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  1. I stand corrected! Perhaps I've been misled and there's some other reason why the codes didn't seem to be being advertised. I had read on HotUKDeals that a work around had been found if Argentinians access an older version of the store, so perhaps that's what's happening. Oh well, good news!
  2. As I understand it, the codes you're buying are codes that individuals have bought from the local store as gifts and are selling you through eneba. Microsoft have noticed the (no doubt vast) number of games being gifted to people in other countries and have stopped this method of gifting games in Argentina. As a result, only already generated codes are available. That's why codes for, for example, the Calisto Protocol, aren't available from Argentina on Eneba, et al.
  3. I'm expecting this to be rubbish, almost hoping for it since Microsoft have apparently stopped people being able to gift games from Argentina, and most of my games are gift codes from Argentina. If it gets good reviews, I'll probably feel compelled to buy it.
  4. If it looks like the footage in the trailers, even at 1080p, that'll be a good looking game. When old games get bumped up to 4k, they still mostly look like very old games. This might be the opposite..? If it was possible to make a game look photorealistic at 1080p, a game that looked like a film on Blu Ray, it'd be a great achievement, but I assume would require more power than is available.
  5. To be fair, it's doing what it's supposed to be doing: playing games at 1080p that the Series X renders at 4k. Interesting that the Xbox One X matches the Series X and PS5 in terms of resolution and framerate, so perhaps there's more to the differences between the systems. I'm generally skeptical of the benefits of resolution over framerate (what's the point of 4k of blurred and smeary pixels?) so wouldn't be playing it at 30fps anyway, but I am interested to see how the game reviews. If it does well, I'll probably grab it and play it at 1080p/60fps.
  6. Definitely in for Flyleaf, Coal Chamber and Orgy. Didn't realise SOAD were bigger than Korn now.
  7. I bet, I think most video games news is ctrl-C, Ctrl-V. Part of why it's not valued by so many, I'm sure.
  8. Well of course, and that's the problem that Nibel has run into, that though he was apparently expending significant effort to maintain his news feed, and I gather was a primary source for some articles on news websites, people don't think that his effort is worth anything. It's a bit of a surprise how much outcry there is around the world - Rllmuk, Neogaf and ResetEra all have threads on it which haven't immediately been ignored, Videogame news sites like Eurogamer are reporting it, the Washington Post are using it to frame a discussion about Twitter, the NME are reporting on it, etc. This is different to people working hard at something, wasting their time doing something that nobody cares about, this is something that people seem to care about, but absolutely won't contribute to the upkeep of, which is quite interesting. It's not much of a surprise at all to me that it went that way, but it must feel pretty crappy to be so important but also completely unworthy in the eyes of an audience.
  9. Yes, we are on the same page. Sorry, I didn't explain my understanding of the situation very well.
  10. Well, I hadn't, my point was that he had an audience, and if he'd wanted to use that, turning to them and saying "would you like to pay for my tweets?" Isn't the only way to have gone about it. I'm surprised by some of the things people support on Patreon, etc. But I'm not surprised someone doing (as I understand it) impersonal online news reporting in Twitter that nobody ever pays for failed to turn it into a business. However, it's a bit of a classic that the account's passing is being mourned by people who apparently did value what he did - but didn't consider paying for it. I wonder if he'd come back if people said they would pay? I wonder if anyone's even suggested it.
  11. I'm not familiar with his work but it surprises me he couldn't monetise having (just checked) half a million followers who must surely be easily categorised as being interested in a very specific set of products.
  12. I've played a fair amount of this in the last couple of days. I've played a couple of Ffa and won them both. All the team games I've played have been terrible, or I have been. It just feels off, almost all the time. Can't get into a rhythm of anything but die-spawn-die I'm not sure why I'm bothering posting this, but this feels bad compared to both Cold War and MW (2019). Or less enjoyable.
  13. I've only played the opening scenes, but there's been some wow moments at the landscape and some sad tears at the Framerate (Series X). ...But TBH, I'd have preferred less wow, and more frames.
  14. I don't really care either way (as I'm sure you don't either) but I do find it tiresome the way that these things gather momentum thanks to a bit of cherry picking. I imagine it's possible to make an argument that any piece of hardware is spoiling games for everyone else if you cherry pick hard enough. What's weird is that people know they're doing it, they have to look at all the stats, including the good ones, to find the bad ones. I imagine you'd at least get banned at Neogaf for such a thread.
  15. Just heard about this and came to see if it had been mentioned. Someone brave should make a thread on Neogaf: Is PS5 holding games back?
  16. Not gonna happen. As soon as the previous gen is dropped, expect to see 30fps loom back into smeared, blurry view. In some ways this gen hasn't at all felt like next gen, but the best version of the previous one. In that sense, it'd be quite good if cross gen went on forever, because there's a good chance that things are about to get less enjoyable.
  17. Yes, it'll work (assuming you log your account in, they're on gamepass / you own them. Anything with a disc will not be able to be authenticated)
  18. A quick search of the @'s to CMAUKGov's Twitter reveals this is the sort of conversation they're now being invited to be part of:
  19. Tough one today, 15 letters used and only one correct. Wordle 488 5/6
  20. Thanks for sharing, so good. I might have to buy this if there's a digital version released. I wonder if there's enough content for some internet nerds to splice the footage together to make an uber long cut that makes sense.
  21. Her first baby came out sideways. She never made a sound.
  22. They've got deals in place for a few years that Microsoft have said they'll honour, so even if the deal was signed today, you'd be able to get next year's COD on PS.
  23. Shame they didn't ask the guy from Alkaline Trio to continue to play a bit of guitar with them, maybe do some in tune vocals, etc.
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