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  1. I used to play on mains most of the time but took it to school a couple of times. The batteries didn't last long enough for word to get around and have everyone be really impressed by how cool I was, unfortunately. Everyone in my house played Columns on it and I got a fair amount of time out of Fantasy Zone, but most of the games I played were pretty crap. I borrowed a Master Gear Converter from a friend and I think that would seal the deal on one of these Micros. A few more games by way of attaching something the size of a house brick to the back of the system would be perfect.
  2. I didn't realise there were so many of these things. Does anyone play with them or are they largely ornaments waiting (as noted above) for thousands of years of decay in a Landfill somewhere?
  3. I knew about this ages ago. It was in Sega Powerpoint Magazine.
  4. I believe the emulation teams have moved to other projects now - I'm not certain of this, but that's the impression I get.
  5. There's a two for one sale on at the moment and I need to use some credits up. Can anyone suggest some titles from the sale? I've already picked up a couple of titles I've had my eye on, including the Beastie Boys book, which is apparently an amazing listen.
  6. I think you might have missed the boat. I don't think anyone plays Gears now. You should have played it when everyone else was! I imagine you were probably doing a playthrough of all the Final Fantasy games in order or something at that time. :p
  7. I was about to post that there is an Xbox magazine, as someone had bought me one recently (turns out over a year ago) and then googling told me it shut down in March.
  8. I am surprised you bought the controller then didn't use the primary feature! I have my paddles set to ABX and left stick click 90% of the time. It means you never have to take your thumb off the right stick and you can do the left stick click to run really easily. I have another profile set so the paddle that I normally have as Y is set to be a D Pad direction so I can switch grenade types in Halo without taking my left thumb off the stick to press the D-Pad. It took a while to acclimatise, and initially I would have some sort of paralysis where I couldn't work out what to press. Now I don't think I would go back (as in, I would buy another)- I'd prefer the controller to have the paddles rather than the face buttons - I never use the face buttons now unless I've got the paddles set to other controls.
  9. 'Music composed by Silent Hill Composer" game was the best thing I saw. It made me think of Alan Wake, or something did anyway.
  10. A bit like asking Nigel Farage what he thought of the Green party Manifesto.
  11. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cheers Dudley, I knew there was a difference but I suspect GTA isn't on the agenda on the machines I have access to anyway! While I write, what's the system for cheap ultimate for a new user? My friend is going to pick up an Xbox having not had one since the original Xbox.
  12. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    Cheers Wavey, I'm on ultimate already so I am in!
  13. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    Does Xbox Gamepass give access to the titles on PC or aor they completely distinct things with their own separate subscriptions? I'm not bothered about pc gaming but if it's free/I'm already paying, I might dip my toe.
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