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  1. A question for those who had a faulty Elite2: my left bumper became very unreliable. I did nothing to it and it seems fine again now. 


    I also thought the face buttons were a bit unreliable at the time, they seem fine now too.   It's still in warranty so I'll probably raise another repair ticket near the end of the period and send it off either way, but I wondered if anyone had had a similar experience? 

  2. 1 hour ago, Talvalin said:

    The problem is that Dimebag was such an idiosyncratic guitarist, there are very very few people who sound anything like him or are capable of emulating him.

    I think they could find a bunch of players to do it, certainly do it well enough*, but I suspect this announcement is partly about gauging interest and that'll be part of determining how much they want to spend on the tour costs, including musicians.  I assume Rex and Phil are mainly after a payday and that they won't be looking to give too much of their share of the money to the musicians that accompany them.


    I assume there'll be a reasonable number of people saying that it'll be the only chance to get to see this thing which is the closest you'll get to seeing the original band. So if it's a big draw then they might choose to spend some money on a player with their own star appeal to bolster the appeal further, meaning more interest and more ticket sales. I assume they've immediately discounted Zakk Wylde to set expectations but I wonder if it also indicates that they're not looking to spend on "name" players at all. 


    I won't be going, but I find it interesting, another chapter in the sad tale of Pantera.


    *edit: I just checked out footage of Phil Anselmo and The Illegals playing at night at a festival, main stage, big crowd, and the guitarist sounded terrible. So perhaps it's a bigger task than I am giving credit for. 

    Phil's voice is also terrible. 


    Edit2: contrast with this (I was at this festival and saw this live BTW) and there's no way you're getting to see anything like Pantera with this tour. Even if the original line up were possible, the energy, the fire, the attitude, the lack of a shadow of racism hanging over it. It just wouldn't be possible for it to be done today. 




  3. Ha! Perhaps I should have, I was just sketching out some ideas and playing with some new things I bought. 


    I picked up the latest Native Instruments collection (on sale at the moment) after not having done so for a few years so there's LOTS of new exciting sounds that have just been added to my midi keyboard. :)

  4. 4 hours ago, daninski said:

    Is anyone still here btw?

    I just popped in because I recently did some music stuff for work and it lit a bit of a fire to do more, having been much less active with music making.   I've just turned the computer off,  after realising that the brilliant piece I've been messing around with for the past few hours is almost certainly going to sound horrendous when I listen to it tomorrow. 

  5. 3 hours ago, thesnwmn said:


    Very true. You probably would want to front-load the cost to at least some extent. Although maybe you want a cheap first chapter almost like a demo.


    Games that have done episodic releases in the past (Life Is Strange, etc) I think did what you described - free first chapter and then equally priced subsequent parts.  I imagine it works well for some games and less well for others. 


    It'd probably also impact game design, if you need to hook your players in for the next chapter, you probably don't want to end a section on a lull, you probably want a bit of a cliff hanger. 


    Arguably Gamepass gives you what you're describing - stop or start the sub when you like and play as much or as little as you want in that time.  I think that Gamepass will probably have an effect on games if it becomes truly mainstream  since games will have to be incredibly gripping immediately to try and snare people who are merely curious.  I can't back it up, but I think that Music has suffered from extreme commoditisation in recent years thanks to streaming services where things are more about individual tracks and people are less likely to invest their time in slow burn albums that reveal things with repeated listens.  I think games are already less subtle, and that it'd be nice to think that games could be more artistically led, but I think it's reasonable that people will ask questions about how long a game is, how much they're going to see when putting their money down, but I think that gamers as a whole are obsessed with value to the detriment of games.

  6. 26 minutes ago, thesnwmn said:

    Consider a game that has 4 chapters and accessing each subsequent one requires that you complete the previous one.


    Today this typically costs £40 up front. I have to pay the full price to get the "whole" game regardless of whether I have the skill to see or unlock all of it. If the game gets too hard for me half way through (due to skill or disability) then I paid for a bunch of content I don't get to see. I subsidised other people's experience. Knowing whether a skill cap will hit you in advance can be very tricky to figure out. One persons hard isn't another's and might switch around depending on the game type.


    Now lets say the game costs only £10 up front but you only get a quarter of it. When I complete each chapter I can pay £10 to unlock the next. Overall I spend the same amount if I finish the game but for those who reach a dead end they don't pay as much.



    That assumes that all sections of the game cost an equal amount in terms of development and marketing, etc.


    It's probably more like pay 3/4 of the £40 RRP for the first quarter and then £2.50 for each other quarter. 




    4 minutes ago, Kevvy Metal said:


    not every game is for everyone. 


    And the lines of battle were drawn. 


    FWIW  I think games should challenge and if I can't beat it then, oh well. I refuse to drop difficulty levels on games that I don't have the skill/dedication to beat, because that's not how games work for me.


    Some games are too easy for me to enjoy so I don't play them, which I think is just as valid as people not liking things that are too difficult.


  8. 59 minutes ago, MrPogo said:

    Still available for both dates, plus lots of people trying to resell them after they managed to get Brixton tickets as well (which was announced afterwards) and no longer want to go all the way to Cornwall :lol:

    Oof, that's gotta be awkward. I'd definitely go see them if it was an hour away but when the Eden project tickets went on sale, I looked at journey times and thought nope. Hope it's a good show, last time I saw them they were great.

  9. 6 hours ago, makkuwata said:

    People don’t really want E3 back, they want to relieve Nintendo’s 2004 presentation.


    I think 2008 might have been the vintage year for Nintendo E3 conferences. 




  10. 8 hours ago, Benny said:

    Wait I just realised. The only thing Halo related was a Flight Sim addition. Are they trying to pretend their "10 year road map" Halo Infinite doesn't exist?


    They've already said they're disappointed at how long Season 2 will run for.  I don't think they're saying that they're not going to continue releasing content for it, they just don't have anything to show at the moment and it'd be a bit of a waste of time to say "In November..."


    Edit: it's on the "this year on xbox" graphic too (shared earlier,  quoted below).

  11. I thought the game looked pretty good. 


    Seemed to be in a better state than rumours had suggested and while it looked less polished than might have been hoped for, it feels more plausible that it's getting polish rather than it being completely broken and unreleaseable. 


    The biggest negative to me is that so far this looks like or at least feels reminiscent of other games I've played*. Having said that, they showed that your character will have plenty of traits and attributes but didn't show any gameplay where that would be relevant, so I assume there's more to come. 


    Visually, I thought it was quite mixed, but when it looked good, I thought it looked very good.


    Edit: *but at this stage, I'm not sure that's a fair criticism, because everything seems reminiscent of something now. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    I agree that they should stick to this winning formula but just sticking a 2 at the end might trigger traumatic Wii U memories for them.

    The reason WiiU was a bad name and arguably significantly hurt the system was that it wasn't Wii2 - people thought it was a new controller or some sort of peripheral. That's why Switch 2 is both the concept and the name they should go for.  


    Tbh, I'm not sure why they're going for a new console,  I reckon they could keep selling Switch games for years. 

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