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  1. I presume that though the larger chains could get a better cost price, people coming out at midnight would be the ones who'd be easiest to whip into a frenzy of consumerism and would be extra susceptible at that time. I assume the paracords, badges, t-shirts and wherever else sold disproportionately at those events? When I picked up my Xbox, I was so delirious I paid for disc insurance (!)
  2. Wahwah*

    Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone have Bad North on Switch? I played it on Xbox yesterday and thought I might get it to play on the train. Does it work ok on a small screen?
  3. I just started this on Xbox and I'm not getting the character voice audio, just subtitles. I assume this isn't how it's supposed to be?
  4. You probably are if you grade how in or out of touch you are by a list of albums from the Guardian. (7 here, not sure if I've heard all of one of the 7 though).
  5. Wahwah*


    I saw them at Brixton, Hammersmith and then Wembley. As always, the smaller the show the better. I wish I'd gone with friends to see them touring Aenima, where they played at the Astoria, I think. At that point Maynard wasn't stood at the back of the stage in silhouette, combined with them touring the best album, that would have been the perfect one to have caught.
  6. I haven't bought a Slipknot album in years, but after the disappointment of Fear Inoculum I just grabbed the latest one. It'll hopefully be a bit of a palette cleanser and I've loved the two singles they've had out recently, they seem to be walking the perfect line (for me) of heavy enough but chorus-y enough.
  7. Those Gears complaints sound like pre day one patch problems. I say that expecting that every big game this Gen arrives with last minute fixes. Is this an original hardware problem, or a game-not-finished problem... Or both?
  8. Wahwah*


    You ever heard Load by Metallica? I tried so hard. Pushit for me, but an album with both tracks AND H AND 46&2 has to be the best. It's such a shame he doesn't do vocals like that anymore, that more aggressive delivery was a centrepoint to their best moments, imo.
  9. Wahwah*


    It's quite possible that the 13 year old "current" album would be the one to choose for new listeners. Personally Aenima is the one, but I remember it as something of an awakening, so different to other music that was around, aggressive but emotional and texturally very different to other metal bands around. Without the baggage of such a strong positive reaction to something that was at it's time so groundbreaking maybe it wouldn't resonate so much today. Perhaps a bit like listening to Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin now, it'd be impossible to know what it was like for people at the time of release, having not had other music that built upon it for so long already informing your musical lexicon. I think 10,000 Days is a significantly worse album than Lateralus, even going just by the High Points, let alone the low points, but I don't know how I'd feel if I heard them both for the first time today. I mean, I'd almost certainly pick the album with more than 2 good songs on it, but that's open to interpretation, obviously.
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  11. I've managed to restrain myself. I have been blocking people who quit early though.
  12. Wahwah*


    I just heard a Metal Injection reviewer say the words "heavy" and "aggression" when talking about a single listen he and some other journalists had. He also said some of it sounded like Meshuggah! I got quite excited at the possibility. He also said "lots of keyboards", "not a single scream" and most concerningly "ambient" A LOT. I think 10,000 Days is by far their weakest release, I think Vicarious is good and Jambi is ok but other than that, I'm not fussed at all. Re: right in two, I think it's crap too, but I like this cover of it:
  13. More than half of my bad games are defined by people disconnecting the second they are downed. I don't know how they do it so fast, they must have their routers connected to a smart plug and as soon as they take any amount of damage they must be saying "Alexa, turn the router..." A few more bullets hit. "...." Another hit "....o" Downed. "...OFF, ALEXA TURN THE ROUTER OFF!" I constantly ping downed teammates and their death boxes to say that I'm on my way to revive them. They still quit. I wish Apex would make anyone who quits while they can be revived or respawned wait for the total revive and respawn time + 1 minute the next time they try to matchmake. It'd make it slower to get into another game than to quit and restart then.
  14. Wahwah*


    Yeah, I wonder how much of the album will follow the blueprint of ambient noodling for ten minutes followed by 90 seconds of syncopated one note chugging then the whole thing starting over for the next track. Anyway, I had fun looking back at my old posts in this thread from 13 years ago and I wasn't happy with the then new album so I'm not sure why I'm bothering with speculation of this one. To all who like this version of Tool, good luck and enjoy.
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