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  1. All this wait for Star Wars in Vr and it's a bloody escort mission! Felt great but I didn't really enjoy it. After this, Eve and that COD mission I think I've come to the conclusion that space combat is just rubbish.
  2. I think the PSVR struggles with objects in the distance and because you are constantly looking at objects in the distance (not just cars but stuff on the horizon in general) you always notice the image quality. The most impressive graphics for me are the big in-your-face stuff like some scenes in Arkham and London Heist.
  3. It depends on the game. Some recommend standing, some are fine just sat on the couch. It just needs some 'proper' full length games. At the moment they all seem more like tech demos or fun experiences. Which is great if you don't mind buying a new game every week but I can't afford to keep doing that.
  4. Will the whole of RE7 be playable in VR? It's a good sign for VR if it is. I couldn't play the demo though. I struggle enough with horror games on TV. No way will I be able to play through in VR. PSVR needs more fun bright stuff like that platformer on Playroom VR.
  5. Ah I just measured and I'm only 6.5 feet back so I probably just need to adjust the living room some more. Bit annoying that there's no online though!
  6. Holoball is fun but how far back do you need to be?! I'm about 10' back and it's still not enough. I can hit the high ones but anything low and my wand doesn't register.
  7. Think bases are a bit pointless if no one comes to visit. Need to delete these quintillion planets or whatever it is. And just keep about 100.
  8. What is the appeal of building a base on one planet when the aim of the game is to travel to the centre? Or has the aim changed?
  9. Yeah just a bit. Champion because Hamilton had loads of failures and there are no other teams competing. Bit of a sorry state of affairs for f1.
  10. First five minutes looks like it cost more than a whole BBC series I have a 4k laptop - Can I stream in 4k on Amazon using just the browser? Seems to cap at 1080p.
  11. My day one pad is in perfect condition. I only know two other people with a PS4 and theirs are fine too. Doubt the pad issue is that widespread.
  12. Bought VR Worlds on Amazon. Arriving before 8pm tonight. Modern life is brilliant. If anyone fancies swapping it for something in a week or so let me know.
  13. Anyone know of a decent release schedule for PSVR stuff? I'm craving more.
  14. Sng

    PS4 Pro

    Not really an effort downloading it is it? Queue them all up when you get to work online and they'll all be done by the time you get home.
  15. It reminds me of Skate 2 - looks great but it's frustrating as hell to play. The mountain seems to be designed by someone who doesn't want you to have any fun.
  16. Sng

    PS4 Pro

    I would be surprised if the PS5 even did native 4k for most games.
  17. Login here - https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb And you should see it by clicking your username and then Download List. It doesn't seem to let me link directly to the page.
  18. Yeah just got my code. Roll on tomorrow.
  19. Trackmania is fun but is there no way to change the camera in the full game? I really struggle with the chase camera but loved the bits that swapped to cockpit view. Proper stomach turning.
  20. Sng

    PS4 Pro

    Definitely a weird decision. I'd have much rather a PS5 in two years that's backwards compatible with PS4 games and PSVR. Luckily the guy pulled out of buying my PS4 as I've gone off the idea of this incremental update now. Maybe in a year or so when it's £200 and includes a couple of games.
  21. Regret it already! West Norwood. Will message you the details.
  22. Sadly going to sell my wheel. It's the Thrustmaster T150. Love it but never get the chance to use it. Still have the box. £50 if you can pick up from SE London. I thought I'd just put it here before trading. VR deserves first dibs.
  23. Is this like Gone Home where you just wander around aimlessly reading notes?
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