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  1. Axiom Verge is a Metroid. Axiom Verge 2 is a Symphony of the night. Axiom Verge is about shooting stuff and figuring out where to go. Axiom Verge 2 is more about hitting stuff and figuring out where to go. Axiom Verge is an action platformer in which everything wants to kill you. Axiom Verge 2 is an labyrinth exploration platformer wherein you can completely get rid of the stress of combat if needed. Both are very good, but 2 is not the direct sequel you might expect.
  2. See, I honestly don't get this. This is a story highlighting the problem/conflict of parenthood and making it clear that what Kratos is doing to his son is bad. Throughout the game you are basically yelling at the screen for the dickhead to become an actual dad and you can see the conflict similarly in Kratos as he struggles with A. wanting to be just that while B. keeping his son from becoming a similar dickhead just like him. This is "a good thing". It adds depth to the character, it humanizes him. I don't get how people tend to skip this presentation aspect and point at the game for being "the bad thing" in itself. No, it's not. It's presenting the issues in a story. This is what stories do. This is storytelling. It tells you about the taboo and makes it clear what's wrong with it. Instead, people will gladly kill the messenger and say they are the problem. (Not just an issue with this game BTW, every piece of media seems to suffer from a "messenger murder spree" these days.) I'd say play this game especially if you dislike that aspect of Kratos. It's not a divine redemption arc, but it does present a form of hope.
  3. 2. Also, yeah. That's the idea behind Kratos. He is terrible.
  4. Hah, dumb Square Enix, putting that number upside down. Hahaha.
  5. Tip: be sure to check all items you pick up.
  6. The new sourcebook version for Vampire: The Masquerade turned out to have some problematic features and storylines in there that were conservative, racist, and dehumanizing. (Which ehr... not that I want to condone it, but is kind of to be expected with such a setting?) With D&D getting a temporary spotlight for its dubious depictions of Vistani (i.e. Roma) and the disabled in (the equally undead/vampire based) Curse of Strahd campaign, Vampire: The Masquerade was promptly pulled back into redevelopment. When this leaked into the non-RPG game-o-sphere, people automatically assumed "Vampire game bad" as happens so often. With Bloodlines 2 running into a brick development wall afterwards, it only emphasised the notion. That said, I have some fond memories of Vampire (because of the "play a total shithead losing its humanity" angle which made me uncomfortable, which in turn is what I deem to be the point of such a setting; making you think). Seeing the source material being used for a BR is... unfortunate. The tabletop RPG is heavily geared towards roleplaying. Far more than D&D imo, and while D&D can only just get away with a hack and slash like Dark Alliance, it feels just wrong for Vampire: The Masquerade. Never mind a battle royale. To me, a proper Vampire BR would be more akin to a government assembly with some tasteful and literal backstabbing mixed in. More Game of Thrones-ish by lack of a better comparison. An all-out brawl feels more appropriate for say, Werewolf: The Apocalypse instead. Then again, I think the real fans aren't that bothered. They have the original version to play and it works fine. Bloodlines 1 was a very nice tie-in game. More would be better, but... yeah. Everything needs to become a cinematic universe now, so hold on to your IP-fueled gaming genres as everything* gets thrown against the wall to see if it sticks! *: There's a Transformers tabletop RPG coming. Not even kidding.
  7. On that note, I'm fully expecting Insomniac's New Peter from the Spider-Man games to have a cameo in No Way Home. Why else would they exchange just one character from a CGI design to a copy of a real-life actor? Sony seems hell-bent to create their own IP treasure trove, and linking it to the MCU is probably going to be a nice shortcut for them. Also it means everything will be the same in a few years. I mean, you can just take the Spider-Man game, exchange Parker and his moveset for Logan, and you have a perfectly functional third person action game. We all know this. It's why they can get away with a ten second teaser. This thing is already fully formed in everyone's mind. It's the definition of low hanging fruit.
  8. Now if they do Deadpool next, the Unholy Trifecta will be complete.
  9. I think that’s the marketing department being in the driver seat. This is obviously meant as their own “moment” to speak to the masses. But yeah it seems Xbox is going to be first person while PlayStation is going to be third person. Switch is still rocking god mode though.
  10. We have The Last of Us to thank for that. The PS4 remaster did bonkers. I think it single-handedly convinced Sony that BC may be a bad idea if you can resell a year later. See also Tsushima.
  11. Some of the reactions here do make me think what would be a good showing then. But yeah, I miss Japan Studio.
  12. So is this the first good one since Symphonia? (Which, let's be honest, was only good because it was one-eye RPG king in the desert of the blind that was Gamecube.) I've often started one of the games after Symphonia, but every time I fail to get past the paper thin anime exterior which makes the likes of World Trigger look like Tolstoy. Often combat is just so-so. Does this have a bit more meat on the bones? I don't need the story to be a stone-cold classic, I'm just pretty done with the power of friendship and burning justice storylines that hold no consequence.
