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  1. Yeah, I'd agree with that. It's a good game, but it's a weird retread of Fusion in a way. Which is doubly odd as Fusion's story/setting was kind of recycled for Other M, making this the 3rd time they tried the setup. And then there's Dread starting out as a possible sequel to Fusion, so it kind of feels like Sakamoto needed to get something out of his system.
  2. Like in Super you need to time it around the apex of a jump: when you start to go down jump again.
  3. If you set your privacy settings to anything other than the default "Sony can track EVERYTHING", this won't work for you. BTW if you check your profile and games played on the PS5, you can see the amount of hours you've played displayed next to each title. Shouldn't be hard to compile your own list with the amount of titles released.
  4. Grind it. STAT. Or at least until you unlock a Portal property on it.
  5. Most of the complaints I read here don't seem to understand that Rllmuk and the people that frequent it are a very, very, very tiny sliver of the gaming audience out there. Candy Crush is massive. Overwatch is massive. CoD is massive. It's not at it's best currently, but it's like saying Nintendo was doomed right after Super Mario Sunshine came out (oh wait, we did that as well). This is a massive win for Microsoft and will become an even bigger win if they can clean up the company as well. Get over it.
  6. If you don’t have a shield you can use the exclamation mark as a dodge indication.
  7. I think they are already partially Tencent via their owner Kadokawa.
  8. Apart from cultural fit issues, there's also the problem of the Japanese government being rather protectionist of their companies.
  9. The last update added a world map to the map screen. But if you start the game, you still need to get a few abilities to unlock access. If you're on the Ramparts you got the grow vines one. You can find another one in the sewers (accessible through a vine in the first biome).
  10. Please leave it, there's more than Microsoft and Activision out there.
  11. Fock. Here's to 10 more years of Candy Crush being pre-installed on Windows.
  12. I can see this take-over being greenlighted by the US simply as a response to Tencent. Anti-trust be damned.
  13. Can someone check the gramophone? It seems the Bethesda record keeps skipping.
  14. And people wonder why Overwatch 2 got "delayed".
  15. At this point I'm fully expecting a Disney (or maybe Apple?) to come out of the woodwork and snap up Sony. Unless they indeed want to go down the Nintendo path, which they don't have the audience for imo.
  16. This is the shortest Console War yet, right? I mean, Sony can't possibly win any more. It's just a matter of time now.
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