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  1. Bluepoint was founded by ex-Retro Studio peeps. Change is the only constant. Unless the entire work force walks out at once, it's going to be a ship of Theseus.
  2. Well, here's a list full of wishful thinking: Be sure to keep salt at the ready. Siren's Toyama for instance, just announced he's leaving Sony to form his own studio.
  3. Tasha's arrived and... I'm this close to heavily censoring that page with a Sharpie. Dear lord.
  4. Even TK needs to have a lie down every once in a while...
  5. Yeah, those big bastards were way harder than LM. They abuse the narrow passageways a lot. Lured the initial one back over the bridge from the rat room so I could properly fight him.
  6. Based on the reviews I'm getting the idea this is a functional fun and short Ubi-game on the one hand, with a lot of reviewers being completely flabbergasted by the fact that such a thing can exist, and thus start berating it for not being AssCreed enough while at the same time claiming it's too much AssCreed. I'd say Ubi have finally reached that corner they were painting themselves into. Based on what shimmers through in the reviews though, I'm kind of low-key intrigued now. But as this is a Ubi-title, I'll wait for the inevitable discount to a tenner somewhere around
  7. Yeah, I think that's why the bump was lacking. Currently the one personal reason to pick up an XSX down the line, but I'll wait until it's released. That is, erase it from memory to be pleasantly surprised at "how early it's being released" when the time's there.
  8. FYI: all the PS4 Dark Souls trilogy titles (Remastered, SotFS, III DX) are now discounted on the PS Store. That means more locked 60fps goodness on PS5 (though Remastered apparently lacks a few graphical effects on PS5) if you want MOAR after Demon's Souls.
  9. The more I progress the more I find myself using the spear in R2 mode only, making me think I simply need a bigger sword for the next run...
  10. Did 3-2, 3-3, 5-2, and 5-3. Last night. That was pretty good. I think I was more afraid of 5-3's... 'boss' than I had any right to be. Stabbed him down with a spear and some hopping to and fro'. 3-2 though... Got lucky in 3-3. "Oh, you want to use magic? Be my guest." *R2* *R2* *R2*
  11. With the XSX having no launch games, they have to take what they can get.
  12. And I had 30 euros more before that choice.
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