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    SCEE sent me Ghosthunter (and Ratchet & Clank - Keep this in mind when reading my sig)... I played Ghosthunter for a bit last night. It seems OK, but I haven't played for long. I'll give a brief overview but will try to keep it spoiler free! Basically, it's Ghostbusters except not as cool. You're this police guy, who's send to this abandoned school cos builders hear dodgy noises, etc... So you go there with your partner, have to look around, something happens, blah... You run around a bit like Resident Evil, except you can press circle to switch to a behind the shoulder-ish view, where a cursor appears onscreen which shows where you're aiming, R1 fires. From there you can press circle again to go back to normal movement or triangle to switch to first-person, to allow for more precise aiming. Movement through doors, up ladders, etc... is done like Resident Evil. You get a weapon which is used to get the ghosts... you have you shoot at them, and then when they're... something, you press R2 to throw this grenade thing at them, that catches the Ghost and then flies back into your hand, and you carry on. Very Ghostbusters inspired! It seems like fun. The most impressive thing about it so far is both the controls, which are layed out very nicely (although the camera work takes some getting used to) and the lighting. Your weapon has a torch and I didn't realise the PS2 could do lighting effects this well. Looks damn good!
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    Final Fantasy XI

    6 gig is 10 hours on a dialup connection? hee hee hee I must have the wrong sort of broadband!! It must have been smaller than 6 Gig then, because 10Hrs is indeed how long the update took me to download. Maybe they have a bare minimum set of files for narrowband users. Yeah, patches for MMORPGs are never very big as the majority are server-side. Client-side patches are all pretty tiny. As for FFXI... I was tempted by it, but I heard so pretty bad stuff about it over at GP, and I know I won't have as much fun with it as SWG, so I'm gonna have to just let it go by! For now at least.
  3. I can't really see Codemasters doing anything about it, to be honest. What I'd do is find/buy a copy of it, then just distribute it freely online Making sure they know about it. So yeah, option 4. Even copy their website real closely for it
  4. I hope something like this happens in SWG against Darth Vader or someone
  5. SSX3. It's better than the other two. Simple!
  6. Sng


    Ahaha, it's not called Driv3r, it's called DRIV3R! Congratulations, w0r5t n4m3 ev4h!
  7. Sng


    Atari have signed a whole load of big(ish) names to go with the next Driver game. I'm looking forward to it. HATED the second, but I know it has potential, and I have a soft spot for Reflections
  8. All he did was miss the ' Jeeeeeeeeez!
  9. But the game is not called "Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3/4" It's Hawk's THUG is Hawk, though. That IS ALL.
  10. 3 is infinately better than 4, and cheaper... so get that. Me, I prefer THUG face mapping, goal/park/trick creation is great... as is the ability to download complete new levels, together with original goals. You can sure get your moneys worth from it!
  11. Ahaha Cool... Can I go first?
  12. Too fast?! Pah... the speed is great. You must be teh suck! Extra bits are just there for a laugh... the goals are set out so you don't have to complete every one to unlock all the levels, so if you don't like certain goals, you don't have to do them. I actually like the levels, much better than 4... there are some great lines to find. Agree with you on learning tricks though, to a degree. And the graphics are satisfactory... good enough, anyway. I've actually really enjoyed it.
  13. 6,325* people on the internet have already linke to that site. *FACT.
  14. It's great, till a certain point... I dunno whether that certain point was a certain level, or a certain time of playing it... but I got to that point and never played the bloody thing again!
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