturn. It has a lot of great 2D games and a few 'special' 3D titles - almost exclusively from Sega themselves. I remember my Dad buying a PAL console when it was dying a death - can't recall him owning another console before that, or since. He bought it to play Sega Rally. It came with some other games, the only ones I remember are Tomb Raider and Christmas Nights. Plus a demo disc with Baku Baku and Panzer Dragoon Zwei. I ended up buying my own console a while later and the full version of Nights. Other PAL titles I remember owning were Die Hard Arcade, Fighters Megamix, Manx TT, Panzer 1 & 2, Sega Worldwide Soccer, Shining The Holy Ark, Steep Slope Sliders. These days I have a Japanese Saturn (white) and only Japanese games - they had a much broader selection than we got in Europe. Still have quite a few I've bought but yet to play actually. Need more time!!
  11. acidbearboy

    The Saturn Appreciation Thread

    This is the sort of thing I mean. Extra content to justify the cost vs playing via MAME. I know several shmups had Saturn exclusive modes. Are there any to avoid? Likewise, some games are cheaper on other platforms. I sold Elevator Action Returns 2 because it was worth good money and I also had it on Taito Legends for PS2. Likewise, Night Striker was worth quite a fair bit more on Saturn than on PS1 - and I couldn't really notice any difference in the ports. I feel like this sort of thing is of greater importance as time goes on. Lots of arcade ports were great at the time, particularly as the original version was not available in the home. But now with MAME, we can experience the original at home and for free, so the console versions need to offer something extra.
  12. acidbearboy

    The Saturn Appreciation Thread

    How do the Saturn conversions compare to their arcade counterparts? Some games, such as Hyper Duel, are really expensive.
  13. acidbearboy

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Saint Etienne are credited with mixing and production on the sleeve. Discogs has Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs listed as members of Cola Boy, but according to the biography "Cola Boy was a duo, consisting of Janey Lee Grace and Andrew Midgley. Andrew had worked with Bob and Pete on studio material in their pre-St Etienne days in the late 1980s. Janey had been a backing singer for numerous pop acts, including Wham and Pasty Kensit’s Eighth Wonder, and was a radio broadcaster on LBC. Sarah Cracknell sang the vocals on the original white label version of 7 Ways. After that initial batch sold out, it was re-recorded with vocals by Sarah’s friend Janey Lee Grace, as Sarah was under contract to another label and was not permitted to sing on non-St Etienne releases."
  14. acidbearboy

    The electronica thread

    Still checking 'best of 2018' recommendations. This is a good one
  15. acidbearboy

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    This was the first track that came to mind.

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