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  1. That announcement will be the day when I’ll take a sabbatical from Rllmuk.
  2. So I thought trying to give the daily challenge a try. First door needs a key. OK. Spend 15 minutes trying to find a key at the crash zone. There is none. Realize I’m probably encountering a bug. Quit challenge with 0 score. See hundreds of other players out of a couple of thousand with the same score. And of course you can’t retry because it’s a daily. Man. That’s one hell of a bug.
  3. You can insert multiple during a run. I had one cube on me and got a “complementary” cube after the boss. Was debating which one to use, but it turned out it didn’t shut down after using one. Was fully anticipating that to happen considering how the rest of the game works. Each unlocks either a consumable or an artifact to be added to the pool of randomized gear.
  4. I have to say, the second biome boss was a welcome event after the annoyance that was the first one. Shot it down first try even.
  5. One general tweak I’d recommend to anyone is to put Boost on L1 and Items on R1. Being able to keep both thumbs on the sticks while dashing is a godsend really.
  6. So far haven’t encountered anything too bad. And if it is bad it usually clears away easily by opening a chest or something like that.
  7. I absolutely love the headset with this game. It also helps in pinpointing enemies if you need more reasoning.
  8. OK. So this isn’t a roguelite. There’s no way to create a build or anything. Basically this is a “bog standard” Housemarque game (which means it’s 9/10 shooter, thank you very much), but the progression/RPG side of things is properly fucked. The way to play is… PICK. UP. EVERY. FUCKING. THING. Forget about malignancy, it’s an item. Pick it up. The bad stuff is thoroughly outweighed by all the positives you get from those items. This means its item management is as aggressive as its gameplay, but it totally wrecks the “build run” aspect of it. In ter
  9. The lack of builds to aim for is quite dampening my enjoyment. It’s just a lottery. Sometimes I get multiple parasites and artifacts, sometimes the boss is right after the starting point leaving me with only a sidearm. Again, as a roguelite this feels like a pre-alpha attempt. But fuck once you finally get to a combat room it’s glorious. Why are there so few combat rooms? And why do the ones that are there immediately crank everything up to eleven? That EG review was spot on.
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