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  1. This name pissing contest is horrible. I would've vastly preferred for them to hav ecalled it the Xbox 10 and be done with it. They might have changed upper management at the Xbox division but blimey, why haven't they fired their naming consultants by now?!
  2. "Everyone" on the mainland did. Sega was focused in the UK market, while Bandai plugged the NES front and center around here. If anyone owned anything else than a NES it was a C64 (if you were older) or a MegaDrive. The Master System was almost obscure. Only one of my friends has fond memories of Alex Kidd, the rest wouldn't even know what it was.
  3. Cyhwuhx

    Nintendo Switch

    Inclusion of Silius makes me hope for a release of Hebereke/Ufouria...
  4. Maybe they simply picked up the PSVR version rating which starts at 12 because VR headset. Would be a bit silly though. Alternatively, some scenes might be scary for little children.
  5. Cyhwuhx

    Nintendo Switch

    Quiet! They might hear you!
  6. Cyhwuhx

    Nintendo Switch

    NO JESUS NO, keep MercurySteam AWAY from Super.
  7. Looking back, I have to agree.
  8. Rogue Legacy on sale? Oh dear, might burn a few podcasts on it again... Just finished Quarantine Circular. Loved it just like Subsurface Circular, although, just as that one, the UI is a bit ambiguous when it comes to selections. Made me make a stupid decision at one point, but am unexpectedly liking how that panned out. Around 2 hours of a nice sci-fi story, excellent stuff.
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