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  1. I played the original Super Monkey Ball last week. Beginners courses were good and the mini games available (fight, race and target) were all fun to play with my daughter. Need to step up to the next difficulty level and earn some more points to unlock Monkey Bowling and more. It was so much more fun than Banana Blitz on the Wii, which I played the week before. It’s all about the precision controls.
  2. I was born in 1982. The first games I remember having at home were Adventure, Pele's Soccer, Centipede, Joust and Yar's Revenge for the Atari 2600 console around 1987? We had mail order catalogues (possibly Raven Games) that I remember reading but I don't really remember asking for anything particular, or getting games as birthday presents, but we did eventually end up with quite a lot of 2600 titles - Jungle Hunt, Summer Games and River Raid being three I remember fondly. My cousin also had an Atari (a woody) and so did a couple of friends, so we used to swap or play each others games. I also remember Binatone sets with Pong type games on, probably from a similar time. In 1990, in my first year of Junior school, my Mum won first prize in a raffle and I got to take home a NES Action Set - I was pretty chuffed! I played a lot of Mario and Duck Hunt and got other games for Birthday/Christmas (Kung-Fu, Rad Racer) as well as at boot fairs (Zelda) and second hand shops (Kick Off, Double Dragon III). My cousin also had a NES and so did most of my friends at school, so again, a lot of trading carts happened and I think it was at this time that the local video shops used to start renting out carts. In fact, looking through some image galleries of the PAL NES releases - I'd say I probably played 50% of them at some point. It was definitely the NES that got me into gaming. I don't remember any computers from School until I started senior school in 1993, where they had a suite of Acorn A3000's. I think my Dad already had one, or bought one around that time as I have lots of memories of the games on that system (mostly 4th Dimension titles) including Holed Out Golf, Break 147, Cataclysm, E-Type, Saloon Cars, Nevryon, Dropship, Inertia, Lemmings, Zarch (Lander), Chocks Away, Pac-Mania and a PD version of Asteroids with awesome music! Christmas 1993 was when I got my SNES (Mario All-Stars pack). That title in particular was a little underwhelming as I had played 3 of the 4 games to death on the NES already! But the SNES library probably holds the biggest space in my heart. It was far more popular with my friends than the Mega Drive and I just loved so many of the games. I lived very close to school and about 8 of us would bundle into my bedroom to play Bomberman 2 or something at lunchtime. Before school my mum would drop me off at a friends house on her way to work and we would play Super Mario World until it was time for school. After school I would regularly play Super Mario Kart or Killer Instinct among others. Some games were so good I used to get up early to play them before it was time to get ready for school (Secret of Mana). Christmas 1997 I got the PS1 for Final Fantasy VII. I reckon the Playstation was as popular as the SNES and there were lots of people to swap games with again. There was also the piracy alternative. My cousin knew somebody who would chip your machine and could source copied games. I finished school in 1998 but college just meant more PS1 love (Tony Hawk's 2) plus I had more money to buy new games (which were also getting cheaper). Throughout all of this there was always the arcade at the seafront. Fond memories of The Simpson, Turtles, Top Skater, Die Hard Arcade, Xmen VS Street Fighter.
  3. I assume he is referring to the keyboard layout rather than the physical hardware?
  4. Couple of vintage Sega jams. Sky High from Super Monkey Ball The Cosmic Smash from Cosmic Smash(!)
  5. Yeah I have Alien Crush Returns too. Never got into it but I should give it another try I suppose. I don’t remember enjoying the original Alien Crush as much as the sequels. I had the MD version of Devil’s Crush back when I had a Mega Drive, don’t think there’s much between the two versions gameplay wise. Having seen some comparison shots on HG101, I think I slightly prefer the graphics of the PCE version. Jaki Crush is my favourite because it seems a bit easier to keep the ball out of the gutters, plus nostalgia.
  6. Played Devil’s Crush (TG16 via Wii VC) and Jaki Crush (Snes Mini) for a few hours last night, both great games with awesome graphics and music. I also have Alien Crush on Wii VC so will play that next time. Does anybody know of any articles about their development?
  7. I bought the Wii original in the charity shop last week. It wasn’t that fun. I imagine non-waggle controls would improve things. I played the GC original afterwards and it was much more enjoyable.
  8. Been listening to the first self titled Aquarian Dream LP since posting that track and it’s really very good. The follow up ‘Fantasy’ is also excellent. Third album ‘Chance to Dance’ I have not been able to get into so easily.
  9. Anybody care to share some interesting YouTube videos? I’ve played a lot of Zelda, but there’s loads of interesting things I don’t know. Don’t know where to start with YouTube!
  10. How did you find that out? And has he told any good stories?
  11. It was! There didn’t look like a missing rock, but i found one nearby just after posting.
  12. Anybody know if this group of stones has any significance? Sorry for the terrible photos from my phone. It’s northern Hebra, close to a enemy camp with a skull.
  13. Missed this - good stuff!
  14. acidbearboy


    I’ve recently been listening to Incognito's 1991 album Inside Life on CD. It contains the original (cover) version of Always There, which I don't think I've heard before - it's the David Morales remix that they always play on the radio (there's also a great Masters At Work remix from 1996). The rest of the album is pretty good, a solid mixture of house grooves, soulful R&B vocals and some jazzy instrumentals. Crazy For You sounds familiar - either they used to play it on the radio or it just reminds me of Lisa Stansfield or something else of that era. Gypsy is a great jazz-funk track. Cheeky little Funky Drummer sample on Sketches in the Dark. Solid album with not a bad track on it. CD is a keeper too, as Crazy For You doesn’t seem to be on the Spotify edition of the album. https://open.spotify.com/album/5OPMTZIYFOihnWRNJvYZIM
  15. Two classic disco cuts that I only knew from 90s House tracks.
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