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  1. Xbox One X

    Has anyone picked up Metal Gear Survive? Any good? Seems like there are no reviews out there.
  2. Xbox One Console Thread

    It doesn't look fully remastered...
  3. Is "Game" finished?

    Remember the Christmas that Game bought up all the consoles that Sainsbury's were selling on a promotion? Surely they will just buy all the games that are worth anything and plonk them on their shelves.
  4. Xbox One Console Thread

    Ah well, I'll have a look in a day or two, cheers for the info.
  5. Xbox One Console Thread

    Same for me, I assumed it was over. It might be that we should use the trial to change our status.
  6. Activision bought them then Blur and James Bond 007: Blood Stone underperformed at retail.
  7. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Just watched the trailer. I didn't really care for Han either but the music is what failed to grab me most.
  8. Nintendo Switch

    I realise not everyone plays exclusively in handheld mode and given the likelihood of my buying COD is practically zero, this won't affect me but adding motion controls to the only version of the game that can be played portably seems like a bullet straight to the foot (in the boot, on the ground).
  9. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    It'll be Han running from Jabba, being chased by Boba Fett and maybe kissing a lady all while the empire try and tax his smuggled goods. There's loads of scope for it to be good, surely?
  10. Nintendo Switch

    Thanks @Paulando and @Mr Do 71. I am glad to be able to play in Korean, as I have longed to for some time now.
  11. Nintendo Switch

    Zelda updated yesterday for me. Do they publish changelogs?
  12. Nintendo Switch

    Does anyone know of some sort of grip that can be put on the joycons in portable mode? Basically just to make them a bit longer. I don't have huge hands but I feel like I could do with something on the bottom edge to brace against my palms. I am starting to feel that the controls are a bit fiddly and small and think this could help. Ideally this would be something I can easily put on/take off as I play on the train and need to put the switch in a case afterwards.
  13. Nintendo Switch

    I'd say Zelda definitely.
  14. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    I just feel sorry for Andreas and Paulo. I assume they were caught up in the brothers' feud, did nothing wrong and ended up with not much. It always surprises me to hear that they're still going.

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