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  1. Got fond memories of playing exhumed on the Saturn way back in the day. Really looking forward to the remaster that will be coming out soon. In fact the last few years has been pretty great with many 90’s fps making a come back, already had amazing remasters of Duke, Doom 1, 2 & 64, Turok 1 & 2 and soon Exhumed and System Shock.
  2. Excellent, was thinking of buying this on PS5 as its currently £20 on amazon but will wait now and play it on gamepass. Kind of bad timing though to add it around the same time as Halo, hopefully there will still be plenty of people wanting to go on bug hunts.
  3. Been playing a lot of this recently as I want to play through and finish Horizon 2, 3 & 4 before starting 5. I’ve been playing this on and off for the past 3 years and currently at 60 hours play time and I have to say that trying to finish all 168 championships is really becoming a slog. I’m at around 85 finished and there’s just not enough variation in the races and having to drive to each location between championships is a major pain in the arse, with some taking almost 10 minutes. I love this game but the amount of padding to stretch it out is frustrating. Did they change this in later games or is it the same thing in all of them?
  4. Thinking about taking my gamecube apart and painting the shell. Any advice for paints? I did something similar with my N64 console and controller but the paint started to rub off, especially on the controller, even with a matte overcoat applied. I read that car paints are good but I can’t find any matte finishes here.
  5. Are these all going to be available to buy digitally or do we still need to have the discs?
  6. Is it possible to change the system language of a new 3DS LL from Japanese to English with these hacks? I know on the DSi it wasn’t possible (which was a pain as most of Sega’s games would only display Japanese even if using an American rom). My SNES 3DS has been playing up recently by constantly crashing or not waking up from sleep mode and I fear its on its way out, unfortunately a lot of my library of 3DS games are digital and if it does break theres no way of me transferring my games to another system or getting it fixed without sending it to Nintendo of Europe thanks to Nintendo’s damn awful account policy back then. Also add the ludicrous jump in prices for certain games on the used market, having a hacked 3DS seems like the best option to play all of my current US and UK carts and future proof incase your system breaks down and you need to get a replacement.
  7. A quick play of the recently released NIntendo online expansion pack got me in the mood for some N64 gaming so I went back to my playthrough of OoT that I started earlier this year, near the end now, got all the items, big poes and gold skulltallas, just got 6 heart pieces left to track down before the final battle with Ganon. Game has held up incredibly well and its still kind of mind blowing what Nintendo managed to achieve with the N64, I can’t think of another game of that era coming close to Zelda.
  8. Played Mario Kart again this morning and the music was muddled and could barely be heard, hooked up my original N64 just to compare and yeah the sound is definitely not working correctly. I have to say that I am thoroughly disappointed with how the N64 games were handled and frankly I’m shocked that Nintendo released them considering the state that they are in, I mean they all work ok and I’ve not had any crashes or any game breaking glitches, but they are generally worse than the original versions and considering that we have had to wait almost 5 years for the N64 to come to switch, its pretty bad that they are like this. Does anyone know who handled the emulation for this? NERD did an amazing job with the NES, SNES and Mario 3D Allstars so if it was them then they really dropped the ball here. Hopefully Nintendo takes notice of the reaction and fixes the problems.
  9. I don’t mind the staggered release as Im more likely to play each game properly rather than them dumping the whole library at once and playing games for 10 minutes before switching to the next one. But the complete lack of communication and the pace that they are releasing games is a massive problem. If we had a release schedule for 6 months to a year we can at least have something to look forward to instead of just dumping some obscure games that nobody really wanted with no fanfare. The SNES and NES libraries have been going for 3 years now and theres still a lot that is missing compared to the Wii VC service.
  10. Yeah the reaction has definitely been overblown, there are definitely issues but theres no way that any of these games are unplayable. I think the main issue is with the huge jump in price, so if it was anything less than perfect people were going to complain.
  11. Sin & Punishment runs beautifully and looks fantastic, probably the best game I’ve played so far in terms of performance. Just tried Zelda as well and that one is definitely running at a faster framerate than the original, thats not a bad thing but it’ll take some getting used to. Theres also some strange shimmering when you turn really fast. Its a shame as the game looks and controls fantastically.
  12. Just tried the N64 controller with Mario 64 in the Mario 3D All Stars pack. Unfortunately theres a problem with the button mapping as both the A and B buttons perform jump so there’s no attack button. The other buttons work as they should. Also no rumble. So at the moment if you want to play Mario 64 with the N64 pad you have to use the one in the N64 app, hopefully Nintendo releases a patch to fix the issue, and seeing how they added gamecube pad support for Mario Sunshine in a patch after release theres a good chance they might do so.
  13. Just had a quick play on Mario Kart and Star Fox, and yeah its not good. With Mario Kart there is noticeable input lag and the audio levels are completely messed up, the sound effects are too loud and the music is hard to hear. For Star Fox, it runs faster than the original so hitting enemies is more difficult. Also if you are playing with the joycons or pro controller the button mapping is terrible, the Z button is mapped to the LZ button while R is R, down c is mapped to x and two of the c buttons are mapped to the stick, it’s completely unintuitive and makes the games difficult to play. The N64 controller is the only way to play these. On the plus side, the N64 controller is perfect. Hopefully someone releases a bluetooth dongle for the original 64 so that they can be used on that.
  14. Any major performance differences between the switch and PS4 versions?
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