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  1. I need to try this when I am temporarily unemployed in March!
  2. EXG seem like great guys. The new KAZ guild has pretty much doubled our numbers, can't believe we're leading in points this week! What's your ingame character name?
  3. Yes I thought so too and find it interesting that the writers haven't referenced it again. Maybe it was a red herring and they've forgotten?
  4. This week's WvW matchup in Tier 1 is a real challenge! Two French servers allied against us vs our nightcapping.
  5. I'm only about level 150 or 200 with my two crafts and really not sure if it's worth it :-/ Don't know if it's cheaper to buy the level 80 rares that I want from the Trading Post? They're about 2 golds each. If I need 6 level 80 items, that's about 12 gold, which is what I have now. If I sell my high end materials instead of crafting them, I'd get more cash. Maybe ultimately it would end up cheaper to craft 6 items? But certainly slower and a real grind to get the mats. Also, plenty of guildies have maxed out crafting anyway, I might as well ask them. I think I'd like crafting for completion's
  6. I know it's probably not allowed, but does anyone want my beta account? Really not my thing as it turns out, so please PM me if anyone hasn't got a beta key yet
  7. Have you done it yet? That dungeon was insanely hard, although we were missing a person and stupidly thought we'll try anyway. Took us about 3.5 hours and didn't go to bed until 2:30am. Almost gave up on one boss (even Google wasn't any help) but got there in the end after using lots of condition removals and chipping away and losing the will to live. Not really worth it, as usual
  8. Hi! I moved over to Desolation from Gunnar's Hold because my friend is there and I've joined IRON guild. Been WvWing with them all weekend, it's been great fun. Really good to see some big WvW-focused guilds on Deso, especially with US guild RUIN joining. Hopefully we can win this matchup against Far Shiverpeaks, although will probably get whooped in tier 1 next week This was the score tonight (didn't take the picture): https://dviw3bl0enbyw.cloudfront.net/uploads/forum_attachment/file/15687/gw003.jpg Logged in later at 4am into Eternal Battleground and it was all blue, so took the opportunit
  9. Hi, I'm on Desolation server at the moment so please invite me to the guild! My username is Yanox Yak or whykt.9578 Thanks!
  10. Yeah, I did my story AC yesterday with a PUG. It wasn't too many wipes considering we had never done it before! I heard in a podcast that the exploratory mode takes FOUR HOURS?! Insane.
  11. Ah as it happens, I have some links right here: http://www.guildwars...or-new-players/ http://www.reddit.co...resets_tonight/ https://docs.google....k/preview?pli=1 http://wiki.guildwar...ld_versus_World http://www.guildwars...tics-execution/ http://gw2.mmorpg-li...ge-weapons/606/ From what I read on the GW forums, your server Desolation is harshly matched, so it's probably not a great experience Does anyone else like keg brawling? Underrated!
  12. I didn't find the patch changes that different and haven't logged back in since getting Guild Wars 2...
  13. Completely and utterly addicted. PvE is great, but now that I've tried WvW, it's even better!
  14. Ah it's a shame I'm on a different server! I was one of the Gunnars Hold players shooting Desolation players in WvW today
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