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  1. That's not Bumblebee 2 though, is it? That's Transformers: First Day on Earth or something, isn't it?
  2. I gather that there is a large sale on at the eshop, is there anything particularly good at an unmissable price?
  3. If they do and it's anything like the codes that come with the X and S, it'll be a couple of weeks and only for new accounts. Frankly, I'm not sure they need to offer anything when Gamepass ultimate (gold and Gamepass) is £11 a month. Most people buying a new console will spend £100 on a couple of games to go with their new system, gamepass is 100 games for the same price! The launch threads will be much less interesting to see this time around. "What are you getting?" "Just the console" "oh".
  4. Maybe he's planning on opening up department stores where every department is a concession.
  5. Obviously your warranty will be gone if you do this, so definitely check the retail arm first.
  6. Can't we just have a thread per game?
  7. I just watched this and liked it a lot. It's a great looking film, there are some really nice shots in there. I know it's in vogue to mine 80s movies, but I felt they got the feel pretty much bang on for a sort of contemporary but classic vibe. I found the 2 hour run time went by pretty quickly, I was surprised how long it was once I looked afterwards. I even thought the transformer designs weren't so bad - most of these movies I find the characters are an indistinct collection of angles and reflective chrome. Some clunky scenes that seemed to be missing some parts - cliff diving scene? I'm saddened to hear that they're making a sequel though, I'd prefer it if more films were single entities, and this film felt quite self contained, it was quite refreshing to not have some sort of bonus scene setting up a sequel or some threads that needed tying up. Now to skip back a few pages and see how far out of sync I am with the rest of rllmuk.
  8. Thanks, I have Titanfall 2 and I'm not so fussed about Ass Creed.
  9. Apologies for asking this lazy question but are any of the offers on games currently on sale unmissably good?
  10. I laughed a number of times at that! Quite unexpected.
  11. Here's how it goes for me: Chopped onion which I cook in oil for a bit. I add some garlic later and some peas and sweetcorn later on. I fry some chicken breast in some oil and add fajita spice to it. I put all that together in with some rice and mix it around. The result is so bland and boring and there's no cohesion. I added both soy sauce and hot sauce to try and make it more exciting tonight. The question is, what should I do to make this dinner better?
  12. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks good, I'd be interested to try one/ a pair. It's missing some of the sensors: ...same as the joycons then, amirite?! Etc.
  13. This has come as quite a surprise, Nintendo charging absolute top whack for a reissued old game. They've never done anything like that before.
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