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  1. Cheers for the heads up, am all moted up now.
  2. 10k from activating, is how they normally work.
  3. You think demand is going to go up? Excellent trolling BTW.
  4. Microsoft won't start bidding against themselves. As platform and service owner they have many tools at their disposal. Games on Gamepass sell more, that's what we've seen. I can see some publishers giving their game away on Gamepass for a certain amount of time and paying Microsoft to let them do it. Or they'll accept money and a promo deal - being spotlighted on the Gamepass app, landing page and dashboard will equate to sales, even if those with gamepass get to play it for free. The only reason it's not happening already is that Gamepass isn't big enough, and it woul
  5. Gamepass won't significantly cut into Resident Evil's sales, it just won't.
  6. I think that's unlikely. Even if it's merely a port from the PS5 version, then it'll be profitable. Even if it's farmed out to an external developer after development is complete. I think the sheen on Gamepass will wear thin with time for some, TBH, I haven't felt like it's for me for a while, in that I haven't really played much that I really value for a while and even with the disparity of Village's sales, I don't think gamepass currently has enough of an Xbox market share to explain that away. I think what is more likely than titles being held off the platform is th
  7. Has anyone's Resident Evil achievement challenge registered? It's worth about 1/900th of a memory card. This is serious business.
  8. Also think this isn't a big deal. Since the logical Neogaf conclusion to this will be "if they're not selling on xbox, people will stop making games for it" let's jump to that. Oh no, the Xbox is doomed. And done.
  9. There's a video of the Xbox versions here, I don't think it does a great job of selling it, tbh, but it gives you an idea of what you're getting.
  10. Ah, thanks, I guess what the question I mean to get to is "how can I get PS+ cheaply?"
  11. Sorry, this sort of question may get asked a lot, but there's 701 pages to read through... I heard about the PS5 coming with 20 classic PS4 games, is that something I've misheard? I think it is, but if anyone could shed light on how best to experience them if they are available somehow, I would like to know.
  12. Yes, same here. I expected it to feel terrible, the way people were talking but I haven't thought about it until you mentioned it just now.
  13. Worth noting that the SeriesX/PS5 are yet to get their patch too. I imagine they'll increase the draw distance, add some extra raytracing and the whole thing will grind along somewhere between 60 and 11fps. But once that's patched 9 times, it'll be great.
  14. FWIW, you should be able to get hold of enough Ammo, I had a few goes at that first werewolf and then a lot of goes at the next bit. I didn't get the prompt onscreen until much later on, but if you block (LB) and then hit LB again you'll push and kick the attacker back. I suggest you persevere, it is very difficult, but if you've gone for Hardcore, as I did, you probably want a bit more challenge and that feeling of achievement when you do get past a tricky bit. People have said the next thing you'll come to is the hardest bit in the game, no idea as I haven't finished it, but it
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