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  1. Hmm, that would be disappointing.
  2. If you've ever logged in with a Bethesda account it can't be undone though. I'd rather have the option to remove online functionality completely. Guessing you now need to delete your save to get rid of the login.
  3. I keep wondering what on Earth is wrong with the music in this trailer.
  4. Just a person he's spying on?
  5. Timespinner is undoubtedly better than Chasm, but I realize that's not saying much.
  6. Had the same problem really. Maybe it'll pop-up as an upgrade at some point?
  7. Lapis X Labyrinth is my new crack and the world can bugger off while I collect sweet, sweet loot.
  8. ❗ ... And bought.
  9. Completely understand though. The genre is now at a point that everyone can make a working one, but few can make a great one. I'd say Hollow Knight is the only one that I'd recommend, but I'd do so in general. It's an instant classic. Chasm, Gato Roboto, Timespinner, et al are bad to mediocre at best. That and the fact that Metrodvania is basically an expansion pack for the now ancient platforming genre, makes it not as enticing as it once was. It's getting really old these days.
  10. Completed this yesterday. Accidentally, I might add. I thought the game was finally opening up, but nope, that was the end of it. There's obviously a better ending available and I'll probably get to it, because the game plays very well. It never manages to fulfill the potential of its mechanics though. The story however is god-awful. No, not the themes and the queerness of it (that's actually nicely done), it's just infodump after infodump in a way that would make '80s Transformers comic writers jealous. So much tell, so little show. At the end you'll fight bosses which should matter to you, but simply don't because... "who the hell are they?" Sure, once you start digging it does fit together, but that's more after the fact than before, and there was never a mystery itch to scratch to start with. The final showdown is totally bereft of importance. I mean, even bloody Alucard and Dracula managed a tinge of emotion at the end of SotN, and that's as cheesy as things get around here. That said I will be ploughing through a NG+. The game just flows well. Really flows well. It's great to play, even when set next to Bloodstained, and a solid 7/10. Could've gone up to 8 if it managed to make its gimmicks slot together. If you're a veteran, pick this up as a snack. If you're new here, opt for Bloodstained instead, unless you want a really soft introduction to the genre.
  11. Cyhwuhx

    Nintendo Switch

    Having been thoroughly pissed off at this Bethesda bollocks by buying DOOM without checking anything about it, I can confirm that it is only needed upon first boot. Afterwards it'll just pester you about turning on your connections for just about everything, but you can play "offline".
  12. Cyhwuhx

    Nintendo Switch

    And sweet, this is going on the list.
  13. Hooray! There’s a shard that’s basically...
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