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  1. Just finished off double dragon for the first time and I’m not ashamed to say that I did use save states. I forgot how brutal that game could be with no way to replenish your health or increase lives and no continues.
  2. Thanks for posting that, I’ve never heard of that podcast before, it was a great listen and obvious that the guys behind the evercade are passionate about it (especially talking about the d-pad design process). One thing I found surprising was that they originally only planned for about 50 releases in total over the lifetime of the machine but are now reconsidering increasing that target. I’ve been loving mine so far and will definitely get the VS on release. It would be cool if they could get more Japanese support in the future (especially Sega, Capcom and Konami) plus get more modern retro s
  3. Got my evercade today. Have only played a bit of xenocrisis so far but I have to say I’m really impressed. When it was first announced I had zero interest in it because lets be honest, Blaze are not exactly known for their high quality. But after all the positive impressions online and upcoming releases I thought Id give it a shot. Build quality is great considering the price, very comfortable to hold and screen is decent quality, games themselves come in a sturdy case with a full colour booklet and I love the cartridge designs, they’re very nicely done. Hopefully blaze can continue the great
  4. Most of the people buying retro games these days are scalpers who see them more as an investment or by collectors/hoarders who will just want them for completions sake and have them sat on a shelf untouched while they’ll play the game on a flashcart/ODE
  5. I did get back into collecting retro stuff before the pandemic but prices for most systems have gotten a bit crazy, especially the PlayStation library, before they weren’t too expensive compared to Nintendo but it’s finally getting there with several games going for $700+. Ive been cutting down now in case this is just a pandemic blip and things go back down to normal. If they dont there are at least other options available. Apparently theres a PS2 ODE in the works along with a PS2 digital HDMI mod which will hopefully be released this year, however if the PSDigital mod is anything to go by I
  6. Just ordered an evercade with the first 12 games. Have to say Im really looking forward going through the Dizzy games again. Will definitely be picking up the VS in the future as well. Would be nice to see a spectrum collection in the future or Jeff Minter porting some of his games to the machine.
  7. Played a few matches in Arcade and its great to see VF back, but I have to admit being pretty disappointed by how barebones this port is. It was my biggest problem with the PS3/360 port and it still hasn’t been addressed. Whats more frustrating is that VF4’s Kumite mode was so great and is probably my favorite single player mode in any beat em up, I was hoping Sega would have added something similar for this.
  8. Yeah I was pretty let down by it as well when I played it for the first time recently. Could be because of lack of nostalgia and 20 years worth of curiosity to try the game as I missed out first time around. But I simply couldnt get into it, and thats playing the US version with an analogue pad. Will give it another try but the game looks like its really on the short side, should be able to finish the whole thing in a couple of hours
  9. Whats the best settings to use on an OSSC for the Saturn?
  10. Whats the current value of Panasonic Qs? Just seen one for sale but not sure if its a good deal or not.
  11. Also recommended are the retro bit wireless controllers, pretty much identical to the official pads, only wireless
  12. Considering you could put the entire Saturn library on the thing Id say its a bargain. Saturn games have shot up in price over the last few years, Panzer Dragoon Saga alone costs more than the price of 2 of these. Add to that fan translations for games like Grandia, Castlevania, Policenauts and Shining Force 3 and its a bit of a no brainer. Ive got a MODE from Terraonion and am using an SSD which has been amazing so far and a great alternative.
  13. Ok thats good. Thats about the same as the previous entries then. That means I should be able to finish this then.
  14. Any idea what the game length for this is? In the digital foundry review theres a bit talking about the game saves and one of them was a completed playthrough with a time of just under 3 hours, is that accurate?
  15. I dont have a problem paying that for a game that I really wanted, people pay much more than that for retro games and none that money actually goes back to the developer. Problem is that for most modern games it doesnt make sense to purchase on day 1, theyre either unfinished and full of bugs, reduced in price by half after a couple of months or have a ton of content locked behind DLC which you can get with the game at a discounted price a year later when a game of the year or ultimate edition version is released. The only exception I can think of is Nintendo whose games rarely decrease in val
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