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  1. First time winning a quads Warzone match. Didn't think it would ever happen. Definitely the greatest feeling I've ever had in gaming.
  2. Odd, I came here to post about fan noise as well. Mine has been silent since day one ever after five hour sessions of Warzone. Today I turn it on and as soon as any game starts the fan ramps right up to an annoying level. Turn it off and the fan calms down again. Not even hot in this room. Your video doesn't sound normal to me but it's hard to gauge sound levels over a video. Before today I couldn't hear mine at all.
  3. Sng

    Oculus Quest

    Got a Quest 2 the other day. Loving it so far. I got Beat Saber. Is it worth getting Pistol Whip so soon after or are they different enough? Got The Climb but refunded it, same with Wander and Thrill of the Fight. I don't think I have enough space for that. Also refunded that plank game which is brilliant but only for five minutes. Is that golf game good if you only have around 1.5m*2.5m space to play in?
  4. Google Authenticator has it too but it's manual. Need to export and then import into new phone. So export ahead of time.
  5. Anyone else have a loose right trigger? Noticed it when playing Watch Dogs. Suddenly the right trigger felt like it snapped and then the gun wouldn't feel right when I fired. Then after a few seconds it felt normal but the trigger feels like there's no resistance for the first 20% of movement. It still works fine just doesn't feel quite right. To the point where shaking the controller will make that trigger flop about.
  6. Also they said there's no crossplay on Fifa between PS4 and PS5 but if you download the PS4 version on the PS5 you can play crossplay against someone on a PS4.
  7. I bought the Champions Edition but can only seem to download the PS5 version of the Beckham Edition. Is that normal?
  8. Nice, definitely getting this. Haven't played it since the first few weeks of it coming out for PS4. Will be interesting to see how it's changed. Anyone here still playing it regularly?
  9. I have the digital version as well and can barely hear a thing. I wonder if a lot of noise is coming from the drive.
  10. Yeah I realised this too late! Seems like you have to manually upload the save there for it to work.
  11. No I mean the windows of the building.
  12. You can tell the top one is fidelity because of the reflections in the window but I think that's a good example of why I'll be using performance mode when I do get MM. Apart from when I just want to wander around and admire the graphics in fidelity mode.
  13. With shooters I always switch to L1/R1 anyway so will take me a lot of concentration to switch back. I'll try it with the adaptive triggers. It could work out, for example if pistols have hair triggers.
  14. Can't believe there was even a Pain reference. It's like the game was made for me. Love the 3D models as well - So damn detailed. I must have been looking at the PS1 multitap for about 10 minutes.
  15. I'm struggling to pull the triggers down fully when there's a lot of resistance! That makes me sound like a wimp but I mean when I do my hand loses grip of the controller. It's like all these years I've been holding them wrong so i need to adjust my grip. Apart from that I love the pad. Feels like the biggest upgrade. I hope they allow us to turn off the leds on the PS5 soon. Way too bright, especially if they expect us to use it as a media player. With the lights off it's a huge distraction. I have a feeling it does seem as bad when it's vertical but when it's horizontal it's like the led is shining straight in my face.
  16. As this is £55 on PS4 I'm guessing I should buy it now even if I don't intend to play it until it's out properly on PS5? As that will probably cost £70 yet the upgrade from the £55 one on PS4 will be free? Videos haven't really excited me at all but the previews do sound pretty positive.
  17. You'll be able to tell if it's used or not when you first boot it. If you see the first boot scene then it's not been used.
  18. Oh God I got this game but reading this thread makes me dread starting it. It just sounds like it goes against everything I like about videogames! Should I spend the day watching Youtube videos with pointers on how to play and a general approach or just jump in and die a lot?
  19. Anyone with a PS5 managed to transfer their save? I'm sure they said it would be fine but I can't even see my PS4 save to download it to PS5. The trophy list also looks completely separate.
  20. Sticks feel much better. They don't push in too far and can't be pulled out slightly. Not sure if that's just because it a new controller or if they've changed something with the sticks.
  21. Has the patch sorted out the issue about picking the wrong game? I have Watch Dogs Legion from PS4 and want to make sure I have the PS5 version downloaded but I can't really see any options. It just looks like the only option I have is Watch Dogs Legion without mentioning which platform?
  22. All good. He came back with both boxes and apologised so I didn't have to publicly shame him this time! And damn, son, the digital looks good.
  23. Wtf Amazon guy got to the door with one but it wouldn't scan so he has to go back to his van to call his manager. Wtf?! I just said can I have it but apparently not. He bloody better come back! EDIT: he's letting it get covered in the pouring rain as well!!
  24. Mine just went from 3 stops away to 8 stops away which is a bit annoying.
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