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  1. https://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox/blinx-the-time-sweeper Apparently not, according to most reviews there. I remember it as something that reviewed poorly, far worse than the scores there suggest.
  2. Are there some games that don't quick resume still? I've been playing Smash TV on the Midway Arcade classics and owing to a Microsoft Rewards challenge, I played Ryse a couple of times. Neither quick resumed (and Ryse is the slowest loading game in the world so it would be welcome!).
  3. Cheers,I changed the order over last night, and managed to get the same shipping estimate, q2 2022. That's OK with me, tbh. I expect by then that everyone will have done the experiments with other os' and performance will have been extensively reported on and I can make a more informed decision. Looks good though!
  4. If I have to think about which storage option I want, I want neither? I just don't really know that much about it right now, that's why I was going to order 2, so I could find out later on. I figured people here would know how significant the storage speed difference would be.
  5. I've bunged an order through, I thought I'd be able to order two and decide which spec I wanted to hang onto later. But I just found out you can order but one machine so I'm stuck with the 64GB machine. I think that might be the best choice for me, tbh. The middle one doesn't have all the bells and whistles and I'm not sure how much I'd use it anyway, I reckon I'd end up with games on an SD card no matter what storage I went for. ...Should I cancel my order and switch to a 256 machine?
  6. I think I'm going to do it. I am! I'm going to play Blinx.
  7. I've never had that message, but Halo Wars 2 sometimes goes to a black screen as a game starts. I assume it's something to do with resolution switching, but no idea if it's an xbox or an LG thing. If you push the guide button the picture comes back. It's always going black for a couple of seconds when games load up, telling me that the "instant game response" has launched or something. I find it quite annoying, but fortunately it's brief.
  8. Was it in Battlefield before Battle Royale was a thing?
  9. I hope there are food stands where Master Chief can park up and get a milkshake and some fries. How does he eat?
  10. When Joe Staten signed on to Halo Infinite last year, it was reported in the press that he played through the campaign so campaign has been finished for a while now. Or at the time it was finished enough to play through at least. Obviously he's not going to say "well, I played it and oh boy, do we have some work to do" but I don't really see the need to be pessimistic about the game. They showed campaign running a year ago. They showed a multiplayer highlight reel this year. There'll be a multiplayer Beta. 343's last game launched in working order. By the time the game comes out they'll have had 16 months to work on it since we saw the E3 footage last year. I think it's going to be ok.
  11. Carrying a powerbank isn't an issue, IMO. This, like the switch, is going to spend it's downtime in a bag, not a pocket. Personally, I'd love for Xbox to either integrate with this or release their own version. If they did I'd probably grab one.
  12. It was 60fps on everything, wasn't it?
  13. All you have to do is press X when your ammo is running down.
  14. Not for me. I like it very much.
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