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  1. My tracking started once they got relatively close. Like 10 stops away.
  2. Not to get off topic or anything but where is that from?
  3. 3 stops away. Time for me to sneak off work. It's tiiiiime!
  4. I have a digital and a disc version on order from Amazon. Money now pending on card for both but only one is showing as dispatched. They're using their new method of giving you a pin and the delivery guy has to hear you read the pin before he'll hand it over. Reassuring. Both coming from Amazon logistics. Bit less reassuring.
  5. I'm completely addicted to it. I love it and hate it in equal measure. If you like COD/Battle Royale games then you definitely need to give it a go. I wouldn't recommend solos. I find it too tense/boring/campy. Duos, trios and quads are all excellent.
  6. The ones with Dads who play videogames.
  7. Enjoying this but is there a reason why it feels so much like a videogame? There's the first bounty missing, an escort mission, a defend the base mission. There's even a part where you have to go into a cave and collect an egg?! It's like watching an RPG. Is there a videogame in the works?
  8. Anyone doing 4DX? Would be interested to see if it's worth it over just IMAX.
  9. I have a $300 bounty on me. No idea what I did wrong. Must have been very early in the game Is a $300 bounty a lot? Do I need to pay it or can I just avoid the area for a while and it'll go?
  10. Just started this. The slow pace takes some getting used to. Especially after Spiderman. I'm also struggling a bit with the controls but I'm getting there. I find Rockstar games always tend to control a little clunky especially compared to stuff like Uncharted which is what I play most of. Can someone explain the wanted system? If I do a mission and a crime is reported it seems cops come. If I wear a bandana through the mission and then remove it when they come will they still come after me if I'm in the red circle? Or even just outside it?
  11. I'm enjoying this, skipped 18. Didn't play 17 much. I still can't defend. Got it online, 30% off with this code which I think is still valid - KBRNLTLD83
  12. Yeah I was hoping for a trophy for doing that the first time! Speaking of photos. There are hidden photo spots. I took a photo of some random graffiti and it triggered it. I think it said there are 50. Also, just turned on this morning (can tell in hooked) and there's an update.
  13. Did Freddy Mercury actually sound like that? It sounds like he's doing an impression of Bane.
  14. Just noticed that the reflections in the building windows aren't accurate. They just reflect back a random cityscape. Is that the same with the Pro or just the standard PS4?
  15. It's one thing that's always bugged me in other games. Hopefully it becomes more common now.
  16. Loving this. Most fun I've had in an open world since Crackdown. One thing I just noticed is when you're on the phone your voice changes depending on what you're doing. So if you're just stood there you sound calm but if you're swinging about you sound like you're talking whilst swinging about. They must have recorded all his lines twice and the even more impressive thing is it'll switch between the two mid-conversation. Really adds to the immersion.
  17. What's it like? I'm tempted. I thought there'd be loads more chat about it but it seems to be goin under the radar for some reason.
  18. I sold it after Horizon. I think the last game I got was Everybody's Golf. Just got one with God of War. Is there anything else I've missed between now and EG? I sold it because there was nothing coming out that interested me for ages. End of this year looks good though.
  19. Any rumours of a Pro or Slim price drop any time soon? If not, where's a good place to get a Slim? Can't see any decent bundle deals.
  20. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah so glad it's usb-c as well. Means I can just bring my phone charger and I know I'm good to go.
  21. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    Loving this. It's so slick and well made. The hardware feels spot on. Except for that kick stand. And I love the sound effects. Not even started Mario yet, or plugged it into a TV.
  22. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers. This is gonna be a shock to the system coming from the rock solid, slick PSN. Still looking forward to it.
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