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  1. I play most days on Xbox and haven't had problems until the most recent patch where I've felt a bit hard done by in gun fights and have had a few "network lag" messages pop up. I'm fairly sure that's a problem their end, not mine.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I'd start with the DLC so you can play it in Master Mode immediately. It's such a big game, I think it's unlikely that many people will play it through twice (I won't anyway) and Master Mode has a bit of challenge to it, which the standard version doesn't really. Your opinion on how enjoyable a game is based on challenge is key really. Some people are quote derisory when it comes to Master Mode, saying that enemies are too tough in groups and that weapons break too quickly. I don't personally feel the same, and think the game's cooking food / creating potions mechanic is over powered in the standard mode. Though you could limit use of those things yourself if you want more / less of a challenge, I don't personally don't like that sort of self determined difficulty. As for weapon durability, you collect so many weapons through the game, it's not a problem, IMO. I think it's a bit of a swindle that Nintendo have charged for what amounts to some simple stat changes but I think the difference it makes to the game is worth it.
  3. Friday the 13th - Te-te-te-ah-ah

    Great post, I'm out.
  4. It's maybe because the license would have been more expensive had remedy wanted to release on multiple systems so they would have had to name the platforms that the title would play on in the original agreement. As they need to modify the code to make the game run on Xbox One, it probably counts as a new release. I don't know why they couldn't just put another file in the package called "licensed track no.1" and remove the one that they no longer have the license for so the alternate track plays when the system requests the audio. That's a gross oversimplification, I'm sure, but I don't think it'd be the greatest engineering job the world had ever seen to swap out the tracks.
  5. Xbox One X

    Great, I might start a new character. If anyone else would like to form a new squad for a fresh start, I'm up for that.
  6. Had a quick go on Red Dead with the 1X patch, even on my 1080 display I was struck by how good it looked. Sometimes these old games don't really look much different to me but I thought this looked surprisingly nice. Microsoft's single generation approach is pretty great, I hope going forward there's more consideration for this from developers so that everything will just scale to the hardware you own. I'd love to see (for no good reason) someone launching a 360 game right now with automatic Xbox One / X support.
  7. Xbox One Console Thread

    I assume they're paying for it as it's only coming to Microsoft platforms.
  8. Xbox One Console Thread

    I'm not sure what to think really. I'm not much of a fan of procedurally generated things generally speaking. I like things to have an ending. I love the look of the game and have been interested since it was first shown but I do wonder what has happened since it was first shown and now. I didn't watch much of the video but it did look a little same-y flicking through a few bits. I can only assume that they'll show more varied locations and mechanics nearer release? I assume that Microsoft being prepared to bank-roll this for half a decade would be proof that there's a strong concept that they believe in. Walk around in the dark with red dots attacking you every now and again doesn't sound like much of a hard sell to me. Not sure what else there is though.
  9. Xbox One Console Thread

    Give it a rest.
  10. Just got another solo win. Hit record on the Xbox for posterity and was very pleased with the one second video (?!?!) it recorded for me. Thanks Xbox!
  11. Xbox One Console Thread

    Turn it off at the plug.
  12. Xbox One X

    It's on sale right now too.
  13. Xbox One X

    Mine quite often makes a quite obvious"whooshing" sound when playing PubG. I assume pubg isn't the most optimised of games and that the X is working quite hard to keep it all going, but I didn't even realise it had a fan that ran the way that yours does. I thought it was all vapour chamber and intermittent venting.
  14. Next-Gen Headset Recommendations

    I'm looking for an Xbox one headset. What's good, maximum £200. Thanks!
  15. Is "Game" finished?

    One need only look to music sales for a preview of what's to come. I assume the only reason games are taking longer to leave the high street is that file sizes are so much larger. Game should be championing any software that's larger than 100GB on the basis that some will find it takes too long to download.

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