  13. I've been playing this over the last couple of weeks, but must admit that I dropped it for a bunch of other titles. The game feels very on rails with a minimum of back-tracking, which is often undone by the game being quite vague about where to go next. In terms of items, equipment and the like this is really sticking to its Souls/Hollow Knight guns. I think the main issue I have with this game are that bosses feel to be quite spongy, often grinding a few levels is more than enough to get past them without difficulty even though they apply the Souls Second Phase a lot. Sneaking in with a low level comes close to one hit kills and that's a bit too hardcore for my tastes. The sound design can be atrocious at times. The sounds themselves are fine, but there's a distinct lack of punctuating success, failure, and feedback in general covering the entire game in that white noise I mentioned earlier. As a result it never captures the imagination and I felt myself drifting away. I replayed and completed Axiom Verge 2 and Timespinner in their entireties before realizing I still had this on a backburner. I'll probably return to it in time as the experience isn't unpleasant (like Chasm, dear lord what a drag that game is), but Axiom Verge 2 and F.I.S.T. are much more interesting games in the end.
  14. Spent some more time with it. It's now very akin to Guacamelee. Focus on combat moves with hints of DMC and big bold doors telling you what move to use on it. On the flip-side there's combat that simply isn't as polished. Not having a proper dodge/block (you do get a pair of limited use tonfa, but they use the same energy as your "estus flasks" rendering them spectacularly useless) really hampers combat. Considering your enemies can dodge roll through you at times, it really feels like you should get this ability at some point in the game, but so far it just wants you to evade enemies like you're in a Mario platformer. Enemies however are far less complex than they might let on, and so far nothing apart from an early cameo by a boss character, seems to be able to counter hanging back with a charged punch and poking them at the end of their combos. It's slow but very effective. Aside from that, the game is opening up nicely giving you environments that you can revisit if wanted and plenty of nice side routes to rummage through. (So it's definitely not a Guacamelee 2 in that respect.) I'd say get it if you liked Guac and would like a wholly different take on that template flavour.
  15. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2021-09-08-why-playstation-is-buying-firesprite-one-of-the-uks-fastest-growing-games-studios
  16. There are variations (sometimes elemental based) with different stats and weaknesses. Corrupted Watchers (or any machines with the funky red dreads, really) are definitely stronger, so could be that you are just fighting different variations.
  17. The beta is still going on. If they are going to mention anything, I think your best bet will be the upcoming PS Showcase this Thursday. That or a very obvious blogpost. No way Sony would finally open up that feature to consumers without some form of marketing. Oh and yes, you'll need to remove that SSD before you can update.
  18. Wait, did you already install an SSD without the necessary firmware...? WHY?
  19. Quick trial over lunch: it seems decent. You can switch controls over from stick to d-pad in the settings and there's an option to fall back to the original Chinese voice overs with English subs. Controls are OK, but combat hasn't clicked completely yet. I know how it works, but there doesn't seem to be a flow in there. There's no way to counter/dodge attacks and shots other than jump and move, while the fluidity of the combos implies there should be some kind of reaction move thing going on there. It's not a dealbreaker but feels rather old school for the type of combat. Picked up one additional upgrade and a few skills from the skilltree. So far it's more of a path to follow than a maze to explore, but it really feels like I'm still doing the intro, so hopefully that opens up. In terms of graphics it suffers a bit from the "everything and the kitchen sink" approach that non-Japanese Asian developers seem to be fond of. There's so much detail and stuff going on, that it can look quite garish despite being impressive. Also it's Unreal based, so texture pop-in is a thing. All in all a bit more approachable than something like Ender Lilies, but not quite a Guacamelee. Yet.
  20. They just might have a theme going on…
  21. https://opencritic.com/game/11665/f-i-s-t-forged-in-shadow-torch A new metroidvania from Sony's Chinese game dev incubator. Release on September 7, got the pre-order in as the first reviews seem to be pretty good and Axiom Verge 2 is done. Anyone else going to jump in?
  22. Oh, yes they did. One/two years ago there was an interview or something in which it was confirmed that Microsoft knew the design was faulty and as a delay would give Sony too much of a headstart they just proceeded and brute-force-repaired themselves through the issues. Revisions got rid of most of the insane problems. The Xbox Series are a far cry from those days though.
  23. Yeah, in terms of exposure 360 was way ahead in US and UK, the rest of the world stuck with Sony. It's a weird imbalance that can lead to some heated debates (most game journalists in the Netherlands are (still) convinced the Dutch public completely embraced the 360, while the figures paint a very different story). Still, I feel Sony allowed the 360 to become as big as it got because of them dropping the ball multiple times. In the same way Microsoft completely dropped the entire playing field with that Xbone presentation.
  24. That's exactly what they thought back then. PS2 was so huge, what on earth could go wrong with PS3? Yes, it did well, but the PS3 is the reason Microsoft finally got a real foothold. With a completely borked console design*, I might add. *: I've suffered through six 360 RRoDs.
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