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  1. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    Can you browse/buy from the eShop before getting the Switch? Mine is coming today but I wouldn't mind buying a couple of smaller games whilst I wait for it.
  2. I need to get an adaptor so I can fit a microphone (Tascam DR-05) onto a camera (Sony A7). I assume something that slots into the hotshoe that the microphone screws into but I'm struggling to find anything decent as I'm not sure what to search for. Anyone got some links? Preferably known brands on Amazon.
  3. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    It was posted on HUKD.
  4. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers guys. Haven't been this excited since seeing Phil Harrison at an airport.
  5. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    I folded and bought one today. (£20 off Amazon with this code - VG20OFF150) So it's coming tomorrow with Mario. I'll have to leave Zelda for a bit. Is there anything else I need immediately? I take it the console has memory for save files so I don't need a card yet?
  6. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    Any chance of a price drop soon? Or hardware revision? Ready to buy but being put off by the chance of either.
  7. Famitsu give all kind of senseless review scores, especially recently. I wouldn't read anything into their score. Does anyone know if you need PS+ to play this? Not sure how online the online is/can be.
  8. Love this game. Just about unlocked everything now. Tempted by the DLC but it all adds up. How much do they all go for in a bundle during sales?
  9. Yeah I love taking out a loan of unknown value!
  10. 7501 0339 549 Getting a lot of network errors but can already feel myself being sucked off in.
  11. What happens if you put an APC-C lens on a full frame camera? Do you just lose the benefit of the camera being full frame? On a related now. Can anyone recommend a prime lens for the Sony A7? Something around 35mm/50mm.
  12. Man that's tough. Think I need to spend a few more days working through the single player. I got -3 but was on for -5 until an ugly hole. This one straight after did redeem it. Even though it was only for par it was a hole filled with every emotion. And a lot of sand.
  13. Ha, sorry, I have sigs turned off. The whole UI is mental and so confusing. You have to go to multiplayer and then set up a single player game? In my defence this is my first EG game on console.
  14. Where do I find this option? Modifier 1 - Super-Hard Pin
  15. Cheers. And is moving up ranks what unlocks courses?
  16. Loving this but progression seems a bit slow? I'm level five now, played the since 9 holes about five times and still can't play any other course yet. Or even the back 9. Am I doing something wrong?
  17. Yeah I logged on for the first time in a few months the other day and had about five. First time it's happened to me as well. On another note, someone mentioned this site to me - https://www.g2a.com/ Saying you can sometimes find cheap cards on there. But I'm guessing they're cheap because they're nicked? If you do buy a nicked card do they have the ability to know which is nicked and if so are they likely to block your account or just reverse anything spent with that card? Don't really want to risk losing my account just to save a few quid.
  18. Pre-ordered. Not played anything properly since Horizon. This has pulled me back in. Can't wait. PSN is Soong for the sheet, cheers!
  19. What's the cheapest way to get a year PS+?
  20. I've been enjoying this but I have no idea where it can really go from here. Each season has basically been the same as the last. They come up with an idea, it goes well, they fuck things up, then something comes up last minute to save them. Really needs some new ideas.
  21. If he wants to leave there's no point trying to keep him though. Especially when it's Barcelona calling. Might as well get a huge sum and hopefully get some more decent players in. For now (at least) we're a selling club when it comes to the likes of Barcelona wanting to buy.
  22. Couldn't you have just fast travelled?
  23. Loving this. I was worried it would be a bit too fantasy, what with all the traps and potions and stuff like that, but the story keeps improving. One thing about merchants - Is the gear the same no matter which you're at? Just different requirements to buy? I'm suffering the same thing I do with other RPGs when it comes to buying stuff - I never want to buy anything because I assume something better will be just around the corner. Either as a quest reward or just from another merchant.
  24. Cool. Think I'll go with that. The only issue is it has no port for audio but I can use a separate device for that. Anyone got a recommendation? Thinking about something like this https://www.amazon.co.uk/d/Recording-Computer/Tascam-DR-22WL-Dr-22wl-Field/B00N4J8QVO
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