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  1. And that, R2D2, is why you should never trust a Wookie (exploding engine on spaceship)
  2. I think that's both a crazy outfit and Halo getting away with it. Perhaps they can get away with this F2P nonsense without destroying their brand. I had thought recently that we haven't had Elite Skins in Halo for a long time, I wonder if they can make that work without giving a target size advantage to one or the other, and I guess Brutes and non-spartan elites could be made to work too. Some would pay to play as Buck/Nathan Fillian, I'm sure. I came to post this, also from a Microsoft account:
  3. They look like explosions from Star Wars to me, I really like them but they did stand out initially. I actually assumed they would be really processor intensive, rather than a low tech solution from the 90s!
  4. The thing is you can't turn it off in all modes, and now every time you play someone who seems really good, you'll be wondering if you were just outclassed or if the other player was cheating. The first thing I thought of when I saw the video was the one game I had that seemed astonishingly difficult to make any progress against the other team. I'll never know!
  5. I promise to rt #NoCrossPlayForHalo if I see it tweeted by someone else.
  6. Some PC players have aimbots. I didn't want crossplay anyway, but I want it even less now.
  7. I agree, and though they don't get a lot of screen time, it feels like too much, I hated it when they
  8. We saw this yesterday at the BFI Imax and I felt it was a very mixed bag. The film looks great, so many exceptionally brilliant looking moments, the score is fantastic and nails the feel of the original, but doesn't sound like too much of a retread, the sound design is also great. The general aesthetics of the film are brilliant. There are scenes that could exist outside a film and make fans of the series happy merely by existing to look at. Just seeing Ecto-1 haring around the place is wonderful and some shots are clearly made just to make you feel good. I felt there were some quite boring bits some really unfunny bits, felt like some of the characters' scenes didn't really serve a purpose. Some characters didn't really serve much of a purpose. I think you could shave off quite a lot of the film and not miss it, that the film would be better for it in fact. I thought something like 40% of the film was great and the rest was of varying quality. I mentioned that we saw it at the BFI IMAX (which is, I believe, the biggest screen in the country) because the spectacle of some moments was phenomenal blown up so big. With the power of the sound system underlining what was happening with music and excellent sound design I think the film shines at certain moments. I would say that if you're interested, give it the best chance you can to make it a sensory experience, I would expect this film to be much less interesting at home. I have been avoiding trailers, teasers and interviews for months (a year?) and watched an interview with Paul Rudd today which included a scene from the movie. In the context of the movie, on the giant screen and with the jump scare in full effect, I remember thinking it was so exhilarating and absolutely loved it. The same scene was shown in the interview and I was interested to see how it would play out on my tv, and basically felt really glad I had been avoiding spoilers, it just did not come across in the same way. Obviously, I'd had the build up in the cinema and didn't know what was coming, but I think the point stands, that this film benefits from being loud and on a big screen. spoilers I'm glad that I'd heard the terrible buzz from critic reviews in advance as it had given me very low expectations, and that the film was even ok made it seem like a blessing. I think they could have probably re-edited the film into something that would have satisfied more critics and ultimately made for a genuinely better film. What's there isn't bad, but hard to recommend to people who aren't already interested. I wonder if people who don't care about Ghostbusters can be converted with this movie. Not that you should really care, you probably already know who you are in this conversation because you're reading this, and like me, you were probably always either going to go see the film. OR no matter what anyone writes, you aren't going to. So, I hope you like it if you do go see it.
  9. I have it too, having bought it last time it was on sale, which games do you think really show it off? I've been fairly ambivalent towards it, but I did notice sound in Halo infinite felt quite 3d, in a way that stood out to me.
  10. Please, nobody post any details in plain sight, a Halo game comes around rarely, and I'd love to go in knowing less, not more. Thanks!
  11. 343 should put BETA next to every single option in every menu.
  12. My Gamertag is Wahwah and I would like to play Halo. Edit: but controller vs controller, not M&K Vs Controller.
  13. I wonder about this too. The other f2p games do crazy skins for their characters, versions where they're robots, zombies, punks, superheroes, cowboys, sports players, movie characters. I'm not sure Halo can do that, without diminishing the brand identity. And you're right, getting a new chest plate that has a little knife attached to it or something similar isn't going to sell season passes. So maybe, we get used to the idea that in a couple of seasons, there'll be cell shaded master chiefs running around alongside a Ghostbuster, a tattood, shirtless Master Chief and Snoop Dogg.
  14. Microsoft have stock of Halo Consoles and Halo Elite Controllers. I just bunged an order through for the controller, paying most of it with my Microsoft Reward points. Anyone wanting to do the same, I redeemed my points for vouchers almost immediately before spending them - the website says it takes 24 hours for the credit to be applied to your account, but it seemed to be pretty much instant for me.
  15. It's a pickup, you'll need to find it on the map - you only get 3 grapples per pickup, which seems stingy at first until you realise it would completely ruin the game if you had too many.
  16. I never played this back in the day and thought I'd give it a quick go via gamepass. I don't think I've ever laughed out loud at a game for having some technical problems but when pedestrians were randomly throwing themselves to the floor as I stood on the bonnet of a car that was trying to run me over and the car's passenger was trying to shoot me, firing every 30 seconds while maintaining their position leaning out of the car window, I found myself very amused.
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