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  1. Cheers for the tips! I'll check my museum, I think it's pretty well stocked already but must be a few I'm missing. Any fossils I'd normally sell so good tip about giving them to residents instead. Makes sense. Also didn't know that about craftable items being better value than raw materials - I have so many in storage 😂 I'll get crafting. Try to tie it in with the item of the day or whatever it's called.
  2. Mine was 189 this afternoon so had to settle for that in the end as I'm probably not able to get on tomorrow.
  3. I'm gonna gamble and assume yours will be higher tomorrow... Or is that a bad idea?! I can't help a gamble! This is assuming you'll be on tomorrow?!
  4. I'm drowning in turnips that I'm worried about off-loading so if anyone has a good price this week please let me know 🤣
  5. 609!!! Opened up on Turnip Exchange while I'm at work but if anyone here wants to get on tonight let me know and I'll open the gates. Probably can get back on later from about 9pm.
  6. 149 AM price so am hoping for a big jump this PM.
  7. What classes as a worthwhile high price, over 400?
  8. My turnip price is at 134 already. I've checked a couple of turnip sites and some are predicting a further bump in a day or two so I will get my gates polished for an opening in case.
  9. And thanks to whoever left bells in my begging box 🤣
  10. Cheers to whoever came by to drop off a bumper crop 😁
  11. Hey guys I've just opened my gate in the hope that some of you would kindly leave some fruit for me! From memory I have cherries, peach and oranges so anything else would be much appreciated. I'm watching football so mostly afk but will try to keep an eye open. Cheeeers!
  12. Ahh I do have the museum but haven't really dabbled in the arts yet. Sorry I misread your post and thought there were dynamic flowers that you could plant and they'd change colour, etc 🤪 This week I'm solely focused on not losing money on turnips. I'm trying to avoid that turnip exchange website but am getting tempted as the end of the week gets closer.
  13. No idea what any of that means yet 🤣 I think I have to get stuck in for a few weeks before I mix too much.
  14. I've bought a load of turnips at 100 bells which, now I look into it, isn't a great price! If anyone notices them selling for a good price this week please let me know!
  15. Sorry can't make it on tonight but hope to visit soon
  16. I got a comms error and was booted so not even sure if my fruit saved 🤣 Will check for sure when I'm home.
  17. I'm at work but I will try to sneak in now!
  18. Oh yeah sounds good! My Friend ID is: 5962-3914-4982 Feel free for anyone else to add me as well! Great sounds good! I am, indeed, yeah, I changed it years ago though when I started working at a school and was hoping it would make me harder to find online just in case.
  19. How do I get other fruit? Am I having terrible luck here? I'm getting nook miles to go to another island but five times now and it's been cherries every time! And that's my native fruit. Is that normal or just bad luck? Also is there no way to send a gift to someone who hasn't visited your island? I want to send something to my daughter, we have a Switch each but only one copy of the game. Do we both need to own it to be able to play online together first before you can send a message?
  20. How does Luna's bed work? I don't think I was paying attention in my first dream. So it lets me visit other islands even if the person isn't online? And vica-versa?
  21. So I have gotten myself a lovely OLED Switch and I got this with it. I am weirdly addicted so I assume that's a good sign! Just a quick question - I think I've done everything there is to unlock - I ask Tom Nook what I should do and he basically says he's out of ideas. So now I guess I just make the island look nice? Can I make paths? I assume these are recipes I unlock soon?
  22. Just got this on my shiny new OLED Switch which I'm very excited about getting stuck into. One quick really noob question - I'm near the start, talking to the old man who is telling me how to use the binos to mark the three shrines. Now I think I have found and marked the three shrines yet when I speak to him he calls me a noob and says if I need to know how to use the binos to check the pause menu. I have three markers on the shrines - Do I just go off and explore each of them or should there be a trigger with the old man that I've missed before I go?
  23. Sng

    Nintendo Switch

    Finally getting myself a Nintendo Switch. Quick question about the games - if I buy digital can anyone added to a family account also play it? Also how tall is the oled when docked? Trying to figure out if it will fit in a certain shelf. Cheers!
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