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  1. Looks like I missed this, but the first freebie is 75% off still.
  2. And bear in mind that you'll only need the hardware - all those teams delivering games for Microsoft will be putting them straight onto Gamepass. And your old controllers still work so you won't need extra peripherals that you may have needed to aid your lie that the console would be played by the whole family. They could afford to be the most expensive console because you don't need to buy any games - you effectively get them all for free* *Not for free, unless you're paid up for 100 years thanks to the gamepass/live conversion fun a few months back.
  3. I like it. Like an Apple Time Capsule. I had assumed they'd made it vertical for heat dissipation reasons, I wonder if it runs more efficiently vertically than horizontally.
  4. Yeah, I guess maybe. I don't know the ins and outs and I remember last time that people asserted that the manufacturers needed orders to be placed significantly ahead of manufacturing, so perhaps, yeah. I'd have thought they'd be doing anything to not be the weaker system this time around though.
  5. Well, they'll know exactly what's in the devkit.
  6. Wahwah*

    Xbox Game Pass

    Funnily enough, myself and @evilboris were talking about Control being an inevitable Gamepass title. Remedy trying to claw it back is funny, nobody who heard about the original announcement is buying it (or the game). The exclusive dlc is a bit of a shame, I presume that part of the equation for Gamepass is boosting dlc sales.
  7. I mean, he might have more info on this than you, but as noted above, I thought the VR bubble had burst. I'm not aware of much interest/hype around it anymore. I dunno, he's led Xbox to being a real contender, gamepass, large numbers of studios, is popular with fans and seems to like games. I think most would say he's really good for Xbox.
  8. Depends on if the box pass is for new accounts only or not (it probably is).
  9. Which is probably what they were asked to deliver!
  10. In one of the prequels, doesn't Ewan McGregor spend ages slowly melting through a door with his light sabre? It takes him ages. Agree, no Biggie.
  11. Bought this at Sainsbury's at lunchtime with my nectar points. Glad that everyone's already saying it's shit, before I've even played it! If only I'd waited until the end of the day.
  12. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    What do you get on the Japan apps that you don't with the UK one?
  13. Duos is pretty good, I agree. It's even more important to stick together when playing which can be irritating when you are under equipped and are struggling to find equipment but your teammate wants to go engage another pair. Meanwhile you're dual wielding a pair of Mozambiques. Actually, if you could dual wield them, they'd end up being pretty useful!
  14. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    It has been posted on HotUKDeals, after all. If there's any profiteering to be done, people there often cheerfully post that that is what they're doing.
  15. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    I also went to Tesco today to pick up some games. I was going to get Link's Awakening and Luigi's Mansion, as there was someone working on the department nearby I asked if they had stock and she looked it up for me, zero stock. She said that they had ONE COPY of Luigi's Mansion yesterday. Perhaps the whole plan is to get nerds in doing their weekly shop hoping to get some cheap games but they only stock one of each and don't list them online. If so... Well played Tesco, well played!
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