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  1. Some great clips here. The possibilities seem pretty amazing.
  2. I don't see how you can own and pay for them again, unless it's offering you the chance to buy a gift for someone else. You could always download them to your console from the phone app and see what happens. It won't charge you on the phone, it'll download to your console and deal with the license when you try to launch it, it should work if you own it on your account. By chance, do you have another account on the 360? is it possible that's the owner of the games?
  3. I was thinking about how the spartan abilities (grapple and repulsor) make vehicles much less useful now, hadn't really thought about the speed of vehicles but I guess that's part of the balance. I hadn't really thought about how much I missed vehicles in 4v4 Halo, I think that was a big part of why last night landed so well. I wish I was strong willed enough to skip the upcoming betas and tests, to just sail along on the hype that I'm feeling until launch day.
  4. Yeah, I think playing on that really tipped me over the edge.
  5. It seems OK to me too. If you have a TV that will do VRR then that might be worth investigating.
  6. EDIT: I recognise the feeling of being really enthusiastic about something and wanting to talk about it quite a lot at the moment.
  7. Just had some great games with @Yoshimaxand @bignige. I think this is going to be a new golden era of Halo. Feels new, familiar and fun.
  8. I'm surprised this video hasn't been posted already, it does make the case for the update much better than the screenshots that have been shared.
  9. I feel the same on almost all of this. I think Friendly Fire is part of Halo but I think it's out of fashion, I think I'd expect for it to be off by default now. However, I gather that there are different radar modes for "pro" play, so I'm wondering if friendly fire will also be on a mode by mode basis, which might be why they block shots, etc.
  10. There is less aim assist, and I think that since this is geared towards server load management, as has been mentioned, that skill based matchmaking probably isn't on the menu at the moment. I think people are expecting a demo. It's not a demo really.
  11. Just had some amazing games of ctf and strongholds just now. I feel like a convert now. I was a bit unsure but those games were so enjoyable I am feeling really confident that this game will be excellent.
  12. I hated Halo 3's multiplayer and don't hate this so I think it's a bit different at least.
  13. It's OK because nobody else cares.
  14. Had a brief go earlier, I think it looks better than the first time around (I only played the market square type map)but I'm not sure if that's power of suggestion or not.
  15. I think you should stick up for it! I hadn't played it in ages, but I did for this challenge, it is clunky and I think you could describe the visuals animation and sound as utilitarian if you wanted to be charitable, but it has personality. It's so incredibly tense, brutal and has a real coldness to it, imo. It really feels like a fight for survival amongst average people, with a smattering of psychopaths who have killed before and will do it again and revel in it, while most people are terrified and just trying to get by. The problem is that you never know who you're going to meet. Perhaps I subconsciously created my own narrative in absence of the game itself having one! When I used to play Pubg, I saw so much variety in player behaviour, more so than in Blackout, it feels like that personality makes it play differently to other Battle Royales. Alternatively, it's so clunky and difficult to reload, get a shot on target or know if you're safe that everyone's playing like a psychopath from their perspective, the game just makes them seem inept.
  16. I saw this video and this game has really piqued my interest. Seems like something actually different. On gamepass from the 28th too. Edit: another video here: https://youtu.be/iD-eMNAAt1U
  17. The guy who does music for Remedy is amazing, definitely one of the best bits of AW and remarkably unsung. I met him at a composer's conference a few years ago and had lunch with him. I couldn't quite believe it.
  18. I'm thinking about buying some batteries. Any tips? I got some from Amazon and they seem pretty good, but I'm not sure if there are better ones or not out there.
  19. Just get the 1tb card bought next time it's available at a discount. I definitely would not suggest buying slower storage since you'll only end up buying the official card later on anyway and then you'll be left with a hard drive you don't really want or end up leaving connected so you can have even more games on hand to not play. If Microsoft are putting out a smaller card so they can sell at a lower price, that tells you the cost of storage is not changing very quickly.
  20. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but this really feels like bad form from Remedy. This really does look like the kind of upgrade that has been given away for free by other companies. Actually, it looks less comprehensive than the upgrades that have been given away by other companies. I've bought this game a couple of times already, including the dlc and spinoff game but I don't think I want to suppprt this. It's one of my favourite games. I reckon they could have given this remaster to existing owners for free, got some goodwill and charged new players to recoup the costs involved and it would have kept everyone happy. Alternatively, they could have done a proper job of bringing AW up to date which I'd have been happy to buy. AW has some really passionate fans and Remedy themselves speak of their love for the character and game (s), but this remaster doesn't really marry up with that. As is, it'll come as no surprise that this is a no from me.
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