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  1. Cyhwuhx

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

  2. Cyhwuhx

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

  3. Cyhwuhx

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I’ve just lost my entire evening to Kairosoft’s Dungeon Village. Pure crack. Also so much better to play with a controller.
  4. Cyhwuhx

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Yup, that's the one.
  5. Cyhwuhx

    Octopath Traveler - Square Enix's Octoposse

    Finally got some time set apart for this and I'm loving the 'small' stories of each characters as it starts. All very Suikoden, with a focus upon characters rather than the world going to snot. And dear lord, the soundtrack. Yasunori Nishiki can stand next to Uematsu and Mitsuda as far as I'm concerned. The character theme-into-boss intros are just...
  6. Cyhwuhx

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    Oh wow. The censored parts in Medieval Madness make absolutely no sense. Why would you redo your physics engine only to then stumble over this? It's not even subtle, it's just a large "CENSORED" on display. Speaking of, the new engine makes the table feel a bit "sticky". But that might just be getting accustomed to the settings a bit.
  7. Cyhwuhx

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    Which is part of their plan. Choose your own hardware, play Xbox anyway: Xbox basic config Xbox gamer config (the X line) Xbox "streaming" (any Xbox, incl. branded thin client) PC gamer config PC streaming Mobile streaming Whichever you'll choose, there will be an Xbox layer coming or available for it. The entire notion that it's Xbox vs. PC for Microsoft is quite frankly ludicrous. They'll have a giant "installed base" to play Xbox games on, without necessarilly releasing new hardware for it. This is what makes Sony kind of queasy at the moment and why they are restructuring PS Now; Sony won't have the same hardware saturation going in next gen. What Microsoft needs now is games. Lots of games.
  8. Cyhwuhx

    Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service

    Google actually coming through on an experiment is pretty much a unicorn in itself these days. They're even quietly sawing at the legs of Android hoping to swap it with ChromeOS. Project Stream is a nice, but unless it gains instant traction, Google will probably abandon it in a year. And even if it does, it'll still be a toss-up of what they'll do with it. This is the company that exchanged a perfectly good working Google Talk for 5 other chat apps and now sulks about losing out to WhatsApp.
  9. Cyhwuhx

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    Considering Microsoft always counted sold units instead of bought by consumers, Kinect has certainly been an impressive warehouse stocker.
  10. Cyhwuhx

    Microsoft buying Obsidian Entertainment?

    Wait, people are still negative about Microsoft? They might not be on top and have a rocky history, but bloody hell they are doing insane things for gamers. It’s up to Sony to dissuade me from jumping ship next gen to be honest.
  11. Small teams, not enough resources.
  12. This is now headed to Switch. Both of 'em! https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-10-08-guacamelee-1-and-2-headed-to-nintendo-switch

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