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  1. I heard they were using all the manufacturing capacity they'd booked for Series Consoles to make reissues of the original Xbox and Duke controllers and that they could have made 20 million Series X consoles, but instead have made 10 million original Xbox consoles and 4 duke controllers for each. Just so they can launch Fuzion Frenzy 3. The entirety of the studios acquired in the Zenimax deal have been working on it. FF3 will come preinstalled and no other games will run on the system. Will be shown on the 15th, available to order immediately. Early reports are that it's fucking awful, but Satya Nadella quite likes it.
  2. I thought the first picture was more Bill S Preston Esquire (Alex Winter) and less Mad Max. That Sean Connery one is amazing though.
  3. Yeah, it won't be news to anyone else, I'm sure, but I think social media might be terrible.
  4. Bloody hell, the replies to that tweet.
  5. I had that setup before I got the expansion card and tbh, I found it a bit annoying. Not very annoying but enough that I felt the expansion (at 25% off rrp, admittedly) was worth it and don't regret buying it. I think 2tb (or whatever is left after formatting, OS reservations, etc) is enough to have games that I'm actively interested in playing available and ones that I play very occasionally available too. That definitely won't be worth it to some people, and I think the expectation is that once crossgen comes to an end and games are built for Series Consoles specifically, compression will be better and games will be smaller, so if you can put up with it, do so, would be my advice. Whatever the case, this has all been said over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Not as often as the gamepass question, but not far off, so apologies to anyone who read this, for any reason whatsoever.
  6. I saw someone had worked out how to connect a generic nvme drive with an adapter, so maybe, but I think it's probably easier to accept that you don't need more than 2tb of games available instantly at all times.
  7. I wonder if people there are planning on having their accounts deleted in protest before they leave and start a new forum.
  8. Every page of every thread.
  9. You can change it, but you absolutely shouldn't.
  10. Couldn't get it through the letterbox no doubt.
  11. Pretty cool of Valve to show the disassembly and explain the potential problems.
  12. I gotta say, I think even at that price, I think they could have done a better job. It feels a weird disconnect for them to talk about how much they love the game and the character then half arse the update. I bought it from a foreign store for a price that I think is reasonable, and as it's the third time I've bought it, I don't feel any qualms about that, but I think I'd rather have paid full price for a comprehensive job. Anyway, I've not even played it, so I don't know why I'm weighing in with this pointless commentary.
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