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  1. I've tried both the Atmos and DTX trials, but haven't found that either has a clear edge over the other. Does anyone think there is a clear difference? What's the best game o Xbox to show them off with?
  2. There's next to no chance it can live up to the hype, but I hope there's a good game in there.
  3. Cheers, is there a good place to buy from? I haven't bought from a non-UK store in ages.
  4. Cheers Hitch EDIT: @Hitcher does that mean I need to VPN to Brazil for the lowest price? Do I need to put in a false address, etc?
  5. heh, I wondered the same. Ah well, at least you weren't super keen!
  6. Has anyone bought a code for a different region recently? I'm tempted to grab this and save a few pounds, is it a case of just VPN'ing to the USA, signing in to Xbox.com and adding it to the account? https://www.cdkeys.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war-cross-gen-bundle-xbox-one-us
  7. It is a bit strange because if you go into settings the machine can tell that audio is being routed to headphones through the controller. Presumably they have the power to make it happen. Perhaps you should suggest they make it an option on that Xbox feedback website they have.
  8. Didn't someone say that those automated things have caused people to have their points denied?
  9. Oh I think you're right to share, I just wanted to offer my guess at what to try if someone else ended up in the same position. I had to re-download Gears 5 because the upgrade didn't seem to take properly so I ended up with two installs of Gears, neither of which worked and then had to start again, so I sympathise!
  10. If that is the reason they wouldn't open (that quick resume meant the system thought the data should be affiliated with an internally run game) then opening other games to overwrite the quick resume cache may have fixed it.
  11. Huh, I bought Control with my free money but nothing has been logged.
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