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  1. For Demon's Souls and as a belated PS4 Pro upgrade of my ol' launch day PS4. Disc version as well to be able to enjoy the 4K BD Ghost in the Shell. The only thing that needs to be confirmed now is a PS5 client for Warframe at launch. (As for Xbox: I love their long-term strategy, but sadly, they don't have the games I want to play.)
  2. The trailer is even weirder in making it a timed console exclusive in the blue card at the end after that PS5 logo. At this point it seems they've kept all options open until Sony decided just how much money they wanted to spend. Even if now, nobody actually knows its exact status as a result.
  3. Likely stuff that is linked to a PS5 release date and Sony still needs to get their finger out.
  4. Well, if they stick to the 399 for DE, it's basically a "pay 100 more for 4K and a true next-gen experience". Not that it's perfect, but I can see Sony coming out of the gate like that.
  5. Vanillaware is basically dazzlingly pretty 2D art and a game system that’s “repetitive” but highly polished. They make classic games with high production values and insane focus. I love ‘em. And I still need Muramasa on Switch.
  6. When I still worked in a videogames shop, I got in a massive fight with my boss about a guy who had bought two launch-PS2s (yeah, way back) of which one was faulty and simply wouldn't boot games. I wanted to swap the console, while my boss wanted to send it in for repairs. I had to take my boss to the back to actually explain that this was *our* problem and he casually replied that if you offer repairs and they agree, that's that. The guy had bought two PS2, memory cards, controllers and pretty much all the launch games, and somehow my boss was still of the opinion that he shouldn't stick his neck out for a customer like that. At that point I realized retail was not going to be in my long term plans.
  7. “And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Welcome back Kaz Hirai with a very, very special number that’s close to our hearts and embodies the PlayStation spirit.”
  8. Considering how Hasbro is trying to merge MTG and D&D, I can see this becoming an “easy access” D&D reskin as well.
  9. Think that has to do with UK being an Xbox bastion during the 360-era while the mainland was geared towards PS3. Scoring the UK as "Xbox territory" has a nice side-effect of game journalists on the mainland being confused into thinking Xbox is on top. Certainly worked like that in the Netherlands. Despite sales numbers clearly stating PS3 was in the lead in the Netherlands, no game journalist over here would actually believe so, because "all the other English speaking sites say it's Xbox 360 that's winning".
  10. I do hope this will wake Nintendo up to port Kid Icarus Uprising to Switch next year, just in time for Pit's 35th.
  11. Can I interest you in Riders Republic?
  12. I think this'll be the true intention behind Smart Delivery and also why they gave it that name.
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