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  1. There's a video on the previous page where the guy says the button placement is good, so no need to panic yet!
  2. Is that right? They left after Reach when 360 was top dog. I thought they left because they were a prestige developer that thought they could get rich by going out on their own - turns out they were right and I don't begrudge them doing it, but I remember at the time the narrative was that they didn't want to make Halo games forever and that's all they'd do if they stayed at Microsoft.
  3. Apparently, if this doesn't work, they're going to buy the manufacturer of Phil Spencer's favourite biscuits and will threaten to add powdered broccoli to the recipe. Phil hates broccoli. Always has, always will.
  4. I think it's more of an "existing contracts will be honoured" type of thing. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out.
  5. Depends on the deals already struck, I imagine, as with the Microsoft purchases, until the deal has been approved, nothing really changes.
  6. Big sigh of relief from me. That's RE: the purchase, I don't care if Destiny is made exclusive to NeoGeo arcade machines in run down seaside arcades. I'm relieved that Sony hasn't acquired someone who makes games I want to play.
  7. I finished the season pass today. I've played a fair amount of Halo, but if that's it until May, then perhaps the original progress rate for the season was appropriate for the game. It certainly felt that with the cyber challenge at the moment that I was unlocking something every game I played. Having said that, I do feel slightly burnt out on Halo now, but mainly due to the lack of maps. The gameplay is great, but the same environments over and over is a little underwhelming.
  8. If all the games on gamepass end up being crap, nobody will subscribe and Microsoft's console business will crumble.
  9. I like Attrition mode / stock games but it seems like in most games nobody gets respawned - or the ones I've played at least. Do you think they need to make it easier/quicker to bring people back?
  10. Seems an unreasonable assessment to me. I never played WOW but the other two obviously had numerous reasons for not continuing to rule the gaming roost, with Tony Hawk extreme sports do not carry the same cache they did in the 90s/2000s, Tony Hawk is still the go to name in skateboarding because nobody else has challenged his brand. There aren't new skaters capturing peoples imagination in the way Tony Hawk did back then. I'm not sure there's any indication Skateboarding will be as popular ever again or at least in the same way, at the time skate culture was really interesting to the mainstream, that's just not the case now. I don't think that Activision could reasonably be expected to make Tony Hawk games giant successes in isolation, when measured against other games in the series which benefitted from the cultural force propelling it along. Same with guitar hero, very zeitgeisty, and again something that benefitted from the draw of what are now old men who largely have not been replaced by younger people with the same celebrity draw. Once they'd signed up the biggest bands and players that had ever existed, it must have been hard to find a new way to continue to generate excitement and offer new things to players. Once you've already licensed Metallica, The Beatles went with the competition and signed up the biggest names what then? You can't keep getting people excited about songs when you've already signed the most popular rock songs of all time. I think it's telling that Harmonix haven't managed to make a continuing success of this genre either- same with skateboarding and EAs Skate. So I don't think those are good examples for an argument that Activision can't maintain IP. There probably are some better ones at least.
  11. If you only play one game and want to trade it in the week it comes out, Gamepass is a total joke in terms of value.
  12. Well if I had $70bn, I'd probably not buy Call of Duty. I'd just wait until the next one comes out and get it for £35bn.
  13. All it'll cost you is a willingness to go along with the ride and the download. I can understand people not thinking it's the best thing ever, I don't, but it's still good. Be warned though, multiplayer: https://giphy.com/embed/hPrRsaKxaa7BLeS41G
  14. To be fair, it's also a brilliant multiplayer shooter and the campaigns are often full of spectacle that I don't think anyone else does so well. I put loads of time into Modern Warfare (recent one) and Cold War's multiplayer. I didn't buy the latest one.
  15. All three 360 mass effect games show up for me on the phone app. Is your account still registered in the UK, @Talvalin? I'm wondering if there's something weird about the game not being available for some reason in your region?
  16. In a way I think there's a strong case for this just meaning Sony will build up their own IP now. While I know Call of Duty has ruled the roost for a long time, the fact that the game is made by 3 different teams, and Respawn, who don't make COD games anymore, put out a few games where the shooting felt remarkably similar. Means it's not exactly secret info on how it's done. While Microsoft will of course want to say "the best call of duty ever, only on gamepass" Sony could hire a bunch of developers from those 4 teams who know exactly how Call of Duty works and make their own game and call it Military Service: Declassified or something and it could well plug the hole. I agree that the IP is what is being bought, but Sony's own brand pull is significant. I would say they're not automatically in trouble here. Microsoft still don't have answers to the games that people say they love on Sony consoles - god of war, etc. And spiderman. Tbh, to me, this feels like a less exciting, less interesting set of IP than Microsoft bought last time around, it surprises me that they'd spend so much for it. I am interested to hear what their plans are for COD in particular. I also wonder how badly Vanguard flopped and if it was enough to put the company on the market ().
  17. Can we get rid of this thread. It overlaps with a thread which is bigger than this wannabe megathread. It is stupid to discuss this here when there is a dedicated thread for the topic.
  18. John Carpenter gives Halo Infinite the the thumbs up: Elon Musk replied and agreed too.
  19. I think people would quit if they had to wait an unspecified amount of time. They could just give the option of forcing even teams. Meaning, if your opponents lose a player, the next person to die on your team wouldn't respawn until another player on your team dies - meaning one player is always waiting to respawn but there are always the same number of people in each time in play. You could do that until the end of the match or until another player joins the game to restore balance. Whatever they do, some people won't like it. I think penalties for quitting games should be considered, though I assume because Apex Legends puts people on a timer for quitting ranked games, but not unranked games, that it's something that has a detrimental effect on player retention, which is of great importance to a free to play game.
  20. I think the expectation is that they'll add more with each season. ...I believe season one runs until May. I know it's been said before but 343 don't seem to be aiming to set any records for productivity. If the next additions are sodding Forge maps, I'll be pretty disappointed.
  21. I think fatigue might be setting in for me. I think the maps are good, but for 4v4 modes, 7 maps isn't enough imo.
  22. I was joking, but I can well imagine it happening too.
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