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  1. I went to Malaysia in the PS1 days. Came back with about 50 games. Some not even released. Stuff like Gran Turismo and Biohazard. Which had the uncut intro cgi unless resi. For a good few days I was the coolest nerd kid at school with that lot.
  2. I remember getting a pirated copy of Super Skidmarks for the Amiga. I'm sure it was that game, if not that then one very similar. The boot screen had an image that the hacking group put on there. I assume that used to be a popular thing back then. I didn't realise it was there and I took it to a mates house to play. Loaded it up with his mum watching and it was a graphic animation of a cartoon Satan anal raping an angel. Was never allowed round again after that. Edit: if anyone knows what that is and has a link to how I can see it I'd love to see it again.
  3. It's a PDF so you can print it or work off it on an iPad. That's probably the simplest solution if you have one.
  4. Sng

    PS4 Pro

    Launch day one but with a 1Tb drive in it.
  5. Sng

    PS4 Pro

    I listed my PS4 for £150 on Gumtree and got a call pretty much straight away. Is that too cheap? I said PS4 with a controller and No Man's Sky.
  6. Sng

    PS4 Pro

    People are saying the super-sampling improves distant objects in VR. If that's true I'm all over it.
  7. Sng

    PS4 Pro

    I've done a very quick turnaround from not getting this to now getting this. Does anywhere apart from GAME have a decent trade-in offer?
  8. Sng


    https://i.reddituploads.com/01e8e4e3dc9d497baeec2ea2cea1ff0e?fit=max&h=1536&w=1536&s=e9f2220d457a4892753757cb5a25532a Sound patch incoming.
  9. Sng

    Sports Bar VR

    Cool I might be back on by then but probably a bit later. What's your psn?
  10. Sng

    Sports Bar VR

    The feet marks are the optimal place to stand for the camera. Once there use the teleport and/or hulk move to adjust your position in game.
  11. Sng

    Sports Bar VR

    Anyone up for some pool tonight? I'll be logging on in a minute.
  12. Just loaded it up and there are a couple of new games. Chess and something else. No idea what it is though. Just noticed table tennis in the loading screen as well so that can't be far off.
  13. Hold both thumb buttons to hulk. You pull yourself around the room. Needed to line up shots. Think keeping your feet in the markers is the most important bit as that'll not mess with the tracking.
  14. Takes a while getting used to it. Make sure your feet stay where they should and get used to hulk move. Need to organise six player online games to make it a proper laugh though.
  15. Spyro, Jak, Sly Cooper, they'd all be great in VR.
  16. I find if I move the strap bit that goes round the back of your head up a bit and then tighten I get a much better fit and no light gets in. Instead of sitting at the bottom of the back of my head it sits on that nobbly bit that sticks out.
  17. I spit and rub in a circular motion in the same way I get my diving mask ready.
  18. Anyone can get a code now for the open beta but no start date yet - http://www.steepgame.com/redbull Is it any good?
  19. Rapture's not adding to cart for me for some reason though which is annoying.
  20. Super Stardust VR is pretty close isn't it?
  21. Yeah it's handy for moving around slowly without getting disorientated by teleporting. Although it can make you feel a bit sick.
  22. Two Move controllers yeah. Feels very realistic. You position the shot and then use the left trigger to lock the position in. Right trigger fine-adjusts it. Left move button adjusts spin and then just your normal queuing action. Any tracking issues for me were fixed by just making sure I was always stood in the recommended spot and using teleport or Hulk Move to move around.
  23. 86480. Happy with that.
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