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  1. If they were going to, they should have done it before Elden Ring sold far more than expected. I imagine the valuation just changed significantly.
  2. I feel sorry for everyone involved.
  3. Pretty cool. This is Quick resume, controller remapping and "open pinned game" working together.
  4. Cheers, that's what I thought about doing. Seems like a bit of an oversight!
  5. When looking at a merchant's wares, can I easily compare the stats of what I've got with what is available for purchase?
  6. 256 here, bumped to Q3. I'd be happy for it to be delayed further as I'm still not 100% on it and will be happy for more reviews, impressions and post-honeymoon assessments before I have to pay up.
  7. With a forcefield door that needs some sort of key? Edit: found it, thanks.
  8. I think I'm getting the map wrong. I've been all over the place, beaten 3 or 4 bosses, got to a couple of high level areas, levelled up to 25 (started as a Prophet, which iirc, starts at about level 10), got to a couple of And have a couple of character quests at least underway. Maybe finished. But, I have never met the first Boss I've seen named on here. I thought the little flame icons on the map/ coming from the bonfires were supposed to guide you where to go. On my map, there are a few contrasting directions being indicated but if I stick to one path the directions just push me to areas that feel like I need to level up to take on. I feel like I've missed the sequence of areas somehow or have skipped a bit of the game and that if I keep just wandering around then I'll end up over leveling and spoil the challenge (May already have done). Without someone explicitly saying "here's a list of areas" is there some way to get back on track?
  9. I would think overheating is more likely a problem than dust. If you're going to get a cover for it, you should probably shut down completely every time you put it on. Might as well just do a bit more hoovering.
  10. I think it comes up on screen in text when you get the horse. Psa: when you emerge into the world there's LOADS of stuff behind the building you come out of. I've been heading North pretty much the whole time and just went back to have a look.
  11. I considered buying Guardians of the Galaxy a while back so I'm quite pleased. No time to play it, of course.
  12. People who are saying this is unplayable on console, are you trying to play fidelity mode? I just had a look at the game on that mode, instead of performance, and concur, it's bloody awful, even with VRR.
  13. Played a couple of hours on Series X (set console to 60fps - apparently that makes things better) and noticed zero performance issues in that time. I'm using a TV that does vrr.
  14. My install had updated to 2.02 last night, before launch day. I think 1.02 is pre launch day patch.
  15. Have you got your code @Steve McQueef? I got an email from eneba saying essentially they'd sold loads and it'd take a while to get them all sent out. I'm hopeful that I ordered early enough and they'll go first ordered, first served, but I think I'll be lucky if I get the code on Saturday, maybe even this weekend. Edit: the code was available when I woke up.
  16. If you can be bothered to fiddle about with a VPN, you can buy a code from south america for about £30 from Eneba.
  17. I think it's been discussed extensively, but if there's nothing you want to play on gamepass or you really want to play a new game, then buy the thing you want to play. You can't do it any other way. When you buy tickets for the cinema, you pay to see that film, that day. If you wait a month or two, you'll be able to stream it for less money. Wait a bit longer and it'll be on Netflix/prime/Disney plus. Wait a bit longer and it might be on iplayer. The exact same film, but cheaper. If you're really concerned about paying more than you think you could, only play game pass games or wait for 3/4 years for the price to drop on games that aren't added. It's not a waste of money if you want to play the game now, because the only way to play it now is to pay now. If it's not worth the cost of entry, don't pay it.
  18. Interesting, I wonder if the guys who made the video above got their code officially or if someone shared theirs with them. I've done at-home testing before and they put watermarks on the screen. I wonder if it'll come to that for reviewers.
  19. Framerates aren't good, you get more grass if you have a more expensive console. PS5 best version.
  20. I like all these word games. There's one called Quardle (well, a couple) http://www.mintcipher.com/quardle That I am very bad at, but keep trying.
  21. Just a heads up you can get this on xbox digitally from eneba for like £30. You'll have to wait for the actual release date, for someone to manually send you the code and use a vpn to register the code. Search hotukdeals for eneba and Argentina and you'll find loads of people explaining how to do it. Apologies if that's been posted, I searched the thread for eneba and nothing came back.
  22. This is how I like games to be, I'm going to restart the game again so I can crank the difficulty up from hard.
  23. I've looked at the 30fps mode in a couple of places. Both times I didn't notice a visual difference, other than it being unplayable. I'm not saying that to be hyperbolic, I really wondered why they included the mode. I suppose it's me that's changed, or maybe my tv makes 30fps look bad - I don't know if I've played a game in 30fps since I got it - but looking at Cyberpunk, 30fps seems worse than I remember it being, I assumed the game was actually limping along at something 20fps.
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