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  1. That's proper amazing considering what happened in the past few weeks and regardless of what they will do with OD&D.
  2. It's pretty the clear authorities are experiencing an Internet Explorer-induced kneejerk reaction, but Microsoft ain't exactly doing much to help them think otherwise with comments like these.
  3. Ah, yeah in that case you just have have to the git gud thing. Still, you can get close and just spam upwards attacks a lot. Also, your rosary loadout can make a huge difference (keep that in mind for an upcoming boss as well).
  4. 😅 BTW, did you use any of the help offered?
  5. I've been working through Blasphemous again over the last week giving the added DLC stuff a spin. God, it's even better a second time around. Aged like a fine wine. Also been dabbling in Astalon: Tears of the Earth, which looks like a run of the mill 8-bit platformer, but holy crap, it's a full blown roguelite metroidvania underneath, with some excellent level design, fun boss battles, and clichéd yet intriguing setting. It's a tight mix of La-Mulana and Ufouria elements with a roguelite flavour sprinkled on top. Highly recommended.
  6. The Witcher III. Delayed playing this for too long, so that'll do me just fine.
  7. Breath of the Wild. Believe it or not, I eagerly awaited it as a return to a Zelda 1 style game world, but it turned out to be my personal minimalist Elder Scrolls clone hell. Once in a blue moon I boot it up again determined to at least finish and maybe "get it". It will then take mere minutes to turn into a slog of tasks boring me to tears. Don't get me started on the weapon degradation. Hades. By all accounts if should love this; I'm a huge rogue-lite fan. But no, it continuously fails to capture my attention. I've bought it three times on different systems hoping it would click there. I've abandoned it three times. Simply not for me, sadly. But... maybe... part 2...?
  8. I've been happily playing it on Steam Deck. I'm pretty... unusual... in my font preferences and this is actually not that bad. Would've preferred broader glyphs though.
  9. That ending made me genuinely well up. And then it "started".
  10. This particular rabbit hole runs deep. Anyway, would be nice if say, Sony would drop the original as a PS Classic on the Store?
  11. @Vemsie Can I poke you to change the thread title? 😬
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